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    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    Has the young man worked up a load yet? August 1 is coming.
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    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    My rem 700 7 mag likes Berger classic hunters. Factory barrel with 8.5x25 vx3 . Nothing special but she’s a shooter. Have fun with the new rifl.
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    First Ever Bear (Contains Some Graphic Content)

    Smoked bear ham is delightful
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    LOL, doe tag, and I'm happy!

    I sure would love a doe tag, I drew absolutely nothing in Washington special drawing. Now the warden that’s a different story. Archery elk cow early season selected, juvenile bighorn ram selected. Looks like it’s all about her agai.
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    338 accubond

    ISO 225 grain accubond in 338. Anyone have any laying around? Thanks
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    What big game do you plan to hunt in 2022???

    Deer, elk, lion,bear,bobcat, waterfowl, basically anything I can get a license for, I don’t fish very well.
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    IMR 8133 for Overbore Cartridges

    My 30-378 loves it great artcle.
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    Tubbs Final Finish

    Just ordered some today as a matter of fact, my 6.5-300 is a quick fouler.
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    The One You Didn't Buy

    Nothing special just a plastic stock weatherby vanguard in 257 wby, looked at it went in 3 days later to get it for the wardens birthday and it was gone. So second place was the exact same gun in 30-06. She will never know the difference and won’t care either. Same gun she shot her sheep with...
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    223 Trainer, 3 shots .179"

    Excellent shooting
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    New Bee Rifle

    Well i am certain your new ”bee” will produce bug hole groups. Congratulations
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    Accubond : Amazing performance

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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    Either rifle you mentioned with work. I would take what you shoot best. Have a great trip.
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    Modern ML Suggestions

    I shoot the cva optima 26” barrel with black horn 209 powder 250 grain Barnes tipped tmz , max load of 84 grains shoots just over 2,000 fps. In 8 whipes i am cleaned . Great combo but haven’t harvested anything ye. Definitely a accurate load. Federal 209 primer.
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    I'm thinkin I need a 338

    Have a 338 win mag shoots great kills elk and deer fine. Picked up a couple 338 rum’s longer range elk medicine. My favorite 338 rum.
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    First ELD-M on deer

    Looks like you did him a favor, my concern with the nice weather it could be a snake bite? Swollen up like it, thoughts. Not sure of your location but are the buzz worms out?
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    Crummy photo of a good bull:

    That’s a good heavy bull with some age to him. Nicely done
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    Montana Elk Guide??

    Very impressive animals for sure.
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    Two Feet of Snow Overnight!

    3’ at my place and now it starting to rain. Mother Nature is bi polar this year I believe.
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    Rifle Prices.

    I am really struggling how a marlin 30-30 that used to cost $350 tops when I last looked for 1 is now $900 plus. Um nope not happening.