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    Rem 700 action

    This poor rifle ended its career as a 30-06 this past deer season. A young hunter pulled the trigger and the barrel failed. Must have been some foreign material that made its way into the barrel. The dad took it to the LGS and traded it in on something new. The smith stripped it down to the...
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    Case prep just slowed down[emoji16]

    He turns 3 next week. Gotta start them young Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Wyoming Elk hunting headache

    Why am I too stupid to figure out a good tag strategy for non-resident elk in Wyoming? Build points, or general tag, or... too many options. My hunting buddy wants to hunt this year but doesn't want to burn points, maybe we could just deer hunt and scout for elk. If we save our points we...
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    Montana opens tomorrow

    Elk and deer are on the menu. Got chased off the mountain this afternoon by high winds and snow squalls. Waiting to see fresh tracks in the snow tomorrow morning. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    7mm Junkie

    Cleaned out the reloading junk drawer over the weekend. Found some odds and ends of previous rifles I have owned. Put a few mock-ups together using old retired brass. From the left. 7-08. Had one for a brief period of time. Not a stellar varmint nor a long range big game cartridge. Fun...
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    Goodbye DuraTouch

    I was one of the unfortunate ones that got a defective DuraTouch stock on a Browning ABolt. It was always really tacky, but last year it became sticky and started to peel. Since I planned on hunting with it, I just sprayed it with clearcoat to try to stabilize it. That worked for hunting, but...
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    30-06 pawn shop find.

    Picked up a new project rifle for next to nothing. This rifle is the New Haven equivalent of the Remington box store ADL, originally retailing in the 90s for 375 to 400 bucks. Found it sitting at the store with $250.00 price tag because there was a little rust on the wing of the safety and the...
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    325 WSM 180gn Ballistic Tip

    This is the bullet from my buck this year. 325 WSM, 64.0gn H4350, muzzle velocity 2900 fps. Quartering slightly towards me, chest shot that deflected off ribs and ended in far side hip. Retained 103gn weight.
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    7 Rem Mag 150gn Ballistic Tip

    Just sorting the reloading bench and came across this old bullet. It is one of two ballistic tips that I have ever recovered. This one was from my 7 Rem Mag, 62.5gn IMR 4350, muzzle velocity 3035 fps. I have taken more than 20 deer with this load. This was a Kansas buck at 125 yards, shot...
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    New cold weather camo question?

    I purchased a parka and bibs from Midway on super clearance. I followed their measurement guide when ordering and both the parka and bib fit fine. My concern is how baggy the arms and legs are. I feel like I could down size one, but is the extra bagginess part of the insulation? I did try...
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    Looking at IMR 7977 in latest QuickLoad update

    Just got the newest update in the mail today. Loaded it on the computer and adjusted my powder list to include the Enduron powders. Ran a few simulations with various magnum cartridges and am confused. I thought that IMR 7977 was the slowest of the Enduron powders, between H1000 and IMR 7828...
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    270 WSM with 150gr Berger VLD

    I have been debating which powder to load. QuickLoad makes RL26 look like the drug of choice. Anyone have any experience with it? Alternatively, I could load IMR 7828 as I have lots laying around. What about IMR 7977?
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    Self-guided outfitters in central Montana

    Looking for any input or experience anyone has with self-guided operations in central Montana. Elk and/or deer on the menu.
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    270 WSM Mountain Rifle ideas

    In lieu of signing up for a 12 step program for rifle addicts, I think I am going to just accept the addiction and keep buying rifles. My next plan is a light weight rifle for mountain hunting. Looking to keep it around 7 pounds max. I have decided 270 WSM because I don't have anything...
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    Wyoming deer hunt

    Due to a catastrophic leg injury years ago and a bum knee on the other wheel, I have been increasing the intensity of my hunting over the last couple of years to see what I can take. I want to get back to the mountain hunts of my younger days. This year was a little practice hunt in the hill...
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    Time to upgrade scope mounts

    Had a first time scope mount failure at the range yesterday. I was spot checking my 200g Accubond load in my 325 WSM. First shot dead on and speed right at 2950fps. Second shot 3 inches to right, speed at 2950. Wondered what happened. As I lined up for the third shot, I noticed the eye...
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    It was my wife's idea, I swear.

    The other night my wife asked me if I thought it would be a good idea for us to each pick up a handgun and go through a training course with them. So we talked about it for a while and she decided with the current climate in the country we should do it. She even said she realized my new pistol...
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    RL 33 in a 7 STW

    Played a little with QuickLoad and was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with Reloader 33 in the STW? I have the opportunity to trade off some powder with a friend and he has some unopened 33 on hand from his foray into a 338 LM that about took his shoulder off (he says not from...
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    Looking for a Quickload tutorial...

    I finally invested in QuickLoad and have been playing with it way too much. I have figured out how to edit the powder lists, bullet lists, and cartridge lists so far. I have also figured out how to adjust weighting factor, powder Ba to help match predictions to actual findings. Working on...
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    Projects for a cold winter

    After a beautiful fall filled with good hunting, and a perfect holiday season, winter has finally struck with subzero temps and a nice steady northwest breeze. Fortunately, I have plenty of projects to accomplish before the thaw. I picked up another 700 ADL in 243 Win. Am in the process of...