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  1. hunter24605

    Undersized BT

    Loading some 30-06 BT’s and one fell into the neck. Not sure what happened here, with the green tip and all., but it’s clearly smaller diameter. I have an email sent to nosler. The only other green tips I have are some 22 cal blitz kings
  2. hunter24605

    QL Request Grendel 129 Interlock

    Can someone run the numbers 6.5 Grendel 129 Hndy Interlock Leverevolution 18” bbl REM 7 1/2 Thanks
  3. hunter24605


    Looking for some 64 grain bonded solid base bullets if anyone has some to sell. That's became my goto bullet for hogs in the AR's and I'm down to 50 of them. Thanks!!
  4. hunter24605

    Not feeling very welcome

    Out exploring some Potential new hunting ground. It occurs to me The reason I’ve never heard anyone mention this area is because maybe nobody has ever made it back. I knew to stay away from copperhead rd, but guess we can add Aily rd… lol
  5. hunter24605

    Seven calls go on a picnic

    Ran into the gun club president at the grocery store and he asked for some calls for door prizes at the clubs summer picnic. I went with a simple half blasted glass over a glass resonator in zebrawood. Also etched a turkey track on the glass. I used measured amounts of water in cups so the glue...
  6. hunter24605

    22 Lr Ammo test

    Took the grandsons Savage Mark II match to test various ammo types..after letting him plink off 200 Remington golden bullets at pop cans and whatever else drew his attention, I ran a bore snake and started testing. A clear winner appeared in the SK Standard Plus, this is a standard round nose ...
  7. hunter24605

    components coming back

    I use the shootingbot app and noticed a gradual increase in the frequency of alerts on in stock items. Just the last few days there must have been a primer dump because I got several alerts that various vendors had them in stock, of course they sold out within an hour. Bullets and powder are...
  8. hunter24605

    Few call and strikers

    Some finished calls and strikers and some calls that are available for pre-order. Turkey calls
  9. hunter24605

    How long to wait

    So, I sold an AR-15 lower on gun broker. The guy who won the auction chose to mail a money order. After 10 days of not getting it, I sent a very polite reminder and even said if something has come up and you need a few extra days to just let me know. Well another week of no payment and no reply...
  10. hunter24605

    First “real” rifle

    My oldest grandson turns 10 soon and I thought it was time for a rifle. He’s been shooting my old Glenfield 60 for a while, so I picked up a Savage Mark-II heavy barrel 22lr. And all the different types of ammo I could find locally…surely one of them will shoot nicely. I need to find a scope...
  11. hunter24605

    Cocobolo copper call heading out

    This cocobolo copper call is heading to Alabama, it’s going to the fella who owns the farms we hog hunt on. Just a little token of appreciation for letting us come Down.
  12. hunter24605

    Krieghoff Brass

    Stumbled across some "Once fired" brass while slobbering over some Krieghoff firearms. I assume its ammo they used in their testing. grabbed up a hundred pcs. of the 30-06 Norma brass. (about the only thing I can afford to buy from Krieghoff LOL, Just about guaranteed to be truly ONCE fired...
  13. hunter24605

    Pillar bed plastic bottom metal

    My nephew brought by his Win XPR he put in a Boyd’s laminate stock and was wondering if I could pillar bed it. I’ve done a few so agreed. But I got to wondering if you’re really helping anything by pillar bedding because the XPR has plastic “bottom metal” seems even with pillars, the action...
  14. hunter24605


    As of right now brownells has CCI small pistol and small rifle in stock.
  15. hunter24605

    Few Call Ideas

    Guys, I've been going through my supplies and I've come up with materials for 3 calls that I think I want to make. What would you guys like to see? Copper call from Cocobolo wood or another Ziricote / Copper Crystal call from Zebrawood Slate call from Birdseye Maple I also have a busted walnut...
  16. hunter24605

    Howa 1500 Tikka T3x LIte

    I'm torn between these two -06 rifles. A Tikka T3x-Lite and a Howa 1500 Hunter. Both are at a local dealer and new in box. The Tikka is standard blue and syn stock and the Howa has a walnut stock, which goes in the Pro column for me, and threaded muzzle. The Tikka is a few bucks more, but not...
  17. hunter24605

    Good Day Gone Bad

    Took my old 50 cal CVA Frontier carbine out to do some shooting. Started out really good. Shooting my favorite load: 270 Gr .44 Deep Curl 44-50 Sabot 100 Gr pyrodex CCI # 11 Percussion Cap Everything shot very well as usual at 75 yards, but after the 3rd shot I noticed the nipple split and...
  18. hunter24605

    Couple More Component Sources

    Not sure if they've been mentioned before, but I recently did business with both these places, and fully recommend them. Both are real quick to get it out the door. At least that was my experience with them, so hopefully they will keep up the good work. Munitions Express Reloading Unlimited
  19. hunter24605

    Pawpaw babysitting

    “Pawpaw, I’m bored” …..Here, sort by headstamp. Helps with reading skills, too.
  20. hunter24605

    SOLD......Turkey Call

    After some prodding from the folks here, I made a turkey call to offer for sale. This one is Ziricote' wood with a copper playing surface and a glass soundboard inside. It's a little smaller at 3" compared to normal which is 3.5", but I feel that's the best size for copper. Ziricote' wood is...