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  1. hunter24605

    Undersized BT

  2. hunter24605

    Undersized BT

    Loading some 30-06 BT’s and one fell into the neck. Not sure what happened here, with the green tip and all., but it’s clearly smaller diameter. I have an email sent to nosler. The only other green tips I have are some 22 cal blitz kings
  3. hunter24605

    Interesting rifle!

    Man, I hate to hear it. Sorry for your loss. Cool old shooting’ irons, they’ll carry on the memories .
  4. hunter24605

    308 Winchester Favorite Loads

    reloder 15 has always been real good to me in 308. Ive only tried various 150 grain bullets, and the 125 AB, but they all shot very well...50.5 grain and the 125 AB was basically a bug hole at 100, pretty speedy to boot...Now that I have a couple pounds of Rl 15.5 I lucked into at PV on friday...
  5. hunter24605

    Been working on a rifle build

    Certainly a fine looking rifle. Some excellent parts there, should be a shooter. Great choice in cartridge, as well. One to be envious of.
  6. hunter24605

    School teacher 1 cougars 0

    Wow! Not what you expect to see when you arrive home, good on her!
  7. hunter24605

    Yay, I won the debate

    Glad you got that worked out, it's all about compromise. I was relegated to the basement. Its a finished basement but in the summer, or after a rain, the humidity levels are off the chart. And got tired of dumping the collectors in the two dehumidifiers.Sometimes they would fill quickly shutting...
  8. hunter24605

    QL Request Grendel 129 Interlock

    Thanks a bunch!!!
  9. hunter24605

    Its Over.....

    Well done! I never had an opportunity to get out this year and go after them.
  10. hunter24605

    QL Request Grendel 129 Interlock

    Can someone run the numbers 6.5 Grendel 129 Hndy Interlock Leverevolution 18” bbl REM 7 1/2 Thanks
  11. hunter24605

    Seven calls go on a picnic

    It's very addictive..Quite exciting when they gobble answering your calls and then trying to coax him into shotgun range without him changing his mind or picking you out with those eyes. My pop used to say "If they could smell as good as they see, you'd never kill one"
  12. hunter24605

    Seven calls go on a picnic

    I had a buddy actually have me Make him some coasters to give to his customers with his company logo under the glass. I just make them like turkey calls except no sound holes and glued cork to the bottom. 😅
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    2022 Hunting Pictures

    Well done, one that's on my bucket list.
  14. hunter24605


    thanks, I'll keep an eye out....I was under the impression Nosler discontinued them, couldn't find them listed anymore
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    Looking for some 64 grain bonded solid base bullets if anyone has some to sell. That's became my goto bullet for hogs in the AR's and I'm down to 50 of them. Thanks!!
  16. hunter24605

    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    There's a ton of guys around here who hunt bear with hounds, most use a quick handling carbine with iron sights,(or a hand canon if they tree the bruin) they usually wind up nose to nose in a laurel thicket, your 30-30 would be ideal..Spot and stalk I think I would choose the 264 Win Mag or 300...
  17. hunter24605

    Not feeling very welcome

    I guess if they don’t pay your ransom you end up dangling from the hanging tree.
  18. hunter24605

    Not feeling very welcome

    Out exploring some Potential new hunting ground. It occurs to me The reason I’ve never heard anyone mention this area is because maybe nobody has ever made it back. I knew to stay away from copperhead rd, but guess we can add Aily rd… lol
  19. hunter24605

    Bear Rug

    Very cool. I can’t imagine a more suitable spot.
  20. hunter24605

    Seven calls go on a picnic

    Ran into the gun club president at the grocery store and he asked for some calls for door prizes at the clubs summer picnic. I went with a simple half blasted glass over a glass resonator in zebrawood. Also etched a turkey track on the glass. I used measured amounts of water in cups so the glue...