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    Bell & Carlson Sale

    Just what I needed!
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    2022 LEOSA Qual Today

    Nice shooting Guy, and I like your well worn Kimber
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    6.5-300WBY Quick Load H50BMG

    thanks Dr.
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    6.5-300WBY Quick Load H50BMG

    Just looking to see the the % burn loading 50bmg, 143gr ELDX in a 26" barrel COL 3.59"
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    Testing the 147's in 6.5 x 284 ( Continued )

    Looks Great Mark!
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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    I think I was spoiled when I bought my first new off-the-shelf hunting rifle. It was a Tikka 695 continental hunter in 25-06 and shot factory Remington 120gr greenbox ammo at .5MOA. Every gun I've had since then had been compared to it. I'm simple, if the group is covered by a quarter its...
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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    Dies showed up today, thanks again GB!
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    Bolt pistol

    Update, barrel just showed up today, McGowan 14" in 6br. have some fitting to do and a bit of stock work
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    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    Looking good Jim
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    How's everyone doing?

    Summer time has finally hit here in SW Montana, trying to keep up with the yardwork, tend a garden, and other projects around the house now that I'm not working away from home, really nice being home with the wife and kids. Been out shooting and fishing a little and getting into the mountains...
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    22-250 ladder

    Thanks for all the input, I don't have a target scope was off so I started adjusting without thinking then just decided to run the velocity ladder and check for pressure. I am pretty well set on the 52-55gr bullet weight, cant go much heavier because it is a 1-14 twist. I will load up some with...
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    22-250 ladder

    Doing a Ladder test for my 22-250 with 52gr ELDM and CFE223 powder I loaded 2 rounds of each charge and here are the results Where would you go next? here is a photo of the cases, high charge left decreasing to the right.
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    143 Norma Bondstrike compare

    Jugs and hopefully game 😀
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    143 Norma Bondstrike compare

    I got a box of 143 norma bondstrike to try out, haven't loaded any yet but laid them side by side with some other 6.5's 150-ABLR, 143-Bondstrike, 143-ELDX, 129-ABLR Then filed down the Norma and Hornady. When I get them loaded i will update with more.
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    Feasting Fowls

    Very cool
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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    Appreciate it GB!
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    Day with the wife

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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    Yes I was looking at them too, don't recall why I stopped.
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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    Going to try and decide on the barrel today, right now I am between the Lilja or a McGowen. Talked to both of them this week and they can build a prefit to the AnTi action, McGowen could deliver maybe a week or 2 sooner and 30% less cost, but...still thinking about the Lilja
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    RCBS Chargemaster LINK for pistol loads? Too slow?

    Everyone that I have checked on the beam scale has been right on