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  1. Dr. Vette

    Bedding the front recoil lug - 6 lug Wby ULW

    Since we don't have a gunsmithing subforum here I thought I would make a separate post from the 338-06 thread. I will first state that the way I did this is not the way I usually bed a rifle, and not the way I'd likely do most front recoil lugs. The method that follows was done this way because...
  2. Dr. Vette

    3 generation WY antelope 2018

    Dad, me and my son all went antelope hunting SE of Gillette WY last week. As expected, the weather was different every day, with temps from a high of 45 to high of 82. I think we've learned that you can expect temperatures 10 degrees colder than predicted for the week, as well as 10 degrees...
  3. Dr. Vette

    270 Win 140 AB Assistance needed

    I picked up a project this week that I worked on 5 (!) years ago. I didn't realize it had been that long. I have a 270 Win Wby Vanguard that I'm trying to get to shoot the 140 Accubond. I've only ever gotten fair results, never good or great. Perhaps I just need to send it to Fotis to work on...
  4. Dr. Vette

    RL-26 score!

    Stopped by a dealer when driving through a town 45 minutes away. I've been there before, and he has quite the inventory jammed in a small space. He had plenty of RL-26 so I bought five of the 1 pound cans from the same lot. I'm hoping that keeps me happy for a while. My plan is to finish my...
  5. Dr. Vette

    Opening Day Rifle Elk Colorado

    This year Dad and I went to Colorado for elk hunting. While we've driven through, we've not had a chance to hunt in Colorado so far. Our base of operations was in Wellington, north of Fort Collins, with an outfitter there. We had the pleasure of meeting Fotis for lunch on Friday, Oct 13th and...
  6. Dr. Vette

    RL-26 and 7mm Wby

    Finally found some RL-26, mostly because Dad drives by Cabelas a few times per week and volunteered to check often. My plan is to try the 160 Accubond with the RL-26 and see how that goes. I will load to factory length (I have some here) since at one time they shot well in my rifle. Brass will...
  7. Dr. Vette

    300 Weatherby QL Request and Node inquiry, Part 2

    Part 1 was here: Weatherby cases, capacity 103.9gr water MRP powder Fed 215M primers Barnes 200 LRX bullet 3.665 COAL though I have them at 3.000 base to ogive when loading them. Mark V, 26 inch barrel plus muzzle brake (Accubrake) I chose MRP...
  8. Dr. Vette

    Youth Hunt 2016

    This year was my 15 yo daughter Bethany's second for the youth deer hunt this past weekend here in MI. My older daughter and my son have aged out of it. Thanks to a friend who has land next door to the "mother lode" we hunted the last 3 years - which was sold - we had a great spot with high...
  9. Dr. Vette

    Shooting with my 17yo daughter

    My 17yo daughter was going to go shooting with us late last week, but plans changed and other things happened instead. I had today off, and she wanted to go, so... as my wife said, she won't be wanting to go shooting with me all the time, so best to take advantage of it. We had 4 rifles (243...
  10. Dr. Vette

    This one's for Fotis

    I think this one's just your style: ... =531725298
  11. Dr. Vette

    2015 Michigan Youth Deer Hunt

    I had a nice story all written, but it somehow went "poof" into cyberspace and disappeared. Short version - 14 yo daughter got a nice doe with her pink camo Savage Axis in .223 using Barnes Vor-TX ammo. 16 yo daughter got a nice doe using her Wby Vanguard with a Hogue youth stock chambered in...
  12. Dr. Vette

    300 Weatherby QL Request and Node inquiry

    I've had Dad's 300 Wby Mark V out and shot it, so I have data to start with. Weatherby cases, capacity 103.9gr water IMR 7828SSC powder Fed 215M primers Barnes 200 LRX bullet 3.665 COAL though I have them at 3.000 base to ogive when loading them. Mark V, 26 inch barrel plus muzzle brake...
  13. Dr. Vette

    Old Hunt Photos

    I thought I'd start this off since Charlie isn't sure where to look right now. This one is November, 1978, which would have been my second year of deer hunting. I was 11, and tagging along as Michigan didn't allow deer hunting until age 14 at the time. My cousin is a few years older and this...
  14. Dr. Vette

    QuickLoad request - 300 Savage

    OK, I set up some initial loads and have Dad's rifle sighted in at 100 yards. I also have my initial charge weight loads set up. However, I'm hoping for some QL data to make sure I don't over do it. 300 Savage Super-X brass shot in this rifle on 12/14/15, water capacity is 53.8 grains averaged...
  15. Dr. Vette

    Remington 11-87 accuracy with a Hastings slug barrel

    Several years ago I purchased a Remington 11-87 from my hunting partner. In addition to the factory smoothbore barrel he threw in a brand new Hastings slug barrel with cantilevered scope mount. I use it for lower Michigan hunting, and we have taken deer with it. A few years ago I tried several...
  16. Dr. Vette

    7mm Rem Sendero with 168 Berger testing

    Today I had a chance to test my 7mm Sendero with its first handloads. If you recall, I recently had DrMike run a QL for me using a few powders, but today I used H-1000 as per his recommendations. My goal with the rifle is to attempt to do as well or better than the HSM ammo, which my rifle...
  17. Dr. Vette

    300 Weatherby ladder test

    On Saturday we had a chance to get out and shoot Dad's 300 Weatherby with some new reloads. I set up some 200gr Barnes LRX bullets for him, as he is thrilled with the performance of the 150 TTSX out of his 7mm Wby rifle. The distance was 200 yards to the target, and Dad was shooting off from a...
  18. Dr. Vette

    ATV rental in Wyoming

    Not sure which section the question should go in, so if you wouldn't mind peeking into this less visited section linked below and giving me advice on ATV rental I'd appreciate it. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=28783 Patrick
  19. Dr. Vette

    ATV rental in Wyoming

    Dad and I have drawn mule deer tags for Area E in Wyoming, and the hunt starts Octobers 15th. The guy who we are staying with has recommended we try and get ATVs to use for the 4 days or so we will be there (15-19), as it will help immensely in accessing mule deer area. However, he is in a small...
  20. Dr. Vette

    Quickload Request - 7mm Rem Mag and 168 Berger

    I'm working on trying to mimic the HSM ammo with the 168 Berger HBPT Hunting VLD, which shoots well in my Sendero. Primer will be Rem 9 1/2M, COAL will be 3.350 and water capacity of fired shells from my rifle, Winchester brand brass, is 86.2 grains of water. The spec on the ammo say 3020fps...