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  1. 7mmstw

    300 blk 150 grain data?

    I just put together a 300 blk upper Shocked to see nosler # 8 only shows data up to 140 grain?? Why I am wondering? Seems to be very little difference in velocity between 125 gn vs 150 gn balistics tips Everthing else bieng equal the 150 should work better on pigs or blacktail? Am I missing...
  2. 7mmstw

    257 ABLR ? 120-125?

    i have heard severl questions on the next long rang ab bullet? anyone heard if we will get a 257 ablr ... maybe a 125 grain.. or atleast 120 grain ... dont get me wrong... the 120 partition has droped every deer i have pulled the trigger on but .391 used to be a great bc. now its not even in the...