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  1. 375hh1973

    Who here shoots or hunts with a specialty pistol/hand-rifle/pifle/hand cannon?

    I have killed a few deer with scoped revolvers. I own one specialty pistol, it is a stainless/synthetic Encore in .243. It wears a Bushnell Elite 2-6. It really likes 90gr accubonds. Unfortunately, it also repels deer. I have carried it many times and deer disappear! Carried it 2 days...
  2. 375hh1973

    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    I know this is more of a rifle topic but... Lately I have started up skeet shooting again after a few years off So my fun guns right now are O/U shotguns and #9 shot
  3. 375hh1973

    New Ruger made Marlins

    As long as we are all wishing... Bring back the 336 in .356win. Stainless and either laminate or synthetic.
  4. 375hh1973

    I'm thinkin I need a 338

    I've got a wanting for a .338 of some type. I owned a Weatherby Vanguard SUB-MOA in .338 win mag and it was a great rifle. Killed some deer with it. Was very accurate. Got bored with it and sent it down the road. Fast forward to now, I have the itch for another .338 of some kind...
  5. 375hh1973

    28 gauge

    Sounds like a great shotgun! Along with grouse, woodcock, doves, etc.., I have found my 28 to be great on rabbits as well. Fiocchi #5 golden pheasant loads work great
  6. 375hh1973

    Pheasant opener- how'd it go.....?

    Not many pheasants around here to chase anymore but I am going up north for a few days of chasing grouse and woodcock with my dad. I have a new 16ga to try out so I can miss with purple shells for a change
  7. 375hh1973

    Bear Season Training/Success!

    Very cool! Which unit did she draw?
  8. 375hh1973

    Did ya ever....?

    ....bring the wrong gun to the range? Its been hot here so I figured I would get my range time in early today. Want to sight in my Winchester Extreme Weather 7wsm after switching scopes. Grabbed my 7wsm, ammo, shooting bag, sand bags, targets, etc. Tossed in an O/U 12 ga just in case I...
  9. 375hh1973

    Is there anything wrong with...

    Seems like both would work but... The 45/70 has the COOL factor!
  10. 375hh1973

    Not Feeling It

    My "hunting" so far (hampered by a boot on my right foot) is a whole lot of dry firing in the back yard. Today was the .45/70. Lotsa sparrows and squirrels. Wife just shakes her head and is thankful we have a privacy fence
  11. 375hh1973

    Not Feeling It

    just the opposite for me... I have had to wear a walking boot on my right foot for 8 weeks while a tendon heals. Haven't been able to do anything so this year I am itching to get out hunting! Haven't been able to shoot sporting clays, clear shooting lanes, etc...
  12. 375hh1973

    Got my hot rod!

    Very nice! If I was gonna get a 6.5 thats the one I would get
  13. 375hh1973

    257 Weatherby

    Pretty much whats already been said. Bought a Wby Accuguard a couple years ago in .257. It absolutely loves the 100gr TTSX Wby factory load. Shoots little tiny groups and no recoil. Absolutely plants deer. FYI- Quite the flash when shooting a raccoon at 3am
  14. 375hh1973

    Testing the waters.

    Very cool! Glad im not the only one to kill deer with a .375hh Granted my rifle is nowhere near as cool. And the deer arent any where near as big lol
  15. 375hh1973

    New to me rifle coming soon (Pics added)

    So I finally had a few days off to pick up my new rifle and head up north for some bluegills and rifle test. This is a new caliber for me so I had to buy some ammo on line. Ended up with a few boxes of Federal Hammer Down 300gr. The rifle came with a Nikon Monarch 2-8 which is about...
  16. 375hh1973

    Bucket List

    Gonna hunt with a .45/70 for the first time. Also need to get my TC Encore pistol in .243 back in the rotation, its been neglected. Also would like to kill a deer with my 6.8spc Rock River AR Sheesh, I think I have more rifles than there are deer in the county I hunt the most!!~
  17. 375hh1973

    New to me rifle coming soon (Pics added)

    Havent picked it up yet Ordered a few boxes of ammo to try. Federal Hammer Down 300gr Hornady flex tips 325gr Local gun shop had a box of Garrets on the shelf. In case I need to kill a dinosaur
  18. 375hh1973

    New to me rifle coming soon (Pics added)

    My buddy is thinning his herd and made me an offer I couldnt refuse. Its a Marlin 1895 ABL. Thats a 18.5 blued gun with gray laminate pistol grip stock with large lever. Comes with a Nikon Monarch 2-8x32. Its a JM, all original. I remember helping him sight it in when he got it, was damned...
  19. 375hh1973

    your 2021 hunting plans ?

    September going to Indiana for doves. Put in for ND deer, may as well have taken some cash to the casino Applied for Michigan Elk. See above regarding casino. Michigan deer and ducks and grouse and woodcock. And the occasional skunk
  20. 375hh1973


    Well, an update on the 7600... A guy I work with is selling it for his brother who is going thru a divorce. Told me that it is in "excellent" condition. I am here to tell you that if I chained it to my pickup and drove from Michigan to Houston TX it wouldn't change the condition. Pretty sure...