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    338 accubond

    ISO 225 grain accubond in 338. Anyone have any laying around? Thanks
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    6.5-300 wby

    Picked up some 150 long range accubond from the pro shop, anyone have any info on this combination yet?
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    Was able to harvest my second deer Saturday which had to be a mule deer doe.6.5-300 weatherby with 140 accubond, at 306 yards it was bang dead. Sunday I was able to harvest my buck , well fattened mule deer buck same load shot was 250 yards.Extremely grateful and blessed.
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    Sheep down

    So the better half was the fortunate 1 of 3 to draw a bighorn sheep permit for a ewe in a disability hunt. The day started with meeting another couple who had the same permit and shared the area with them as we all looked for sheep. There’s were plenty spotted but we gave way to hunters with Ram...
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    Night hawks

    They showed up at the house tonight, usually don’t see them till after august first. Maybe winter comes early. Have yet to see them this early. Kinda cool come on august 1 it’s bear season (y)
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    338 rum info

    Have any members here tried Imr 8133 with 300 accubond in their rifles. Hodgdon just references smk. Thanks
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    Rl 26

    I found 10#’s at the local hardware store. If you looking for some get ahold of oak creek ace hardware Naches Washington
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    Why the price hike?

    So I have been shopping Christensen arms ridgeline rifles. I have found most right hand models from 1600 to 2100 in price. But I have been looking for a lefty and the start at $2145 and go up. Why it’s the same gun, it’s not special that it’s a left hand version. A 300 win mag right hand is...
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    Washington mulie

    Thanks all on the forum who helped with load development etc. it’s greatly appreciated and the wealth of knowledge is outstanding. Got a nice mulie buck Saturday morning 200 yard shot with 6.5/300 weatherby. Buck ran 40 yards and down he went. Was hunting feel free to hunt which mostly bordered...
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    6.5-300 wby

    Weatherby ultra light lh, scope leupold vx3 6.5x20x50 30 mm with m1 dials. 140 grain nosler accubonds being pushed by 87.9 grain of us869. 3280 FPS. Range was 200 yards
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    Brass pressure spikes

    So a co worker purchased a kimber 7 rem mag and has been working up loads with rl 22 with 175 grain partition. When shooting Winchester and Remington brass his speed averages 2850 to 2875 both cases. He purchased some Hornady brass and same spec load drives them 3k plus. Naturally shiny head...
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    Long gun delays in Washington State

    Please help if anyone has solid answers, wondering what the law states on how long the delays are for long guns in Washington state. I waited for a month for one long gun and the shop said why didn’t you get it after 10 days? Mind you I went in there once a week because I never been delayed over...
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    210 lrabs

    Have a promising load worked up but really need to fine tune it in a 300 wby. The weatherby mark v so free bore is an issue. The 210 Berger vid shoot well but they seem to be finicky to seating depth. Has anyone tried these? Basically are the long range Accubond apt to out perform the Berger’s...
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    338/378 accumark

    Have a chance to buy a used 338/378 accumark. Only problem is it’s right hand and I would prefer a lefty. I have a 338 rum not sure why I think I need this one price is 1300. Pros cons ?
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    6.5 accubond

    Anyone know where I can find some 140’s
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    Looking for a good reliable chronograph, last one didn’t work right and never did in my opinion. Looking for some opinions.
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    28 nosler

    have an oppurtunity to buy a nosler m48 patriot in 28 nosler. pros & cons? comes with redding dies and 58 rounds trophy grade ammo. supposed round count is 40. $1000 is basically half price , and i am wary of things to good to be true. thoughts?
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    26 nosler

    loads for 142 lrab please. browing x bolt western hunter is the gun. thanks
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    Maine bear

    Wife is going to Maine in August to hunt black bear. She Will be in a blind over bait shot distance will be 30 to 100 yards. Her 30 06 will be plenty of gun, really haven’t messed with this caliber much as she mainly hunts archery. Current load I have for her is 54 grains of imr 4350 with a...
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    7 rem mag with 168 ablr

    any starting recipes just picked up a cdl with a 26" tube