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    Good morning, it seems every time I am about to downsize I get side tracked :mrgreen:. My grandson who was really into elite soccer and his older sister who was in at least five different dance routines have decided to change hobbies (y) . My Grandson has really started to take a interest into...
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    300 Norma Mag

    Hi Ladies & Gentleman, just wondering if anyone has a Quick Load for the Norma 300 mag using H1000 powder? Thanking you in advance. Blessings, Dan
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    Well a month ago I was advised that a locally on line auction company hand some rifle on the board. After setting up an account I starting going through the rifles & then the shot guns, no rifles got my attention but there was a Winchester 101 that looked to be in not bad shape and the bid was...
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    Hornady Case Prep.

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back into my happy space :wink: my Man Cave! Well I was resizing some brass when my Hornady Case Prep just siezed up so I took it apart & found that a plastic gear had snapped in half :shock:. It looked like a easy fix so I emailed Hornady & was advised...
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    Did a little feeding for the 35 Whelen

    Well last night I finished loading up 85-225gr. Accubonds over top of Reloader-15. At the rate I am shooting now I believe I may never have to load for it again and my oldest Son will have a bullet supply and the rifle long after I am gone :mrgreen:. Had one slight problem as I had 5 bullets...
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    2018 Elk Hunt

    Well last Friday I headed up for our annual Elk Hunt. We I got there my cousin advised that he had tickets to the league opener of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and the Nipawin Hawks were playing the Humbolt Broncos (y). The new coach for Humbolt is from Regina and played most of his...
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    Powder burn rate comparison.

    Hi people just wondering if I can bit of help with powder burn rates? IMR SR 4759 has been discontinued what is the closest replacement? Thanking everyone in advance! Blessing, Dan
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    7mm mag

    Well I have another young fellow interested in reloading he shoots a Browning X-bolt and has decided to go with 160gr. Partitions :wink:. I haven’t loaded partitions for the 7mm mag in over 25 years, just a favour does anyone shoot them with IMR4350? I know the load will be around 60.0grs but...
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    I know this has been done many times before but if you could pick 1 hunt that you have never done but would like to before you have to hang up the boots which would it be? I would love to go on a Yukon Caribou hunt with 2 tags :mrgreen:. Blessings, Dan
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    For a Friend

    Good morning the other night I was chatting with a good friend that I grew up hunting with. His Dad always made room for me on all their family functions including their annual hunts. Mike moved down to the states approximately 30 years ago and became a Nurse/Guard at Fullerton State Penn in...
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    The new Pup

    Well Kona is definitely a pup and it seems that in the 10 years since the last they have become a little more rambunctious :shock:!! Really though over all she has been a hoot & really is as smart as a whip :wink:! She loves people & next week after her 3rd set of shots she will be ready to get...
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    New to reloading

    I have a young fellow that would like to get into reloading and he has been reading as well as talking to many people about loading for his 7mm mag. I recommended that he try the 160gr AB our Partition over top of IMR 4350 powder as I have been using that powder of almost 40 years in the 7. He...
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    Pick-up date

    Well I am just on a break from our National Conference and received a e-mail advising we can pick our Lady June 8th. Here is a recent photo of her :wink: is below. Her registered name is Inglis Summer Moon and we are leaning on naming her Bailey :). Blessings, Dan
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    New Upland Hunting partner!

    Think this is my last one :shock: . She is ready to & they have another litter do next week so I will have my little lady the end of May (y). Blessings, Dan
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    Nephew’s Muley

    My nephew Austin got back his 2016 Muley from the Taxidermist :wink:! The mount is excellent in my opinion. He has it next to the guy he took in 2012. I told if he wants to better this guy he is going to have to do some real homework :mrgreen:! Almost forgot he scored 189 5/8”. Blessings, Dan
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    Grizzly Bear Hunting Ban in British Columbia

    Well the NDP(No Development Party) of BC has caved in and have now ban Grizzly bear hunting in their province. This is another victory for the anti hunters, most of them do not even live in this country :o! Next it will be the Polar Bear hunting in the Yukon and North West Territories. Also...
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    2017 Elk Hunt

    Well, as I stated about a week or so ago my wife and I have decided that we have to take our foot of the gas and relax a little :wink:. My wife and I talked, she advised if things went well this past week that I should take a few days and head up to see if I can knock down a Elk. Good news is...
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    Name of company

    Good evening, I am trying to get the name of the company that does rechambering at decent price & in a reasonable length of time :wink:. I am sure Rodger used the company :wink:. My memory is getting shorter :oops: It is for a friend that lives south of the 49th. Thank you. Blessings, Dan
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    Checking Stands

    My cousin was out and about last night & decided to check our Elk stands. Look what he came upon Dan advised me they had quite a bout :wink:. I am sending the video to DrMike to see if he can load it (y). Thanking the good Doctor in advance :wink:. Blessings, Dan
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    Leica Customer Service

    I believe I just got some great news from Leica :wink:. I received a email this morning advising that they are going to be replacing my 1600B but I have to wait for the new shipment to come in which will be in the next 7 to 10 days. So far they have not mentioned any cost to me (y). Blessings, Dan