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  1. FOTIS

    Area 419 zero press?

    Have you guys heard anything on this? Is it really worth $1,275 for this press? Can anyone see the difference between regular presses and this one?
  2. FOTIS

    Area 419 zero press?

    Have you guys heard anything on this? Is it really worth $1,275 for this press? Can anyone see the difference between regular presses and this one?
  3. FOTIS

    New Bee Rifle

    My latest acquisition. Weatherby mk v badlands TI 2.0 in 6.5 Bee 🐝 RPM. Talley lightweight rings and Leupold vx3-hd 4.5-14x40 with cdl-zl. 5.9 lbs all in!!!
  4. FOTIS

    FS 6.5 PRC with dies brass etc...

    I have a like new in box sauer 100 Atacama 6.5 PRC. I see no discrepancies on it. It has about 20-30 rounds through it. It comes only with dies 50 or 60 brass I believe, and a 20 MOA rail. All with box and paperwork. Used in one hunting trip.....900 shipped Tackdriver Pm me
  5. FOTIS

    Wanted 270 Winchester model 70

    Model 70 classic. CRF in excellent me A present for my boy. He just graduated law School
  6. FOTIS

    300 Remington ultra mag load done

    Load finalized today.
  7. FOTIS

    Wanted nosler 95 grain 6 mm ballistic tips

    Please pm me if you have any you want to part with with
  8. FOTIS

    On my way to work

    Where else but Wyoming??
  9. FOTIS

    Always pay attention ... ifle-case/
  10. FOTIS

    123 Absolute Hammer 6.5 Bee

    Changed scope to NF NX8 4-32x50mm. Tried the 123 Absolute Hammers for the 6.5 Bee. It's not too shabby and the brass is gonna last forever
  11. FOTIS

    Has anyone have ABLR's....

    Shoot accurately for them? The 142 6.5 shot okay out of my 264 Winchester magnum but never any other combination in any one of my rifles. Reminds me of the Hornady interbond those did not shoot in any of my guns either neither did the GMX as opposed to the barnes x series
  12. FOTIS

    Want 243 brass

    Virgin or once fired I need 50 to 100 same headstamp please PM me
  13. FOTIS

    Gordon's reloading tool Free program to download kind of resembles quick load but it's worth playing with it does need a little tweaking though for your particular gun, thought I'd share Go there register download and follow the instructions
  14. FOTIS

    25-06 AI

    Anyone running one? What are your favorite loads? I recently had a Ruger #1 rebarreled with a 1:7.5 twist 26" Benchmark barrel. Shot it yesterday with the 131 Ace bullets and the 128 hammers. 52 gr of 7828scc produced 3000 fps and flattened primers and some sticky ejection. Too fast of a...
  15. FOTIS

    Wanted: Nosler 190 ABLR 308"

    PM ME
  16. FOTIS

    Athlon Helos BTR GEN2 2-12x42 AHMR2 FFP IR MIL

    I just received mine. Looks very robust. Clicks on the turrets are tactile and audible. Looks like a well built product but we will see. It will go in my Sako 85 (another challenge with the ejection issues), but this 7mm rem mag is infact very accurate. Some guys over at 24 hour campfire have...
  17. FOTIS

    7mm-08 Rem elk loads

    For those that have used it on elk, since I never have, what were your loads and bullets of choice? How did it do? I have a buddy that is going to use his this year and he wants me to work up a load. Unfortunately I do not have access to too many different bullets due to the Biden fiasco. I do...
  18. FOTIS

    356 win elk bullet?????

    Now that Speer discontinued the 220 gr 358 bullet what would you use for elk in the timber?????
  19. FOTIS

    Heads up!

    B4 it is gone
  20. FOTIS

    New Ultra light weight 300 RUM

    Just got my paws on this one.... Lot of thought went into this! Titanium 300 RUM! Pierce Engineering titanium action Bolt has been DLC coated Dual pinned recoil lug Pinned 20 moa rail Timney HIT trigger Stocky’s BDL bottom metal 26” 1:8 twist Proof Sendero barrel Precision armament hypertap...