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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    Our bread and butter roe deer is rather small. I guess close to your coyotes? For them, I definitely want sub moa and I don't let anyone go out with ammo I load if it doesn't meet that. I do it with a 6,5 Creedmoor Savage On the other hand, my Tikka in 30-06 was able to produce fantastic...
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    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    Within reasonable distances, the TTSX will open without having to hit the shoulder. At closer distances,you might loose a petal or two, if you hit hard bone with that speed. These might take a strange path and ruin a bit more meat.
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    Appreciate this forum

    Just to let you know: It is the same here in German forums. Some know-it-alls highjack a thread and within 15 posts it goes south. Good and knowledgeable people leave silently. What's left are the king-kongs banging on their chests , killing every thread.
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    Appreciate this forum

    Yeah. One of the very rare exceptions. The mods do a terrific job here. And of course the users....
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    143 Norma Bondstrike compare

    As far as I know the ELD-X isn't bonded.
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    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    Sorry - I meant the 338 from the original post. I'd never doubt getting enough speed from the 300 WBy
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    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    What speed do you get with them? I used the 168 TTSX in a 30-06 way back on our small roe deer. Looking back I should have taken the 150 gr variant. But still, they usually went down quickly and expanded. You white tails are way bigger and I don't expect them to pencil through on reasonable...
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    22-250 ladder

    Any pictures of the target? But as NHenry said: 2 is statistically rather unsure...
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    Tikka T3x Laminate Stainless 260 Rem

    Nice gun. I considered rebarreling a Savage 223 with laminated stock to 260. In the end I sold it and bought a Creedmoor. Still not sure if it was the right decision...
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    Finding the sweet spot

    4350 is no longer available over here. Some stupid EU regulations... I have good results with reload Swiss and rumor has it that some RL powders are made by them. Though RS60 is said to burn through barrels rather quickly. Well - it is a hunting rifle. So the barrel will still last some years
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    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    I talked my the husband of my girlfriend's cousin into a Bergara timber and since a savage we agreed on didn't make it over the pond, she chose a ridge. Both 308 and my handloads seem to work well. They kinda know what they are doing!
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    Cheers. Conspiracy everywhere
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    LOL, doe tag, and I'm happy!

    How is a "master Hunter" defined?
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    Well. It is not the gun that kills. But looking at it from an ocean apart: What is your opinion? Why do you have so many gun-kills? Switzerland for example gives every man an assault rifle after service. They have it open on their backs in busses. Little happens there. What is different in the...
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    What's the story used? Will all be shipped to Ukraine?
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    May I ask a question, since we do not have such "pistols" over here and are not allowed to hunt with them anyway: What does that make a pistol? I mean: my idea was always you shoot a pistol standing (not always) holding it mostly free in one or two hands. That's what I do with my pistols and...
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    Loading the 30-06 for South Africa Plains Game

    Hi Guy, as you said in the video, distances will be up to mid-range. So BC will not be that big of an issue. I use monos for about 10 years now and load them for others, too. If you keep above minimum speed, most work rather similar and the differences are mostly marketing. The old GMX had some...
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    SOLD- Your African Rifle

    Well - I think there are some options in northern America for that gun. But if you want to sell it, I hope you get a fair price.
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    Ruger introduces their second Marlin!

    I had a 44 mag and a 30-30 Marlin an really liked them . But for that price I'd rather take a bolt action half the price.
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    Its Over.....

    I used to have a Drilling from the 1950s. 16 ga shot 22 Hornet inlay barrel in the second shot-barrel, 8x57 IRS for the big bullet. Great gun for the time as hunting was back then. Shot for small game and predators up close, hornet for a bit farther, 8mm for boar and deer. Or a slug in one...