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  1. JD338

    Supreme Court Rules States May Not Ban Gun Carry

    Good news for the Second Amendment and a long time since we have had a major victory! JD338
  2. JD338

    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    I know long range rim fire shooting is becoming popular, they even have a 200 yard competition at the local gun club. There are some specialty rim fire rifles and scopes out for this nitch market Well I have been thinking about it and talked to Remingtonman25-06 about it. So after shooting at...
  3. JD338

    Long Range Tune Up for Summer Crop Damage Deer Hunting

    We went out to the farm Saturday to check zeros for this year's crop damage deer hunting. We shot at 300, 400, 525 and 600 yards. Sue brought her Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon 30 Nosler loaded up with 180 gr BT's and I had my trusty Remington 700 338 RUM with 250 gr AB's and the Nosler M21 308 Win...
  4. JD338

    Bear Rug

    Sue got her bear rug back from the taxidermist. She did a fantastic job on the rug and we both are quite pleased with the end result! Sue hasn't decided yet where it will go, I'm leaving that up to her. She is super excited about it and that's all that really matters to me. JD338
  5. JD338

    Remington Brass

    I just wanted to make you guys aware of another source for brass. I just ordered a couple of bags of 375 H&H brass directly from Remington. They picked up the shipping. JD338
  6. JD338

    308 Win Load Development

    I took advantage of the break in the weather and shot a few rounds in the Nosler M21 308 Win. I think IMR 4064 is the powder for the 308 Win. 150 gr BT 46.0 grs IMR 4064, Nosler case Fed GM210 primer. Avg MV 2832 fps from a 22" barrel. Just need to play with the seating depth and tighten up...
  7. JD338

    Bear Country BBQ Ribs

    We decided to try a new recipe which was for county style ribs and just happened to have a few packages from Sue's bear in the freezer. All I can say is that they were amazing. We had decided to pass on the mashed potatoes and cook some asparagus basted in Tuscan Herb Olive Oil. The dry red wine...
  8. JD338

    Sold Weatherby Mark V 416 Wby

    I have a 1992 Japanese made Weatherby Mark V 26" barrel chambered in 416 Wby. Comes with the original wood stock and a Bell & Carlson Wby MKV LA #3 contour 2nd Lug Black/Gray Web stock (6570-22), Accubrake and scope bases. $1700.00 JD338
  9. JD338

    2022 Hunting Pictures

    Post your 2022 Hunting Pictures here. Good Luck to all this season! JD338
  10. JD338

    New and Improved Nosler Forum

    Nosler is pleased to release the newly updated Nosler Forum. In addition to a completely new look and design, we are now on the most current version of forum platform software which offers a vast improvement in speed and functionality. Members don’t need to make any changes to their accounts...
  11. JD338

    308 Winchester Favorite Loads

    Looks like I'll be shooting a 308 Winchester this fall. I wanted to run the 165/168 gr BT but availability is a problem so I'm going with the 150 gr PT. I've got a couple pounds of RL15 to get me started. What are you fellas loading for the 308 Win? Thanks for your help. JD338
  12. JD338

    7mm 160 gr. BT

    Shot from a 280 AI and recovered both bullets at 100 yards in the 5th water jug. MV 3000 fps #1 weighs 102.9 grs and .659" diameter. #2 weighs 101.1 grs and .650" diameter. I'm going to hunt WT deer with this bullet this fall. Should be a good one. JD338
  13. JD338

    Bear Season Training/Success!

    My wife pulled a bear tag for the first season this year. We started the training sessions this week and the progress has been amazing. Shooting her Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon 30 Nosler with 180 gr BT's at 3000 fps, shooting off a tripod at the target 65 yards away. Jogging from the target to...
  14. JD338

    Soft Rifle Case

    Just ordered another Boyt soft rifle case for Sue's 30 Nosler. I've got several of them and they hold up well. Canvas outer shell, soft quilted flannel inst. A leather cover on the end to protect the muzzle, leather strap and a brass zipper/hardware. I like them. What do you folks like/ use? JD338
  15. JD338

    338 265 gr ABLR Recovery

    My buddy has a Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon in 33 Nosler and is running the 265 gr ABLR factory load at 2750 fps. He shot a crop damage for at 40 yards quartering on just in front of the shoulder and recovered it under the hide in front of the hind quarter. The bullet penetrated about 30" and the...
  16. JD338

    Bullet Wish List for 2022

    Let's get your thoughts for new bullet offerings for the next year so Nosler knows what we need. Reintroduce- .429" 250 gr PT .458" 300 gr PT New bullets- .257" 120 gr ABLR .416" 350 gr AB JD338
  17. JD338

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon

    I picked up a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Grade 1 12 gauge with 26" barrels. I got a pretty good price for it on Gun Broker. The balance is good and it just points right where I'm looking. I'm looking forward to shooting it. JD338
  18. JD338

    33 Nosler Quick Load

    Hi Fellas, A buddy just picked up a Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon in 33 Nosler. He plans on shooting the 265 gr ABLR with Nosler brass. Looking at Retumbo, RL19 and RL22. Not sure about others like IMR4831. Could someone please run QL for me. Thank you for the help. JD338
  19. JD338

    338 RUM Brass

    SPS is offering 338 RUM brass, unsorted seconds so I bought 4 25 count bags. They showed up today and I'm a happy camper. This is Norma brass. JD338
  20. JD338

    270 Win vs. 280 Rem vs. 30-06

    For general big game hunting, which round is the best bet? The 280 Rem is a solid pick. The 140 gr bullets for deer/antelope and 160-175 gr bullets for elk and moose. The 280 Rem is flat shooting with mild recoil. Reloading offers a wide selection of bullets from 100-180 grs. Pretty tough to...