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  1. filmjunkie4ever

    Lyman Great Plains .54

    Well even though I had about decided on a Knight Bighorn or a Rem 700ML, I came home from the gunshow with an unfired Lyman Great Plains .54! It had the patched round ball twist (1-60”) but thats no bother. Now if I could just find some #11 caps!
  2. filmjunkie4ever

    7mm SAUM Quickload request

    My friend is having a custom 7mm SAUM put together. Its going to be built on a Remington 700 with a Benchmark 24” barrel. He’s wanting to shoot 180 grain Berger VLD Hunters and N568 powder with Large Rifle Magnum primers. Thanks in advance.
  3. filmjunkie4ever


    For sale - .222 Remington brass: 106 pieces once fired W-W 84 pieces once fired Hornady 40 pieces GFL/R-P mixed, multiple fired 230 pieces total sold as a lot, wont split it up. $75 shipped Conus only.
  4. filmjunkie4ever

    Sold -.257 115 Bergers

    For Sale or trade - .257 115 grain Berger VLD Hunting bullets. 88 total, (8 have been pulled but have been sequestered into a small baggie). $40 shipped Conus only. Items Considered in trade: .257 100 grain Gamekings .277 130 grain Gamekings .220 Swift brass
  5. filmjunkie4ever

    Length of pull

    So Ive noticed a handful of times that a particular rifle that I own is occasionally to the long side. I especially notice it with extra layers of clothing or when trying to snap the rifle to my shoulder. The last time I went to the gunsmith he measured my LOP at 13.5” with a gauge, but Ive got...
  6. filmjunkie4ever

    .30-06 180 grain Accubond with H4831

    If my stash of IMR4350 was a milkshake, you’d be hearing the slurping sound as this milkshake is nearly all gone. I do have several pounds of H4831 and some recently acquired 180 grain Accubonds and it got me thinking back. A late friend of mine used to shoot two loads in his trusty Ruger M77...
  7. filmjunkie4ever

    .25-06 115 grain Berger VLDs

    Anyone have the Berger manual? I cannot seem to find anyone who can loan or tell me the data regarding the 115 grain Berger VLD hunting bullets in the .25-06! I’m wanting to get a load going somewhere between 3075-3150 fps from a 24” barrel. I have H4831 and IMR7828. Starting and Max loads...
  8. filmjunkie4ever

    Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt

    I’ve owned and loved shooting this .45 Colt since its acquisition. Typically my handloads have consisted of Unique, Titegroup et al pushing a cast lead bullet to around 800 fps from my 5.5” barrel. After reading some Ken Waters and others who wrote on the subject, I’m of the opinion that...
  9. filmjunkie4ever

    .220 Swift

    Just finished building my first Swift! Its an older Ruger M77 tang safety. The previous owner had a Canjar single set trigger installed sometime after he bought it. Just had a new Douglas 1-12” barrel installed. Had it crowned at 24” instead of the original factory 26” but kept the same contour...
  10. filmjunkie4ever

    Sold Winchester Model 70 .375 push feed f/s

    Winchester Model 70 push feed in .375 H&H Magnum. 24” barrel. Weaver K2.5x in Leupold rings, Redfield one-piece mount. Military style adjustable leather sling in Uncle Mike’s QD style swivels. Approximately 50 rds of handloaded ammunition, no dies brass or components. Have $1100 into this...
  11. filmjunkie4ever

    WTB - .35 Rem brass

    Hey guys I need 40 pieces of .35 Remington brass. I will gladly pay cash or I can trade with other brass, many cartridges to choose from. Please PM if you can spare any. Still in need of .25-06 and .270 brass as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. filmjunkie4ever

    Delete please

    Just finished a project and I need about 100 of the .264 caliber 140 or 142 grain Accubond bullets to do load work up for my Dads .264 Win Mag. Anyone have some I could buy? I cannot find these anywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. filmjunkie4ever

    Scope my .25-06

    I like the opinion posts for “scope my ______” so here goes: My rifle is a Remington 700 which has been glassbedded and has had a trigger job. It’s primary use is coyotes and deer, with antelope on the list if I’m ever lucky enough to draw. I bounce around between 100-120 grain bullets as...
  14. filmjunkie4ever

    Traditions Kentucky Caplock

    Looking to get back into Blackpowder, I sold my T/C New Englander last year but kept my .490 round balls, #11 caps and Triple 7 3FG powder! Am looking at the Traditions Kentucky rifle. Anyone have one of these? Mostly for plinking but would use it for deer if I draw the right tag. Sent...
  15. filmjunkie4ever

    Delete please

    If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Like many of you last year was pretty hard on my family. Things have been thin. To help us get by I sold some guns, scopes and reloading components off to good homes. After getting an unexpected cash blessing, I decided to replace one of the...
  16. filmjunkie4ever

    Delete please

    .257 117 grain Hornady Roundnose for my .25-35 .308 165 grain Accubonds Please PM. Not looking to spend the family fortune but will pay reasonable prices, I have PayPal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. filmjunkie4ever

    Choke Tubes

    I bought a brand new Remington 870 in 20 gauge about a year or so back. Lovely little gun! It came with the factory standard Modified choke. I was thinking of picking up a full choke for use with upland or turkeys and either a cylinder or improved cylinder for use with rifles slugs for deer...
  18. filmjunkie4ever

    .222 petloads

    Just bought a Remington 722 from a friend with an aftermarket laminate stock. Going to pick it up this week. The .222 has been on my bucket list since forever. He didn’t have any ammo but I bought dies and 100 pieces of brass. I have Federal 205 and CCI 400 small rifle primers. On hand I have...
  19. filmjunkie4ever

    ISO: .22 Hornet

    I’ve long wanted one of these and feel that now more than ever a small, reloadable .22 may come in handier than ever. Anyone have a bolt action or single shot .22 Hornet they want to move into my house? Something used but not abused, not looking for another project at this time. I am not...
  20. filmjunkie4ever

    JES rebore

    I was just looking at the JES website. I have a Springfield ‘03 in an abstract wildcat caliber that I have decided to rebore or rebarrel. Due to the vintage of the craftsmanship I was wanting to stay with something of the late 1950’s era. After thinking it over, I was considering reboring to...