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  1. RL338

    30-06 & 150gr TTSX

    Yesterday I scrubbed the barrel clean to give this rifle another chance. As I have mentioned many times I have tried many bullet and powder combos , most would have given up along time ago. This rifle will only shoot 210gr Berger VLDs over RL-17. I bought a bunch of Barnes 130 & 150 grain TTSXs...
  2. RL338

    Powder Valley and Taxes

    This evening I had a 8lber of RL15.5 in my cart and noticed they now charge sales tax. Last order in April I wasn’t charged sales tax.
  3. RL338

    25 Creedmoor

    Are there any 25 Creed. shooters on here? I'm looking into different ideas for sizing the brass. No one makes die sets for it yet. I loaded some barrel break in rounds by putting my 25-06 seating stem in 6.5 Creed seating die , worked like a charm.
  4. RL338

    Trail Camera Pics

    There used to be a sub topic area for trail cam pics , not sure where it when on the new forum. Anyways I pulled some cards today and found our first whitey. On another camera I forgot to shut off while I did my food plot. For entertainment Plowing my weed patch Hit it twice with S-tine...
  5. RL338

    Upgrading the Striker

    After a long day mulling over it , I ordered a new barrel from McGowens for my Savage Striker. When I bought the “handrifle” it was a 7-08. I could never get the outcome I was hoping for. The new barrel will be 14” and chambered in 25 Creed. 9 twist with a Douglas Silhouette contour. The main...
  6. RL338

    Yikes A fool and his money will soon be parted. I know these are highly sought after , but these are pulled bullets.
  7. RL338

    How not to get a Bear rug

    This happened a little to the northwest of me. Lesson of the day don’t mess with hungry mamma bear.
  8. RL338

    GB Compliance Fee

    I noticed this past weekend on winning a few items on GunBroker they now charge an 1% Compliance Fee. This is new to me. Compliance Fee is fancy name for buyers fee. Like they need more money for themselves.
  9. RL338

    130gr. TTSX in 308 Win.

    Last week I dusted off my Vanguard 308 and put the Barnes to work. I had some odd headstamp Winchester brass a guy at work gave me awhile back. I had some W748 left in a bottle and put it to use. One thing I can tell you Barnes load data is off , it list W748 49.4grs to 54.9grs with Win. brass...
  10. RL338

    Posting Photos

    Last couple of day I can’t seem to attach photos to update some of my threads. I click to download photo , when done no way to attach them. It just shows the words “The uploaded image”.
  11. RL338

    Peterson Brass

    I got excited when they announced the were making brass for more Weatherby calibers. I was left scratching me head when it was 7mm and 270 Wby , were is the 257 Wby? Well I got some 270 Wby that is going to become 257 😁
  12. RL338

    Working with Reasonable Priced Supplies

    Late last year I picked up some cheap powder and bullets. The powder WC867 was 16lbs/$84 plus shipping and hazmat and bullets were Blem Hornady 230gr A-tip for $46/100 (I think). So with crappy weather today I dug them out to try in the 30-378. The powder bottle states loads similar to H1000 -...
  13. RL338

    StaBall and QL

    Last fall I worked up a load for my 30-06 with Berger 185gr Classic Hunters. At the time I had a Witt Machine clamp on brake installed which prevented the use of the Magnetospeed. Now that I removed it , it was time to check some velocities. 2 of the 3 loads I shot Quickload was within 30fps ...
  14. RL338

    Getting Ready

    I’ve been slowly getting parts ready for my 340 WBY. I dropped the barrel and receiver off late last fall. I’m hoping to have it back by this fall. Nice part he is only 25 miles away. I’m putting on a Krieger HV finished at 28”. This should give my 338 Lapua a run for it’s money. I have some...
  15. RL338

    First Time Out This Year

    Made it out behind a rifle today first time since last year’s hunting season. I added a brake on my 6mm Creed gave it a whirl. There was a slight shift in POI by adding it. Fixed on the second group. I look to be a little rusty. This rifle is better than this.
  16. RL338

    Brass Making

    My brother has a Rem. Rolling Block in 43 Spanish I load for him. Brass is scarce for it. I found some Jamison brass years back from Midway , I wish I got more. The Jamison company is long gone now , so what does a guy do , make your own. This is not recommended for most to try. I started with...
  17. RL338

    Two-step verification

    Took me forever to log in today. Is this something new? I’m not sure what this about.
  18. RL338

    Kinda Odd

    Boy there was sure a lot of new member posting on here that joined today. I hope they are good , just a little worrisome when they post to the classifies first.
  19. RL338

    For Sale : Peterson 6.5 SRP Brass

  20. RL338

    Picture test

    Test on picture posting