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  1. gerry

    6.8 Western

    Saw this the other day and the more I look at this the more I like it. A slightly shorter 270 WSM with a faster twist and a 2.955" over all length. Initial factory loads will feature the 165 gr ABLR, a new 170 gr Ballistic Silver Tip and a new 175 gr Sierra TGK. As a big fan of the 277 cal I...
  2. gerry

    they are finding it

    I really like listening to Dr Steve Turley, he brings out things that the fake news media like CNN, "Faux" news and the like try to ignore or cover up. When you look at the overwhelming amount of evidence of massive voter fraud you would have to be...
  3. gerry

    Payoff looks good.

    Man that looks good, so when's supper time? :lol:
  4. gerry

    a year with the .260

    Really nice deer and handgun. Really love the 260 as well, I'm surprised that you used the 140 gr PT but it obviously works great even at pistol speeds.
  5. gerry

    Been Looking A Long Time

    Or a nice 270 Wby ;) Always liked how stainless/walnut looks. Wish I had bought one of the left hand versions of them in the short time they were made, not going to shell out the money for what they go for these days however.
  6. gerry

    270 win 130gr interlock SP

    My friend has used that bullet for a bunch of mule deer, mountain goat and stone sheep over the years and did well with it. It can be a bit destructive at close range but usually hangs together well enough to exit, pretty sure he never recovered any bullets. He switched to the 150 gr Grand Slam...
  7. gerry

    IMR 7828

    I have used it in 270 Win, 264 Win mag, 6.5x55 and 260 Rem. Worked well with all of them but I like it in the last two the best so far. I use the short cut version mostly and it's a good powder.
  8. gerry

    .338 300gr ABLR

    Congrats JD, any idea if that is the first game animal with the new 300 gr ABLR outside of the folks that work for Nosler?
  9. gerry

    Esteemed Members, Please Relay Your Experiences with 7mm Mau

    I don't have any experience with the 7x57 but I do remember seeing a picture from many years back of a grizzly my uncle shot on his farm with one! I'm almost certain it would have been a 175 gr RN bullet from the old Canadian company Dominion that eventually was renamed Imperial. If the...
  10. gerry

    Bought a 35 Whelen

    Congrats on the new rifle, can't wait to see it. I have used BLC(2) but only with 220's and heavier. It was erratic with speed but overall was pretty fast, accuracy was fair. Since you have it already it is worth a try to see how it works in your rifle. I followed the general rule with BLC(2) of...
  11. gerry

    HVA Carl Gustaf left hand

    That's the classic load for a 270 Win. Excellent speed and accuracy, congrats on your shooting and of course a rifle that shoots as good as it looks!
  12. gerry

    Nosler Manual #9....

    JD and Fotis, congrats on being asked to do the write up for the 338 RUM and 338-378, it is quite an honour and well deserved. Just think in 100 years it will still be there and some hunting nut will have the book in his library and talk about all the old school rounds way back then. Of course...
  13. gerry

    375 H&H

    My friend shoots the 260 gr PT in his 375 Ruger and it is more than enough for anything in North America for sure. Since you are at 2650 fps at a starting load you have quite a bit of room to go up and maybe tweak it for accuracy.
  14. gerry

    QL request for 260rem

    Looks good, I'm going to be testing the same bullet and powder soon myself.
  15. gerry

    Christmas Dinner?

    We made a small turkey, stuffing smoked picnic ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon, peas and cranberry sauce. Was very good and we will be enjoying it for several more days to come!
  16. gerry

    new 6.5 x 284 build

    It's going to be a really nice gun that you are going to love. Hope the time passes for you quickly.
  17. gerry

    Big Bore Lever Action Rifles?

    Ouch, that's got to be painful. Bet he/she leaves them alone now!
  18. gerry

    "Newly" Acquired Win M70 in 7mm Mauser (.275 Rigby)

    You sure know how to find them Hawk! The Featherweight's from that era are the nicest they made in my opinion and there can't be too many 7x57's either out there. Load some bullets from 140-160 and you'll be good to go.
  19. gerry

    Big Bore Lever Action Rifles?

    Hey that BLR 358 Win looks familiar. This bear was taken using the 200 gr Sierra RN which performed well.
  20. gerry

    223 Rem and 22-250.

    Good thing Savage rifles are easy to rebarrel and there are tons of options for you from a lot of different makers. That short action could make a nice fast twist 22 cal rifle or on the other end a 358 Win so tons of options. Probably could find nice new take off barrel as well in lots of...