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  1. D21ALASKA

    Nosler Target

    Does anyone happen to have a link, preferably to a PDF file, for the Nosler target? I've done a search in the forum but none of the links that have come up seem to be working and there's no more sticky I can find with the new format Thank you as always.
  2. D21ALASKA

    Book vs. Real World

    How often do you fine folks find that the book data matches up pretty close to what you're seeing in the real world with respect to load/fps? Personally I hardly ever see correlation between the two. Case in point I'm currently working a ladder for a new 338WM. I'm currently 1 grain below max...
  3. D21ALASKA

    Nosler Ballistics App?

    May be a bit behind the 8ball here but did they do away with the Nosler Ballistics App? I used to have it but it disappeared off my phone quite a while back and I can't find it anywhere in the Playstore. It was a nice one and am bummed. If it is truly gone does anyone have any recommendations...
  4. D21ALASKA

    350 Remington Mag Quickload

    Hey Guys, I'm hoping someone may be able to run a quickload for me please. I'm getting some numbers on the chrono that aren't adding up to the manual and want to stop and do a double check before I continue. I'm using Accurate 2015 with 225 Partitions and max book is 53gr for 2621 fps. Just...
  5. D21ALASKA

    Looking For 35 Cal. Bullets

    Hey folks, I'm looking to pick up some 35 cal. bullets for a load work up on a sweet little .350 Remington Mag. I just picked up. Looking for 225 or 250 gr. Partitions or A-Frames. Can pay however or may have something bullets wise to trade. Let me know what you e got and we'll go from...
  6. D21ALASKA

    .257 Ballistic Tips

    Long and short I bought some 115gr. Ballistic Tips off of a gentleman on Gunbroker. I just received them today and while they are .257 caliber bullets, they came in a loose pack with no markings and have grey, not blue tips. The ogive measurements on them are averaging . 018"...
  7. D21ALASKA

    First Handload Moose

    Was finally able to blood my .375 H&H last weekend and even better yet it was with a load I had worked up last winter with the help of some of you. 260gr. Accubond over 73.8 grains of RL15. Right about 2750fps if memory serves. 2nd weekend and 2nd evening of it in a new close to home spot I...
  8. D21ALASKA

    Quickload Help Please 6mm Remington

    Hey Guys, Was hoping someone could run some numbers for me please. I'm over book and not showing pressure signs but want to see what the numbers might be. 6mm Remington 95gr Ballistic Tip Hornady Brass Federal GM210M Primers 2.830" OAL I'm using IMR4350 at the moment but can sort through...
  9. D21ALASKA

    25 Cal. 115 BT's Differences

    Anyone ever seen this? 2 different boxes of 25 cal. 115 grain Ballistic Tips that have completely different measurements and look other than weight and greatest diameter. This new box seems to have a much slower taper, thus pushing the ogive forward and giving me a shorter oal by about .026"...
  10. D21ALASKA

    Lot to Lot Powder Variance

    How much variance do you guys see between lots of the same type powder usually? I ask because I just started a new lot of RL22 for my .257 Roberts. I loaded one round a full grain lighter than I had been on the previous, 47.5 vs. 48.5, to work back up and I could barely get the bolt open and...
  11. D21ALASKA

    257 Roberts +P Quickload Request

    Hey guys. As usual I've been lurking and not posting for quite a while. I was hoping someone may be able to run some numbers for me on a new to me rifle I'm working a load up for. It's a sweet little Venezuelan Mauser I picked up for a song and will be my go to for the mountains if I can get a...
  12. D21ALASKA

    Can anyone help with an ID?

    There's a .257 Roberts posted for sale locally but the seller, and I, isn't sure who the manufacturer is. Looks almost like something for/from the Venezuelan army. Anyone have any idea? I figured someone around on here would for sure know. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. D21ALASKA

    Ham? Hocks? How about Bacon?

    Was a long day yesterday and it's going to be another late night tonight. Hams and hocks are done and mellowing in the fridge. Bacon is on now and should be done round about midnight. I'll have some finished pics of that later I guess. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. D21ALASKA

    Back in the Saddle/6mm Quickload Help?

    So I "had" to take a couple years off. The Wife and I bought a new place and other projects took precedence over getting the reloading station set back up but I finally got it completed this weekend. Anyways the new place offers me a great 100yd. range right out the window next to the reloading...
  15. D21ALASKA

    Thoughts on the Ruger LCP .380

    Looking to get my girl a nice little .380 for carry and at home. The Ruger LCP keeps popping up and am just wondering if any of you have any thoughts/experience on it. I trust the name obviously but definitely want something reliable for her.
  16. D21ALASKA

    Praying and Dreaming

    Draw results come out tomorrow up here for next hunting season. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Just hope Santa brings me SOMETHING this year! Not even coal the past few. I'm sure there will be visions of Bison and Sheep dancing in my head tonight. Maybe a Goat and Moose or...
  17. D21ALASKA

    Quickload Help Please?

    Hey Folks, I was wondering if one of you wonderful people might be able to run a couple Quickloads for me? The gentleman with the company has not gotten back to me yet to tell me if he can make a program compatible with a Mac so I obviously do not have it yet. I'm looking for: .375 H&H...
  18. D21ALASKA

    Magnum Primers or Not?

    So I'm having a lot of trouble finding any Large Rifle Magnum Primers anywhere around for my .375 H&H. So I stopped in to talk to one of the old timers that runs a shop here to pick his brain a bit and to see if he had any. No luck on any in stock, but he mentioned I should just use my normal...
  19. D21ALASKA

    .375 Pet Loads?

    I just picked up a good deal on a Remington 700 in .375 H&H and would like to hear some opinions on some Pet Loads or favorite powders for the application that you guys have. I'm hopefully going to be loading up some 260 and 300 gr. AB's and Partitions, if I can find them, and go from there as...
  20. D21ALASKA

    Quickload Download?

    Where should I go to get the Quickload program download and which version should I get? When I Google it a bunch of options come up and I'm never quite sure which ones are scams or not. Also, what does it usually cost? Thanks for the help