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  1. rodell

    ***UPDATE"""" opinions welcome.....rifle bbl or something else?

    I saw a Browning 25wssm wthat was shot out. The throat was a mess. It hadn’t had that many shots through it, either.
  2. rodell

    150 ABLR for a 6.5-300WBY or ELDX

    I primarily use RL33 or 8133 in my 6.5x300. It is a finicky beast. The 127’s are the proverbial death ray.
  3. rodell

    Officially Disappointed in Nosler

    I can't even imagine if I did this in my business. My customers wouldn't be so understanding.
  4. rodell

    257 115 TSX Quickload

    This is my favorite combination and has been the proverbial "death ray" for me.
  5. rodell

    Wby Mark V 9 lug light stock

    I love those rubber slings. They are not only easier on the shoulder, but you can wear them in multiple ways and the rifle stays put. I've also started putting my rifle on my pack, with a quick release, if I'm hiking. It helps a bunch.
  6. rodell

    Borescoped the 240 WBY

    Evern since I bought a borescope I've found all kinds of "interesting" things, but I use it mostly to check cleaning. I have a Cooper in .223 that has slayed thousands of prairie dogs, and continues to do so. I promised myself I wouldn't scope that particular barrel until I missed one.
  7. rodell

    Sometimes I can't help myself --New Sako

    Beautiful rifle. I'm sure your Bees are worried.
  8. rodell

    6.5-300 WBY

    I had quite a bit of trouble getting a load - I describe loading for the cartridge as "touchy". I settled on US869, others prefer 8133. It's the proverbial death ray. Everything in front of it dies.
  9. rodell

    Removing Redding imperial sizing die wax

    I have started cleaning my dies with a boresnake. A little alcohol for the die (and me) and it cleans right up. A 45 caliber snake works really well on a lot of rifle dies.
  10. rodell

    10 shot load development

    That's the trouble I've had with this method. There has to be low Es for a single shot to show what you want. So, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. My 6.5-300 Weatherby is one place where it didn't. The flat spot wasn't flat when I reshot it just for my own sanity. I've found this...
  11. rodell

    Your Favorite Elk rifle?

    Blaser R8 in 300 Weatherby Magnum. 168 TTSX's. Leupold VX-6 2-12. VERY LOUD BANG. flop.
  12. rodell

    Lapua tarnished brass

    Never, ever use tarnished brass. In fact, don't keep it near your non-tarnished brass, especially Lapua. You are in a dangerous situation and you should immediately send all your Lapua brass to me to alleviate your risk!
  13. rodell

    Destroyed Revolver

    That will buff out.
  14. rodell

    Bullet to neck "Welding"

    I can attest the Lee crimp does not increase muzzle velocity by 300fps. Not that I dont like Lee FCD crimps, they are very consistent. I've run lots of crimped vs. not crimped comparisons. Some of the bullets I pulled were in there so well it stressed the press to get them out.
  15. rodell

    Bullet to neck "Welding"

    I pulled out some loads from 2015 in 300 Weatherby to get ready for this year's Elk season. At sight in the velocity was quite a bit higher than my notes showed. I had loaded some new rounds using the same recipe and the velocity was 300 fps lower ... hmmm. I pulled a couple of the bullets...
  16. rodell

    Case weight variation

    I've never paid much attention to case weight (primary interest is hunting, but I always strive for smaller groups) but I decided to weigh a series of 300 Weatherby cases due to another problem I was researching. Unfortunately, I didn't keep my cases separated by lots. I got a range of 216 to...
  17. rodell

    Bigger Bores & Bigger Bullets

    I'm SURE that's just loaded with Trail Boss ...
  18. rodell

    Weatherbys 6.5-300

    It is a laser/death ray. Unlike Fotis, I've had a little more trouble finding loads but it was worth it. I tried RL33 but did better with US869. The 127 LRX seems to be designed to reach way out there with the 6.5-300.
  19. rodell

    375 BAS at the range!

    That's great! Imagine how it will shoot with a scope on it, too. (Couldn't resist)
  20. rodell

    Factory Ammo 300 WSM Mule Deer and Elk in one Idaho hunt?

    Anything good for elk will "handle" a deer just fine. That 180 will work like a champ.