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    Tell Nosler they are idiots! Everyday... on this site!

    Fotis that's a good one! Maybe even better would be Karen!
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    RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    I just found out that Marvelous Marvin Hagler passed away just recently. He was 66 years old. Marvin Hagler was one of my all time favorites fighters. He was incredible and the discipline that he had was amazing. I never ever saw him come into a fight out of shape or overweight, which seems...
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    Quick load 300 PRC - Hornady 212gr ELDX - N590 powder

    Dr. Mike I don't know if this is possible in quick load yet but you check and see if your magic touch might find this. 300 PRC Hornady 212gr. ELDX N565 powder. So sorry I got the number incorrect. It is corrected to N565. David
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    Quick load 300 PRC - Hornady 212gr ELDX - N590 powder

    Dr. Mike I don't know if this is possible in quick load yet but you check and see if your magic touch might find this. 300 PRC Hornady 212gr. ELDX N590 powder David
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    QuickLoad request for 300 PRC

    A fellow I know is in the process of building a 300 PRC and he plans to load 212gr. ELDX bullets with N565 powder. I was wondering if Dr. Mike or one of you other fine folks would be so kind to post the data with that powder and others if possible. I really appreciate it. David
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    Grizzly Bear is almost finished.

    I'm pretty excited. My grizzly bear rug is almost finished! I wrote up my story and sent it along with photographs to Western Hunter Magazine. I was hoping it might get published so I could share the fantastic adventure I had last fall up in Alaska, and as a way as silly as it sounds to honor...
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    I may or may not have..............

    I may or may not have had my whole skinned deer carcass lying on top of plastic in my kitchen for a couple days before it finally thawed out to the point where I could finally cut it up. It had been outside in -30 degree weather. What are some of the things that you "may or may not have" done??
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    Pre 64 Winchester Model 70

    Found this one for you Scotty. You need to look at the pictures posted and the price! David ... le.177555/
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    Grizzly bear hunting mountain goats. ... xTKdaUkVw8 Saw this on another site. Pretty neat to get to witness this, but man that bear was too close for comfort to the guy taking the video with his phone. It would make me pretty nervous.
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    Spot Shot - Wi-Fi scope camera

    I was looking at possibly getting a phone scope and the eyepiece attachment, and the camera attachment for my phone so that I could use my spotting scope to take pictures on my phone and video's of animals and such at long range. I have my cell phone in a case to protect it and I found that...
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    Montana moose, sheep, goat, bison draw is finished!!

    Not a darn thing for me again this year. Maybe next year! :lol:
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    6mm Remington & Nosler

    I can't be the only 6mm Remington fan out there, please tell me I'm not!! :) Nosler makes some great brass and ammunition for a lot of different cartridges that are a little off right of center and I don't see how they could possibly be as popular as the 6mm Remington. I've been pestering them...
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    Montana Grizzly Bear Advisory Council - Public Comments ... ments.html The Governor Steve Bullock of Montana assembled a Grizzly Bear Advisory Council a while back. These folks have meetings across the state, and they invite the public to attend and have their say in how they feel grizzly bears in Montana...
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    Ruger Hawkeye 35 Whelen

    Scotty here you go! Just trying to help you out. After all what are friends for!! ... st-1587469
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    Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt 2019

    Okay I'm trying here. Give me a bit as this is a new lap-top to me. ... fit=bounds ... fit=bounds
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    Ovis Outfitters - grizzly bear hunt - evaluation

    Ovis Outfitters - Wasilla Alaska - Matt & Emily Thoft So I just wanted to give a review/evaluation of Ovis Outfitters in Alaska in case any of you folks are interested in a hunt or fishing in Alaska. I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to go on a hunt with...
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    Sneaky Hunter - Boot Lamps Boot Lamps I just saw these after reading an article in our local newspaper. These kind of perked my interest as I'm worried about spooking game when I hike in someplace in the dark to hunt and using my headlamp might spook game. I don't know. I'd have...
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    Sight drifting tool.

    I thought this might be a great deal to use. I used to have a center punch just like this but with the hardened sharp point obviously, but on the same premise.
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    The Real Wolf by Ted Lyon & Will Graves I would strongly urge folks on both sides of the wolf issue read this book. It provides documented information that would surprise and sadden many at the same time as to what has taken place in regards to the wolf introduction and what is happening. David
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    I went to the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Grizzly Bear meeting in Missoula last night. Montana FWP I believe has laid out an excellent plan for the bears and keeping their numbers at a level of sustainability after de-listing. It was an opportunity for sportsman to voice their...