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    While I use RL22 now I have used IMR4831 and it worked well. It was also good in my 25-06
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    Using old primers?

    you are making me feel really old. I have primers I bought in the 1960's and they still work just fine.
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    257 cal bullet FS

    you need to post a price
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    Norma Bullets

    how much do you spend on deer hunting--gas/tags/rifle and scope/cost of transportation/camping stuff(or RV) and other extensives?? I bet a lot more than the cost of those bullets or even loaded ammo. Then consider the bullet is the only thing that contacts the animal and determines if you are...
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    Where are all the Ballistic Tips?

    I use them for plinking. I have bullets I like better for hunting. Had a couple of bad experiences with the BT hunting with them on deer and pronghorns. Never any trouble with Nosler PAR, Barnes TTSX or LRX and the Swift bullets
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    Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

    I have one for my 7.5" Ruger 44mag and like it. I have used it for hunting
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    130gr. TTSX in 308 Win.

    Yes it is a T/C Encore pistol with a 15" barrel. I had it drilled for the rifle forearm and can also use a Harris Bipod on it. It has the T/C muzzle brake on it. That make a total length of 16 and 1/8" for the barrel. It shoots well. I have barrels for it in 223/257R(a sweet combo)/308win and...
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    130gr. TTSX in 308 Win.

    I was speaking of all the different LRX bullets. I would never use a Barnes bullet that was more than 150gr in a 308win. I prefer the 130gr TTSX
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    130gr. TTSX in 308 Win.

    And the LRX bullets open at 1600FPS. The bullets for the 30-30 open up sooner yet said Barnes as I remember. I have the 30-30 bullets for my 308 pistol and think they will do well.
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    brass , new vs. used

    I use new brass for all my hunting ammo. As far as different brass---I was getting very small groups with my 338win mag. Then I mixed Nosler, Win and Hornady brass and the groups where much bigger. Once I separated the brass by maker the groups got back to being very small. BUT in different...
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    7-08, Win 760 question

    This is what I use in mt Tikka T-3 Lite. It has a short barrel
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    I enjoy most all my firearms but the most fun rifle is one of my two 50BMG rifles. Shooting them is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. My fav hunting rifle would be my 338win mag Ruger Tang safety M77 or my 257W in a Weatherby MKV rifle. It is hard to beat my Ruger RH in 44mag for...
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    Alliant Powders

    257W--71.5grs RL25, Fed215 primer, 120gr Swift A-Frame, 3.211" OAL for 3274 FPS and SD7
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    .308 pistol load ?

    win748 or Benchmark worked great for me in my Encore pistol
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    Hornady Bullets

    never had that happen to me
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    TC Encore 338 federal

    I want a 338Fed barrel for my Encore Pistol. I currently have 223/257R/308win/454Casull. The 338Fed are very hard to find. I am even thinking about getting a rifle barrel and cutting it down.
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    Lube case necks before bullet seating?

    no. Do not lube the necks when seating bullets
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    Compressed loads

    I shoot quite a few compressed loads and find them to be very accurate and fast. I use hunting bullets since I load for hunting.
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    New to reloading

    I found I did not need to do anything to the fully prepped Nosler brass. Just prime /charge and seat the bullet. But that is just me and I get excellent accuracy. The FPS with Nosler is a bit less that with Weatherby/Rem/Win/Fed brass and I get a bit more with Hornady brass. I figure the Nosler...
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    The Awesome Lee Loader

    That is what I started loading 12ga shells with in grammar school. It did the job. I would also say "awesome" and "lee loader" of any type do not belong in the same sentence :)