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  1. gerry

    6.8 Western

    Saw this the other day and the more I look at this the more I like it. A slightly shorter 270 WSM with a faster twist and a 2.955" over all length. Initial factory loads will feature the 165 gr ABLR, a new 170 gr Ballistic Silver Tip and a new 175 gr Sierra TGK. As a big fan of the 277 cal I...
  2. gerry

    Ballistic Tip nicknames

    Time for some fun :grin: after reading the recent thread on the 120 gr 6.5 mm Ballistic Tip's and giving it a nickname thought this would be a fun discussion. In honour of Guy Miner's 257 115 gr "Blue Cyclones" let's go!
  3. gerry

    Weatherby Rifles

    Now that I have Fotis's attention and a few others here we go :lol: In the spring I'm going to be in the place to be able to buy one finally. Always wanted one especially in 270 Wby, problem is in left hand they only offer the Deluxe wood stock and the heavy Accumark in that calibre. In this...
  4. gerry

    Hodgdon acquires Ramshot and Accurate powders

    According to Guy Miner's good friend Gavin. Good news for us here in Canada, in my town Hodgdon and IMR powders are much easier to find than others.
  5. gerry

    35 cal 225 gr Accubond (x2) from moose

    Link to thread of moose hunt. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=41250 I recovered two bullets from the moose I was able to harvest recently. Impact velocity would be around 2100 fps at 300 yards started at 2700 fps. Bullet on left hit a lot of heavy bone, the one on the right didn't hit anything heavier...
  6. gerry

    Moose Hunt 2020

    Just got back on Sunday from my moose hunt after being gone almost 2 weeks and are now in the process of butchering it all up, should finish today. We were in the northern part of B.C. near the Yukon border. I was able to see parts of the Yukon I had never seen on the drive up and it's...
  7. gerry

    Christensen Arms Mesa LH 7 mm Rem Mag

    Those of you that have them how do you like them? A dealer here is stocking left hand versions of the Mesa including the 28 Nosler and also 7 mm Rem Mag, the latter must be part of a special order for them since it's not listed as a LH option on Christensen Arms website. The 7 mm RM looks like...
  8. gerry


    I'm in need of a range finder and have someone that is going to check out Bass Pro down south for me. They have a few I'm interested in and would like to see you guys would recommend in the $250-300 range. They have Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 on sale and also several other models, a bunch of...
  9. gerry

    Weaver scope closeout at Canada Brass

    For our Canadian members here is a Weaver scope close out sale at Canada Brass. They are 40% off and are a great value I think. I just ordered a Grand Slam 3-10x40 and I'm pretty happy, it was a tough decision to only pick one :lol: Thought hard about a Super Slam 2-10x40 but for my Whelen I...
  10. gerry

    Great day with our puppy

    My wife and I had a beautiful day today outdoors with our 6 month old Husky/Shepard cross who we named Buddy. He had a great time snooping around and exploring as we just rested by the lake for quite a while and had snacks. First hot day here in quite a while so lots of people were out enjoying...
  11. gerry

    Share your spring 2020 bear hunting photos

    I'll get it started. I went out last night with the intention of getting some meat and the first medium sized or bigger bear was in trouble. This younger boar is just under 6' squared and fit the bill so I was finally able to shoot and animal myself with the 358 Win I bought a couple of years...
  12. gerry

    Bullets for 1 in 9.5 twist 7mm Rem Mag?

    For all around use for deer to moose what would you use? I was thinking a 160 gr Accubond or 175 gr Partition would be my first two choices. The 1 in 9.5 twist limits some of the heavier sleek bullets of course.
  13. gerry

    New in 2020 from Nosler I'm really interested in the new 27 Nosler and 165 gr ABLR. A bunch of other stuff new for this year too that might interest you.
  14. gerry

    27 Nosler

    Very interesting, this is one round I would be very interested in. Hopefully this means more heavy 27 cal bullets will be in our future. Thanks for bringing it out, just need a good left hand option for those of us that shoot from that side. ...
  15. gerry

    Hunting moose in the rut

    I was fortunate to draw a moose tag for the first time since 2006, the season will be from Sept 25 - Oct 19 plus our 3 day season to Oct 22. In this area we have thick bush and low moose densities but it is possible to find them. Any extra advice on calling them in would be appreciated, I have...
  16. gerry

    145 gr ELD-X 270 Win

    Don't want to hijack another similar thread. Has anyone used the 145 gr ELD-X in the 270 Win in bigger rounds? The 143's seem to have a good reputation at 6.5 Creedmoor speeds but a 270 Win is going to launch the 277 version at around 300 fps faster. I would assume they would have toughened them...
  17. gerry

    270 WSM or 270 Wby?

    What's the real world difference between the 270 WSM and 270 Wby with 140-160 gr bullets? I'm going to guess it's less than 100 fps and probably even less than that. I have always liked the 270 Wby and think it's a great choice for a long range rig. The problem is I could buy a Tikka 270 WSM for...
  18. gerry

    Small rifle vs Large rifle primers 260 Rem

    I see Petersen makes brass that takes either small or large rifle primers. What's are the benefits and drawbacks of using brass with a small primer pocket compared to the standard large rifle brass?
  19. gerry

    14 reloading presses compared

    Saw this last night on YouTube and thought you all might find it interesting. I'm still going through the second link posted and will comment more later after going through it. I think you will find this all thought provoking.
  20. gerry

    35 cal Accubond, Speer, Hornady and Sierra (updated)

    Did some shooting today and somehow managed to recover 3 bullets. By some kind of a fluke I had the perfect size Hemlock log behind my target that these bullets just made it through and bounced off the logs in behind. We found them laying on the ground. 200 gr Accubond - 158 gr (79%) 0.608"...