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    .308 test for 200 and 220 grains

    While waiting for the test results, I will add my experiences. I shot 5 wildebeest with the 200 grain Partition and 5 wildebeest with the 240 grain Woodleigh soft point. The 200 was traveling at 2600 fps and the Woodleigh at 2350 fps. This is from my 30/06. All 10 wildes died in an...
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    Your favorite 185gr carry load in the 45 ACP

    120 grain Lehigh Defenders at 1400 fps. Very easy to carry on long hikes, deadly on whitetail deer. Carry in my 30S and Novak Commander.
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    30-06 Field Work

    i use the 06 for everything. Just got back from Africa doing a cull trip for a wildlife conservancy. Shot a lot of gemsbok, hartebeest, wildebeest, zebras, impala and warthogs. Terrible drought there. My operating instructions were to kill everything that had ribs or hip bones showing...
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    30-06 Field Work

    Time for a 2018 update. So far this season, I have culled 20 doe/crappy horn bucks. All with the 30-06. The first 15 were with the 150 grain Scirocco backed by 59.0 grains of H4350. I get 3009 fps out of my barrel. Only 1 deer took a step. Rest were DRT. Next 5 were with Combined...
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    30-06, 200AB, 180PT, 130TTSX, and 19 jugs

    I have not tried the 130 on elk, but I plan to this year as part of a culling program out in West Texas. I think it will work perfectly. I have shot a lot of whitetail deer with the 110 grain and have had great terminal performance. Only 1 deer out of the 30 or so has gone more than 10 feet...
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    30-06 Field Work

    Final cull hunt of the year: 1. 180 grain Partition at 135 yards. Entered behind shoulder and exited behind opposite shoulder. Doe ran 150 yards. Very small exit hole. My only explanation is that it was a pretty small doe and it did not provide much resistance. 2. 150 grain Winchester...
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    150gr scirocco's

    I just did a test with the 150 grain Sciroccos. .01, .05 and.09 off the lands. The best group by far was .01 off the lands. This is the second time I have done this test and the results have been the same. I guess different rifles have their preferences for jump?
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    180 gr Scirocco originals vs the Scirocco II ?

    I shot 61 wildebeest and gemsbok this past summer in Namibia with my 30-06. I kept a log of bullet performance. The 180 grain Scirocco outperformed the A-frame, Partition, Woodleigh Weldcore, Pro Hunter, Hot Cor and Barnes TTSX. I shot 15 with the Scirocco and 100% penetration. The bullets...
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    Most hunted and hardest to hunt

    The gemsbok and kudu will provide great stalks and will challenge you on different levels. The cape buffalo and elephant stalks are the most exciting of all. The adrenaline rush is very addicting. Nothing like being in the tall grass, crawling to get closer and the wind changes, getting their...
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    Yes, your firearm will stay at the airport. I am assuming you are flying Lufthansa. It will stay with the airline and be loaded on your next flight. Go around and have fun. Just outside the airport is a hotel you can walk to and relax, take a shower, etc....
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    QuickLOAD help 30-06 150 grain Scirocco

    Thank you!
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    QuickLOAD help 30-06 150 grain Scirocco

    I am in need of some QuickLOAD help if someone does not mind. I am developing a load for the 150 grain Scirocco. I understand that the bullet is a little "stickier" than other 150 grain offerings. I have played around with the loads but have no idea what pressures I am getting. I have RL 16...
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    30-06 Field Work

    Update: I just finished culling for a ranch in West Texas. For this trip I took the 150 grain Sierra Pro Hunter backed by 52.1 grains of IMR 4064 and 110 grain Barnes TTSX over 53.0 grains of RL 10X. The results are as follows: 1. Sierra. Large spike with 10" horns at 135 yards. Slight...
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    30-06 Field Work

    I just got back from a culling trip with my '06. This year the theme is 165ish grain bullets. I shot 8 deer with the Hornady 165 grain Interlock and 168 grain Combined Technologies Ballistic Tip. 1. Hornady. 8 point buck with undesirable antler growth. Large bodied deer. 95 yard shot...
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    150gn BT

    I shot a cull buck this week with 168 grain CTBT. 1" exit hole and DRT. Right behind the shoulder on entry and exit was just into the shoulder. Dropped so fast in the tall grass the other deer did not see him fall.
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    150gr scirocco's

    Scirocco is a great bullet. I just got back from an aoudad hunt in West Texas. Used 56 grains of RL16, trimmed Winchester case and 180 grain Scirocco with my trust '06. 316 yards and DRT.
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    Any Difference in terminal performance 120 & 140 TTSX??

    I don't have the exact match, but I used the 110 grain TTSX last year for white tail culling. Shot 20 deer from 60 yards to 250 yards. All different angles. Didn't catch a single bullet. 1 did not appear to expand for whatever reason and I had to look for the deer. The other 19 were drt. I...
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    I put the 200 gr bullets away...

    I liked the 200 grain partitions. They worked great on wildebeest and gemsbok. I used them this summer and I have a few left. I will save them for my next trip to Africa. For this year, my theme is 165 grain bullets. I have loaded up 168 grain Combined Technology Ballistic Tips over RL16...
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    When did you start and where and with whom

    I got my Stevens .410 break open, single shot in the 2nd grade. I had been shooting a BB gun and moved up to a Sheridan 5mm pellet rifle. My first job was as a 10 year old shooting crows for HL Hunt at his pecan orchard. $1 per crow. My grandparents would drop me off in the morning with a...
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    Cape Buff & Plains Game

    I am a big fan of Namibia. I think it is the easiest destination to get to and has great Gemsbok. Of course, I am a 30-06 fan and your 200 grain partition will work wonderfully. 200-400 yard shots are common with this animal. They are herd creatures that browse grasslands. In my...