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    240 Weatherby Quickload request

    Would appreciate it if someone could run this through their QL. Just bought a new 240 Wby Mag. Vanguard rifle. 24” barrel with 1 in 10 twist. Would like to use Reloader 26 with some 70 gr. Nosler BT Varmint bullets I have on hand. Will be using: Weatherby brass CCI 250 primers COAL will be 3.13”...
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    Nosler Model 48 Long Range "Carbon"

    Nosler®, Inc. Announces M48 Long Range Carbon™ January 22, 2018 LongRangeCarbon_Front_ForWeb.jpg Bend, Ore – January 22, 2018 – Nosler, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of its M48 Long Range Carbon™ rifle. The new rifle model builds on the features that made the M48 Long Range™ a...
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    6.5x55 Swede Quick Load 129 gr. ABLR

    Saw the QL numbers for the 6.5 CM using RL 26 & RL me curious how my Swede's (modern actions) numbers would stack up. Would appreciate someone running the numbers when time allowed. Will be using Lapua brass, CCI250 primers, 24" barrel. Thank you VERY much. Duane
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    6.5 Swede Quickload request

    I tried out the Satterly 10 Round Load Development Ladder on three different powders for my new Barrett 6.5x55 Swede. Found three definite flat spots around 2,945 fps. I did not observe any pressure signs on the primer or bolt lift. But I would be interested in what Quickload shows. Is it...
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    270 WSM Quickload Request

    Would like to have some Quickload info run on the 270 WSM, if possible. Will be using the following: Winchester brass ( the silver colored stuff ) Reloader 22, H4831C, (also open to suggestions) Winchester large rifle magnum primers 150 gr. Hornady SST (#27402) COAL 2.785" Kimber 24" barrel...
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    QuickLoad request for 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser

    Can someone do the QL magic for my Swede? HOWA 1500 with 22" barrel. 1 in 9 twist Lapua Brass Hornady 142 gr ELD - Match bullet H4350, Reloader 22, or N560 powders (or something you think is better suited) Thank you very much. Duane