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    Thinking up a wildcat

    Since you're going with a new design I'd look at the 6.5 Bee RPM case, and shorten it as needed. Much like a stretched 284 case, that should have as much or more capacity as the 280 AI. .473" rim and .500" case head, so the magazine modifications should be minimal.
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    One of my bucket list/unicorn rifles was a Ross M1910 in 280 Ross. They were only made from 1910 to 1916 and the 280 Ross nearly delivered 7mm Remington when fired in a 30" barrel. I snagged a beautiful 4 digit S/N first year production rifle in outstanding condition inside and out and the...
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    338-08 or light loads in 338WM?

    I have a 338 Federal and a couple 338 WM, and I say do both.
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    45-70 Quickload request

    That was fast!!! Much Appreciated! John
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    45-70 Quickload request

    Looking for QL data for the 45-70 using the 350 gr. Barnes TSX FB loaded to 2.800" and a MAP of 31000psi IMR 3031 would be my first choice, but have a good selection of powder to choose from. Much appreciated.
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    Sold -.257 115 Bergers

    I'll take them. PM me with payment details.
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    Anyone Forming 225 Winchester Brass

    I have 3 boxes of factory 225 ammo as well as a partial box of once fired brass. $200 and it's all yours.
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    Powder for 300 swim?

    Mine prefers 190 gr. LRAB and RL-17. Superformance does deliver the claimed speeds with 15o and 165 g. bullets, but not at the accuracy level I was looking for. I have some Stayball6.5, but haven't yet tried it in my WSM.
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    Old Lever Rifle.

    My 71 is a Browning with a rifle length barrel. It doesn't get out much since I purchased a Winchester M88 in 358. The 200 gr. FTX bullet is the bees knees if you need to stretch your shots.
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    30-06 & 180...

    You guys and your RL-26 & Superformance! 😁 I've got at least 12 pounds of H4350 to burn through before I switch 30-06 powders. (y) Great results you're posting though. Guy *************** If you have a stash of H4350, you're in good shape. My old 22" Ruger 30-06 thrives on 180 gr. NBT and...
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    Reloading for the 280 Ross

    Should you have dies, I'd be interested.
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    Reloading for the 280 Ross

    I just joined the M1910 280 Ross club today and checked off one of my bucket list rifles. Now to find that 375 Ruger brass I stashed away for a rainy day... John
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    Check your flight information!

    The good news; we will be flying home via London. Never been there before, never been anywhere but Canada and Mexico. She has been Everywhere except Antarctica. She has friends who are still with the State Department in London. Planning a whirl wind tour of London during our 8 hour layover. Oh...
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    Check your flight information!

    I get weary of the airline games. They jack your flight schedule around until it no longer meets your need, then offer to be generous by allowing you to re-book your flight at a higher price. About the same ethics as a loan shark.
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    The One You Didn't Buy

    Winchester M70 in 6.5x55 years ago and still yearning...
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    Blue Cyclone has a Rival... :)

    I shoot 59 gr. of Retumbo in my 25-06 with the 115 BT and get 3164 fps. Pressures seem reasonable in >>my rifle<< and Gordon's software shows it below 60kpsi.
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    .350 Legend Experience

    I have a 350 Legend on a AR platform. Nice low recoiling round, but way behind the 35 Whelen as far as performance.
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    Old Primers

    I got some primers from the 60's is a collection of reloading equipment. I wasn't going to risk using them for reloading, but they found a use fireforming cases using the Cream of Wheat method. 99% or so fired on the first try and most of the others responded to a second strike.
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    New to me - 338-06 AI

    I bought some of the Midway bullets for my 338 Federal, but they would be great in the 338-06 AI as well.
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    280 Ackley

    My 280 Ackley is a beanfield rifle wearing a 28" 8 twist PacNor barrel. The long barrel helps digest slow burning powders and so I can get 3200 fps with 140NAB and 3000 with 160NAB and sub-MOA accuracy at 400 yds. if I do my part. For the most part I use Fed 210M primers in my loads except when...