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  1. JD338

    Long Range Tune Up for Summer Crop Damage Deer Hunting

    Thank you Mark. We always have a great time. We always have a feast before we head out to the bean fields. The work begins after dark as we skin and cut up the evenings harvest. The 308 Win will get some action in a few weeks. JD338
  2. JD338

    Supreme Court Rules States May Not Ban Gun Carry

    Good news for the Second Amendment and a long time since we have had a major victory! JD338
  3. JD338

    Clean up Crew

    Very cool video. I've never seen bald eagles and turkey vultures together either. JD338
  4. JD338

    range trip with my Grandson

    Outstanding! Your grandson is a darn good shot! This is great stuff Jim, nicely done. JD338
  5. JD338

    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    Congratulations to John on his new rifle. The 150 gr ABLR is a great all around bullet and would cover his needs perfectly. The 160 gr AB and the new 160 gr BT would be ideal for anything and 160 gr PT for bone smashing power if needed. For scopes, the 4.5-14x40mm is perfect. What scope are you...
  6. JD338

    Remington XP-100 chambered in 308 Winchester (The Dirty Thirty)

    Thanks Ernie. I just wanted to confirm. JD338
  7. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    Awesome job Jorey. Glad to hear that you wife is also enjoying the shooting too. JD338
  8. JD338

    Finding the sweet spot

    Nicely done. I agree that a little tweaking with the COL and you are good to go. H4350 is a great powder in the 6.5 Creedmoor.. JD338
  9. JD338

    Caution in bear country

    Tree Hugger JD338
  10. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    I'm getting a little more serious about glass. I swapped out scopes and the Remington M541 is now sporting a VXII 4-12x40mm scope with target turrets, the same scope it wore for many years. The Savage M93 22 Win Mag now has the VXII 3-9x40mm. Need to get both zeroed. JD338
  11. JD338

    Coyote from the blind

    Nicely done, congratulations on the coyote. I have a Sig Echo3 on a AR-15 platform in 22 Nosler. Looking forward to putting the smack on the local coyotes this fall/winter. JD338
  12. JD338

    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    Very nice. A very rich and classy look! JD338
  13. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    Guy, Put a scope on that little Marlin and give it a try at 200 yards. You'll have a ball. Jim, Nice range! You are set to go. Give your 22 rim fire a go. JD338
  14. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    Fellas, It's a lot of fun! I'm glad I have a few bricks of ammo. It won't last long! JD338
  15. JD338

    Remington XP-100 chambered in 308 Winchester (The Dirty Thirty)

    Is that an extended eye relief scope? JD338
  16. JD338

    First Ever Bear (Contains Some Graphic Content)

    Congratulations on your bear. Looks like a pretty good size sow. What was the weight? What rifle and load that you used? Beautiful fur, would make for a beautiful rug! JD338
  17. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    I know long range rim fire shooting is becoming popular, they even have a 200 yard competition at the local gun club. There are some specialty rim fire rifles and scopes out for this nitch market Well I have been thinking about it and talked to Remingtonman25-06 about it. So after shooting at...
  18. JD338

    Long Range Tune Up for Summer Crop Damage Deer Hunting

    We went out to the farm Saturday to check zeros for this year's crop damage deer hunting. We shot at 300, 400, 525 and 600 yards. Sue brought her Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon 30 Nosler loaded up with 180 gr BT's and I had my trusty Remington 700 338 RUM with 250 gr AB's and the Nosler M21 308 Win...
  19. JD338

    Remington XP-100 chambered in 308 Winchester (The Dirty Thirty)

    Ernie, That is some fantastic shooting! You are certainly making that 308 sing. Are you using a EER scope or a standard stock Leupold rifle scope? JD338
  20. JD338

    2022 Hunting Pictures

    Nice! JD338