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  1. Thebear_78

    Canada have some new laws coming? Just saw this on Fox News. Looks pretty gloomy
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    Interesting rifle!

    My dad passed away earlier this week and I had came down to Michigan to help settle his affairs. One of the things I’m doing is shipping and selling off his gun collection. I’ve ended up having to ship up to Alaska 6 handguns and 8-9 rifles. One of them was his pride and joy an old SXS...
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    A bad night

    I had a bad night the other day. My hunting buddy has a fire in the camper he has been staying in and Disney make it out. It also started my other buddy’s house on fire. These guys are closer than brother’s and have been excellent hunting partners and friends for several years. I...
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    Smith 627 performance center

    I happened across a Smith & Wesson 627 performance center 8 shot 357 with a 2.65” barrel. This makes it the twin to my 629 performance center 44mag. This one has had the hammer bobbed and slicked up. It’s still got the wood grips, those will need to be replaced. I’ll be ordering a set...
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    280 AI makes meat

    It’s been many years since I was home during deer season, probably 12-15 years. Dad has been getting older and can’t really hunt by himself anymore. I took the week off to come down and hunt with him in Michigan. My sister had put up a bunch of trail cams for him and he had been seeing...
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    Nightforce optics

    I have been going more and more to nightforce optics the last few years. Anything that has turrets is probably going to be a nightforce. I recently picked up a 7-35x56 ATACR. This acquisition caused a shift in my optical stable. I ended up putting the 7-35 on my target 6.5 PRC. That...
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    1894 22 WMR

    I picked up a Marlin 1894 in 22 WMR a couple months ago and finally got a chance to take it to the range today. It had a rain mount on it when I got it so I put a 2-7 leupold vx2 on it. The hardest part was finding ammo. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it shot. CCI maximag 40gr...
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    100 pound girl vs 458 Lott!

    I took some recent California transplants to the range yesterday. Their parents were in town and had never shot so this was a good opportunity for them to experience shooting. This is the fourth set of Californians I have taken shooting this year. Every time my friends have company they...
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    25/06 standard or Ackly?

    I just made a trade on a NULA 24b in 6.5 Swede. My plan is to turn it into a 25/06 or 25/06 AI. Currently leaning toward standard 25/06. My current plan is to send it out to long rifles inc. and have them rebarrel it with a 1-8 24” barrel. The only real question is to fog standard or...
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    Meat processing ideas

    I always strive to limit waste when it comes to my game meat. I bring out my game as in tact as possible. Generally only leaving the hide and guts in the field. We tend not to do very many steaks or roasts other than butterfly the tenderloin and back straps. The rest goes mainly to grind...
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    40 mile caribou hunt Alaska

    I went on a registration caribou hunt this week with a few friends. I had heard this was a pretty crowded hunt but it was also the easiest way to get a caribou if you don’t draw any draw tags. My friends had done this hunt several times in the past so I was pretty much following their lead...
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    300gr nosler accubond .338

    I could really use some 300gr .338 accubonds, I have many other bullets to trade or could buy. Thanks Josh sorensen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TC Encore 338 federal

    I picked up a tc encore pistol in 45/410 the other day for a grouse and bunny blaster for my SXS. I’ve had a couple of the contender versions and they are great for grouse. I’ve even taken a few out of the air. Since I had the encore set up I figured a big game barrel could be fun. I...
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    Hammer bullets

    Has anyone gotten any experience with hammer bullets? I have been looking for a hunting bullet for my 6.5 PRC havak and the hammer are one of the few in stock anywhere. I was looking exclusively at the 124 hammer hunter and the 134 shock hunter. I was thinking the 134 would make a good...
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    custom 6.5 PRC

    I picked up a custom 6.5 PRC the other day. I saw it on a local classified at a great price and couldn’t pass it up. Built by crescent custom rifles out of Kansas City, Mo. Surgeon 591 WSM action Bartlien marksman 5r 1-7 28” barrel Manners elite PRS1 with mini chassis and barricade...
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    Giraud anealing machine

    I picked up a giraud anealing machine the other day. A quick look online found a few upgrades that are easily done. I have done a couple hundred 6.5 PRC, and a hundred 338 LM. The addition of the regulator and guard makes it much more precise and repeatable. It’s much quicker than my...
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    QL request for 6.5 PRC

    I was hoping someone could do a quick load search for 140gr Berger hybrid target and re 25, re26, and retumbo. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Strange banking experience

    I had an interesting interaction with Denali Alaska today. I tried to purchase a set of bushing 6.5 PRC dies from whidon gunworks and my debit card was declined. Then it was locked out the rest of the night. This morning I get a call from credit card fraud division asking about my...
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    Seeking havak 6.5 PRC

    I picked up a second havak the other day. Found one on a local classified and couldn’t pass it up. This one is in 6.5 PRC. I happened to have a vortex PST G2 5-25 sitting in a set of sermons rings on a shelf in the gun room. Turned out to be a perfect fit. Imagine my dismay when I could...
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    QL 50-140 data

    There isn’t a lot of data out there for the 50-140. I was hoping to get a quick load or two with 570 and 600gr bullets with smokeless powders. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk