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  1. Dr. Vette

    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    Congrats on the new rifle. I have the same model here in 28 Nosler that I'm setting up for a friend's employer. I'm hoping to swap my work for a deer hunt. 😁 The good - highly accurate. My 79 yo father just shot a 0.4515-inch 3-shot group at 100 yards with it, and no brake was installed at...
  2. Dr. Vette

    Which borescope

    I have had a Teslong for a few years. If I were looking now I'd buy the newest model that fit my needs. Mine plugs into a USB port on my computer; getting one that connected to an ipad via Bluetooth would be nice if I didn't have a computer on my reloading bench.
  3. Dr. Vette


    The newest app and update screwed up the time and date. I emailed them this week about it, and they told me it is a known issue that would be fixed with "the next update." Knowing them that could be a few years...
  4. Dr. Vette

    300 WSM QL request for 200 gr ELD-X

    I've had very good success with 7828SSC and the 200 ELD-X in my 300 WSM.
  5. Dr. Vette

    Howa 1500 Tikka T3x LIte

    Similar story here.
  6. Dr. Vette

    Wyoming 90/10

    I agree. We have a hunt for elk in CO this fall that was booked before this change, but are looking at using our WY elk points next year if they're truly going to move to the 90/10 rule for elk.
  7. Dr. Vette

    Wild first shots

    My thoughts as well. In addition, clean that barrel and then see if the rifle likes a clean barrel or a fouled barrel. Some take several shots to settle in. Also, have someone else shoot the rifle and make sure it's not the shooter. ;) I would wonder if he's flinching because his head says...
  8. Dr. Vette

    Tubbs Final Finish

    Keep us posted. I have loaded up my 3rd set, but I don't think I will have the time and weather on the same day to get them shot.
  9. Dr. Vette

    Wyoming 90/10

    I think part of the issue is that they removed some of the random draw tags. If you've been putting in for 20 years with a "chance" via the random draw, but it now takes 35 since the random draw is gone, you and everyone below you is going to drop out of the points system. It's also some of the...
  10. Dr. Vette

    Tubbs Final Finish

    I'm in the process of using it right now. I have done the first 2 steps, 3 to go. I am using all 10 bullets because it's all-or-nothing for this rifle. In my case it's either rebarrel the rifle or try this. By the time I'm done with the rebarrel, Cerakote, etc it would be about $1000, so I'm...
  11. Dr. Vette

    .350 Legend Experience

    I zero mine at 150, same as my 35 Rem and my 450 Bushmaster. Why handicap a firearm?
  12. Dr. Vette

    .350 Legend Experience

    I can kill deer at 200 yards with a slug, and have. That makes it short range in my book, i.e. anything in shotgun range is short range. But yes, most game gets taken in 200 yards or less.
  13. Dr. Vette

    At a loss for words...........

    I'd let mine go for $1000 each, no problem.
  14. Dr. Vette

    .350 Legend Experience

    I would suggest that the 35 Rem is better. 2100-2200fps for a 220 grain Speer in the 35 Rem vs 2100 for a 180 grain Winchester Super-X for the 350 Legend. But, both are short-range rifles. The rainbow trajectory will get you either way.
  15. Dr. Vette

    Wanted 257 Weatherby brass

    You need the boxes too, or just brass?
  16. Dr. Vette

    Wanted 257 Weatherby brass

    @filmjunkie4ever How many?
  17. Dr. Vette

    New Bee Rifle

    Nice! Dad bought the floor model Backcountry Ti in 300 Wby when we were there in October. He's going with Talley rings and a Swaro.
  18. Dr. Vette

    Thoughts on 2x fired brass performance

    That sounds to me more like poor reloading practice by not checking their primer pocket sizes, or not paying attention to the pressure needed to prime them. One can find anecdotal evidence for almost anything in life. I clean with stainless, anneal, then lube with Imperial and size, usually...
  19. Dr. Vette

    Where to buy Weatherby 300 Mag Nosler Partitions, 180 grain?

    Copper Creek and Hammer Bullets come to mind. I'm sure that Google could find others as well.
  20. Dr. Vette

    Where to buy Weatherby 300 Mag Nosler Partitions, 180 grain?

    I see 3 options: 1. Work with a friend who reloads, if you have one, to develop 180 Partitions loads for your rifle. You buy components, they help assemble. 2. Contact one of the custom ammo companies about making ammunition for you. Not cheap, but you'll get your Partition load. 3. Try a...