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  1. bbearhntr

    Sold 5 lbs Varget

    I have (5) 1lb bottles of Varget in western Wisconsin available. I prefer to trade for N570 or H1000. Will also consider trades for 7mm 180g Berger Hybrids. Otherwise I will trade for $225 cash in person. I am regularly in LaCrosse and Eau Claire or Black River Falls.
  2. bbearhntr

    For Sale 15-45x65 Vortex Viper HD

    15-45x65 Vortex Viper HD spotting scope for sale. Factory lense covers and neoprene bikini included. $475 shipped PayPal F&F or PO money order.
  3. bbearhntr

    For Sale 257 Weatherby Brass

    100 pieces of new Nosler 257 Weatherby Brass. 1 factory sealed and the other one I opened to measure an unfired case. $225 shipped. PayPal F&F or PO $ Order
  4. bbearhntr

    Carter's first buck

    South East Minnesota shotgun season opened this morning and my son was able to put a 20 gauge 260 grain Partition Gold slug through the lungs of his first antlered deer at 40 yards. The blood trail was amazing and brief. The deer only made it about 35 yards before he expired. Thank you Nosler...
  5. bbearhntr

    280AI RL26 180g Berger hybrid

    Has anyone got any load data for this combo?
  6. bbearhntr

    Powder recommendations 26 and 28 Noslers

    I just acquired a 26 Nosler and a 28 Nosler. Bother built off trued Rem actions wearing Brux #4 barrels. I have 156g Berger's to feed the 26 and 195g Berger's or 180g ELDM's for the 28. What powders are going to perform best in these cases? I'd prefer a powder that is more temp stable to one...
  7. bbearhntr

    7mm Rem Mag 175 Berger Elite Hunter RL26

    Anyone have any quickload data on this combo? I did a search on the forum and didn't turn up anything. I have Nosler brass and my COAL is 3.350.
  8. bbearhntr

    7mm Rem Mag 180 ELD Match RL26 recipes?

    Do any of the fine members here have any quickload data for the 180 ELD Match bullets on top of RL26 in a 7 Rem Mag case? Is there a better choice for powder that I should be aware of? How far off the lands have you experienced the best results? Thank you all,
  9. bbearhntr

    300 RUM 190ABLR what powder?

    Looking for suggestions on what powder to load under a 190g ABLR in a 300 RUM.
  10. bbearhntr

    270 WSM 150 ABLR quickload question

    I was wondering if anyone with a little free time might be able to help me pick a powder to use in my 270 WSM with 150g ABLR's. I use Norma brass if that makes a difference. I plan on using this rifle and bullet on a Montana elk hunt this fall. Thanks for everyone's input in advance.
  11. bbearhntr

    .280AI Berger 140g Hunting VLD help

    A friend of mine recently purchased a Kimber Subalpine chambered in .280AI. He has 100 Rounds of Nosler Brass and would like to load Berger 140g Hunting VLD's. What powder would you recommend us trying? Could anyone with Quickload share some load data with me, specifically starting and max...
  12. bbearhntr

    2017 MN bear

    We started Baiting Aug 11 and the bait sites are starting to heat up. Season opens Sept 1 so we are getting a little antsy. MN is not known for color phase bears but we have a regular visitor on one bait whom I would be happy to lend a ride in the back of my truck.
  13. bbearhntr

    44 Rem Mag quickload powder recommendations

    I've never loaded for this round before. A friend of mine has a Win 94 carbine chambered in .44 Rem Mag. He wants to shoot the 225 g FTX Hornady bullet out of Hornady brass. What powders should I look to first? Thank you in advance!
  14. bbearhntr

    I need a coyote load for my .243

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a coyote load in a .243? My shots most likely will be inside of 300 yds. I would like to salvage the hides also.
  15. bbearhntr

    Trapping rifle

    My 8 year old son and I are going to start trapping this fall. We will be focused on coon, fox and coyote. Does anyone have any recommendations for a trapping rifle? I think this might be the perfect excuse for a new lever action :grin:
  16. bbearhntr

    .257 ABLR ?

    Am I the only one who wants an Accubond LR in .257? I think it would be the only bullet I would ever need for my .257 Weatherby. Can we start a petition?
  17. bbearhntr

    Wisconsin Archery Buck

    I rarely ever get a crack at a mature whitetail during gun season. I find most of my enjoyment during the 3 weeks leading up to gun season in the field with my bow. Last fall was not nearly as productive as years past. I hunted the first 12 days of November without seeing a single deer. My luck...
  18. bbearhntr

    avatar help

    Gents, I would like to know the secret to uploading an avatar. Every time I try I get a message that says something about too many pixels. What am I doing wrong?
  19. bbearhntr

    How long do you age your meat?

    Wondering how long all of you age your meat before butchering and freezing. Do you hang it with the hide on or off? What is your preferred method?. I just had some back straps off a small doe that was shot last week. It hung in my garage for 6 days @ 38° with the hide on. After butchering I...
  20. bbearhntr

    2013 Wisconsin Archery Whitetail

    Gun season isn't here yet so I took my Mathews bow for a hunt on Sat. I wasn't in the stand long when I saw a buck coming my way. It was a main frame 8pt with a busted main beam just ahead of his G2. He crossed in front of my stand at 40 yds and I gave a couple of soft grunts to him. He...