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    Rookie's mistake

    Last week, I sized a bunch of 308 win brass. Cleaned them, trimmed and wanted to go on. Until I found what you see in the picture... Now I size them full length again and repeat the process....
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    I will never buy "once fired brass" again!

    About 1 1/2 years ago I bought a very cheap Chinese whet tumbler. Added some steel pins and went for it. I would bet some money that few people would be able to see the difference between almost new and thoroughly used brass after a treatment. They come out all shiny like new. This is just a...
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    Early deer season

    Our season for roe deer and young red deer started first of April. I was out a few times and saw some roe. But we are only allowed to shot 1 year old bucks this year and until May 15th 1 year old does. I saw a few good bucks - but our three year limit for older bucks was reached last year. No...
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    Side wind effect on drop

    Hi fellas, I guess the thread fits here... I played with Streloc Pro a bit and according to the app, for my rifle, zeroed at 100 m, the difference in drop would be four clicks (1/4 moa) @200 meters between no wind and 5m/s (~15 FPS) from a right angle. Is that realistic?
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    What to choose....

    I'm in need of some input. I hunt in northern Germany. Our hunting seasons are quite long, in some cases from April to January with many species overlapping during that time. We hunt smal roe deer, boar, some fallow deer and red stag. So from 30-250 lbs field dressed. I started with a 30-06 in...
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    Hunting weekend

    Last weekend we visited a friend for some hunting. We - that is my former boss with whom I did the hunting licence together, a friend one who's lease I regularly hunt, my girlfriend (aka my Home-Boss) and or host - the son of my first boss. So lot's of boss stuff around ;-) My girlfriend has a...
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    New project: Atlatl

    I am not allowed to hunt with it over here, but I am going to build one. Actually, I have two prototypes for the launcher that need fine-tuning and different spears. Well. They are not spears, yet. Got a bunch of full-length turkey feathers and my fletching tool is ready to go. Ordered some...
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    Heads up for lefties

    Beretta just announced a new rifle, the BRX1. In minutes, you can move the bolt from right to left and ejection side, too. It has straight bolt operation like the new Savage, Blaser R8, ... Price seems ok. No, I don't work for them. Just seems an interesting concept. Barrels are easy to change...
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    This year's summer holidays

    Bought a house from the sixties. 237 square meter plus cellar. Every wallpaper comes off, most floors will be replaced, new kitchen and heating. We started two weeks ago, now three weeks off. We'll see how far we get... Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3a XL mit Tapatalk
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    Early season start

    Our roe deer season started a month earlier and at the last light a yearling came. Easy shot, slightly quartering away. But man, the 122 gr Lehigh with the Creedmoor is brutal when it hits bone! I guess one shoulder is for the dog. On the positive side: he did not hear the shot... Gesendet von...
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    Another range day

    Our stands are open again and we were out to test a few guns. My Savage Storm 6,5 Creedmoor still does half moa - just tested a few shots. My Tikka varmint in 30-06 starts showing the age of the barrel, but still does sub moa. So a few hundred shots until I have to look for a new barrel. Then...
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    Bullet hits sideways

    Saturday a friend tested ammo I loaded for him. 308 win, 124 gr brass bullets. Test loads were checked for pressure. 3700 bar, 950 m/s. OAL to CIP max, I did not have the rifle to check length to the rifling. Surprise - the key-holed. His barrel is short, around 18 inches. But there should...
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    Back again!

    I was unable to enter the Forum for months (Germany was blocked) and now I am happy it's the weekend, so I can catch up.... Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3a XL mit Tapatalk
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    Birthday Present

    My elder boy turned 17 today and I thought it was time he no longer borrows my shotgun, but have his own. He loves autoloaders, so he got one Almost. Seller did not send on time, so it will arrive Monday, but he is REALLY looking forward to training it! Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3a XL mit Tapatalk
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    Thermal cameras

    I watch YouTube hunting videos from time to time and I don't see a lot of them. For me, it was one of the best buys ever. Ok. We hunt a lot at dusk/dawn, but they helped me in bright daylight, too. I can see game that I would have missed several hundred yards out. In dense bush, you might see...
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    50th anniversary

    In two years and two weeks I will be 50 and I am thinking about a gift to myself From the material side, I am pleased with what I have. Not rich by far, but doing all right. New gun? Honestly - no need. What I am looking for is a special memory. Europe is s rather crowded. There are some...
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    Hunting weekend ehead

    My usual hunting area is rather quiet right now. Roe come out too late, boar are with the neighbors, because they have corn. Our felds are all bare. Red stag are irregular anyway. So I decided to visit a friend with high hopes for fallow deer, maybe roe and boar. My Creedmoor is still waiting...
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    Lyman gen 6 seals

    Hi all The seals for the dispenser start wearing out and I need a part# to order them at a local shop. Can anyone help? I can't find it online and so far, they did not react to email. Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3a XL mit Tapatalk
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    Blood-trailing with dogs

    Blood-trailing shor game with dogs has q long tradition over here and actually in Germany, you are obliged to do it. You can't lease land unless you have a dog available (doesn't have to be yours)' I have watched dogs following trails for miles, finally finding the game. I know lot's of you guys...
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    Son's friend stays overnight

    Gulasch-Time! A friend of my elder son stays over night and he likes game. So today is Gulasch-time. First surprise: he said 'you cook all the time. Today we do.' So they cut veggies (carrots, parsley, celery, leeks and parsley, onions and garlic), then 4 lbs of wild boar shoulder and stirred it...