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    QL Request 25-06 edition

    Noah, I just had a custom 25/06 built with a 1/7 twist 24” barrel on a Model 70 action. I worked up a load last week almost identical to what you ask except I used IMR 4831, 115 gr NBT, Hornady brass, CCI 200, 52.0 grs , 3080 fps , .775” group. While it shot the 117-110 gr bullets well, it...
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    Another vote for the BL22. But my Ruger 77/22 SS is a very close second
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    What are your current LR hunting rigs...Pics would be great!

    I’ve got several long range rifles that I actively practice with and hunt with. Almost any deer caliber 25 cal that can shoot moa can be set up to kill deer out to 600 yds. I have several rigs that I have taken deer out to 500 plus yards including 6.5x55, 270 Win, 7 REM Mag, 7 Wea mag, 30/06...
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    Sounds like mag length is not an issue and you have an awesome shooter. 1/2 moa will do anything you will ever need
  5. J

    Bear Rug

    Very nice!
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    Cheap Rifles.

    I have a Ruger American in 7-08. I get .5 moa with my handloads. I bought the rifle used for $200 and put a refurbished Nikon 4x12 scope on it. So I have $300 in a half moa rifle. Hard pressed to beat that
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    Lost Magazine Article

    My current REM 700 Sendero in 300 Win Mag shoots 200 gr AB’s and NP’s much better than the 180’s. I’m getting less than 1/2 moa with each using RL22 and 2970 fps with less than a max book load.
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    Ruger Precision Rifle

    While not a Ruger Precision Rifle, I shoot a very similar Savage BA10 Stealth which is Savage’s equivalent in 6.5 CM. It is topped with a Vortex 5x25 PST Gen II and I have quite successfully competed in F class to 1000 yards. Consistently shoots about half MOA. While all of the adjustments are...
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    Working on the Whelen.

    You might try the Tubbs finishing system. I have had some luck with it in the past smoothing out a rough bore
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    Wanted 375 H&H brass

    Looking for some 375 H&H brass, hopefully 1x fired.
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    7mm08 or 243 Brass

    Check your PM
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    Who here has competed with firearms?

    Rifles NRA F class to 1000 yds 6.5 Creedmoor using Nosler 140 gr RDF bullets at 2850 fps with RL 16 Savage BA Stealth 110 in 6.5 CM Tikka T3 Tactical in 308 Pistol very casually USPSA pistol 1911 and various 9mms Shotgun very casually sporting clays and trap
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    tumbling in rice

    Tried rice but did not like it as much as corn cob media
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    South Africa Hunt Booked. :)

    Guy, a wise friend told me that you seldom regret what you have done, but you very often regret what you have not done. I myself have realized this and started taking a few trips I otherwise would not have taken. Last fall I was very lucky to take a Canadian Moose and elk on a trip to BC. In...
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    Sold Winchester Model 70 .375 push feed f/s

    is this rifle still available?
  16. J

    257 Roberts cases

    They show 110 gr Accubond bullets in stock but when you try to order they show out of stock. However, I do have a couple boxes of 110 AB loaded ammo ordered.
  17. J

    257 Roberts cases

    Thanks to all that responded.
  18. J

    257 Roberts cases

    Last week a very good friend of mine gifted me a beautiful Kimber 84 M in 257 Roberts along with several boxes of ammo. Most of the ammo (Federal, Hornady, Nosler) is listed as +P on the boxes and cases but 3 boxes of ammo (Rem and WW) are not listed as +P. In the Nosler reloading manual there...
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    Wanted 257 Roberts +P brass

    Anybody have any 257 Roberts +P brass they want to trade or sell? Thanks Jimbeaux
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    Wanted 257 Weatherby brass

    Guy, yes I have necked down/up 7mm Weath and 270 Weath with success but this is for a friend who will be traveling to Africa and the headstamp on the case must match the cartridge stamped on the rifle! Thanks Jimbeaux