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    QL 6mm Creed please

    My buddy used to shoot the 75 AMax out of 9” twist .220 Swift at 3450ish with RL26. And we met a guy at a range that was shooting almost the same load of RL26 out of an 8” twist 22-250 AI. Both rifles were pretty impressive. I used to shoot a .243 with the 105 AMax at 3150 and felt that if...
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    Quickload 30-06 168TTSX @ 63-64K?

    There used to be a guy that posted here years ago who turned me on to 200 grain a Accubonds with 54 grains of RL17 for a bit over 2700 FPS from my m70’s 22” barrel. That was before RL26. Several new powders seem interesting in the old Warhorse. Hence the tag, so I can reference them if I ever...
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    School me on imr 8208

    On the Grendel note, I’ve found AR Comp to be even better than 8208(barely) in my Howa. Both powders were just as temp stable as H4350 was in my 30-06 and .243 when I tested them a couple years ago, and AR Conp has let me run just a bit more velocity before showing ejector marks on the case...
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    Diana 430L Air Rifle

    Been awhile, but how did that 430l work out for you? They’re marked down to $149 now, and I’m having a hard time resisting.
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    Rel 26 7mm08

    Scotty ran a Quickload for me awhile back for 162's and 180's in the 7-08 with RL26. Seemed like it might be worth it with the heavies. For 162's, it was modeled as equaling RL17 at less pressure(by the time 110% density was reached) and showed really good velocity with 180's at 110% and getting...
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    QL Request

    What he said. When I have a Quickload simulation to use, I load up a set of 5 at a time in increasing charges and stop when my chronograph says I'm at whatever Quickload thinks is 62-63K psi or so. Then I shoot for groups and see if the rifle likes it at max. Seating depth and/or backing off are...
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    TRUE BC of an Accubond Lr?

    In Bryan Litz's book, he shows the 175 ABLR as having an average G7 BC of .330 from 1500-3000 fps. It varies a bit from .338 above 3000 fps, down to .326 in the 2500-2000 window and 2000-1500 window, and then back up to .329 below 1500 fps. G1 is listed at .643 through that same velocity window...
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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    Thanks for all the replies. Made it to the range the other day, and took the 742 along. Fired 3 rounds of the Remington 168 bonded core-locs that came with the rifle. They all loaded, fired, and ejected just fine. The group was a tad over 6" at 200 yards- all vertical spread, horizontal was...
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    What are you hunting with this year?

    Awesome! Not a lot of those old Hoyts around these days. Bob Gordon used to take those old Hoyt limbs, or modern ILF recurve limbs, and fit them to a few different models of early compound risers that had appropriate geometry. He lives(lived?) in St. Marie, ID and I got to visit him in 2007. I...
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    What are you hunting with this year?

    Hey Guy, What's that recurve? Any chance the name Bob Gordon rings a bell?
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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    It currently has a Bushnell Sportview 3-9x32 in the old stamped steel Weaver rings on a 1-piece Weaver base. I guarantee it was like that when Grandpa bought it. I've considered getting an old gloss Leupold 4x or maybe even 2.5x, but I'm also tempted to just leave it alone and see how that old...
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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    Any idea what that 150/4895 load was?
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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    Thanks for the responses so far, guys. I really appreciate it. And keep it coming, if anyone has more. I've been doing some research tonight, and it seems like keeping the chamber clean and rust-free is definitely important with these rifles. The other issue that keeps popping up is the guide...
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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    Grandpa passed last week. I'll spare the details. But the point is that even though I would have probably never purchased a rifle like this myself, I'm now in possession of one and it has quite a bit of sentimental value to me. First of all, this rifle is the 22" version and chambered in 30-06...
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    70 VLD and 69 TMK

    I shot one of each of these into jugs the other day. MV on the VLD should have been just over 3,000 fps, and the 69 should have been closer to 3,050. Rifle is a Howa Mini with 1:9" twist barrel. Jugs were setup at 20 paces. Both bullets ended up in the third jug. Recovered bullets consisted of a...
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    New kid in the line up 6.5 Grendel.

    My Howa Grendel does over 2600 with 123's and over 2500 with 129's from its 20" barrel. I would assume a 125 PT would land somewhere in there. A 100 PT at 2800+ might be even better.
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    QL for 243 Win

    Did you ever get around to trying this combo?
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    22 Creedmoor

    Alpha is selling 22 Creed brass with the proper headstamp, and supposedly top-rate brass, just FYI. A buddy was running 75 AMax's at 3550 with RL26 in a fast twisted Swift a couple summers ago. The Creedmoor might have enough case capacity for RL26 as well, if you wanted to try it...
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    QL Request for a friend

    Thanks! I'll link this thread to him in a text message. Does anyone else know if there's a version of Quickload yet with the 265 in it?