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    food plots

    a year ago we leased the ground our 2000 yard shooting range is on . now we made the 450 yard range . the 2000 yard range faces east , the 450 yard range faces west . the firing lines are kind of back to back , with about 150 yards between them . both ranges can safely be used at the same...
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    range trip with my Grandson

    I've had the Grandson this week . we finally made it to the range today . I took him to our 50 - 450 yard range . he shot his 22 , and his 260 with reduced recoil loads . after todays session I'm upping the powder charge some more , he's not having any problem with the recoil . I put up...
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    Pa bull elk

    I thought some of you guys might be interested .
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    my labradar won't keep the time , or date . I'm thinking there must be a battery for this ? I looked through the owners manual , didn't see anything . anyone run into this ? About a week ago it did some goofy things , then it read the memory card was full . I pulled out the card and it...
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    338 , 300 gr custom competition

    has anyone shot these ? I'm curious what you were using for the BC in your ballistic calculator . they advertise a G1 of .800
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    signs of spring

    I walk just about everyday . the last few days I've noticed a few things , so today I took my camera . the tadpoles are out . Sally found a turkey egg shell , this seems a little early . I'm not sure if it hatched , or something got into the nest . the shell is clean ,and there was nothing...
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    brass , new vs. used

    I've talked with a couple different guys on new vs. used brass . I'll do seating depth tests with new brass , but I won't do any powder work up with new brass . after the load confirmed , it surprises me how the two seem to shoot close to the same POI . you can see the used brass is about...
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    suggestion for shooters pro shop

    could an " in stock " option be added to the sort by ? I think this would be handy. I didn't know where to put this that maybe someone from Nosler would see it .
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    local gun shop closing

    Pennsylvania guys , Bob's army & navy is closing . I'll miss this store . it had a little bit of everything . aisles so tight it was hard to get through when the store was busy ...
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    quickload update

    it's been a couple years since I've updated . can anyone tell me if VV N568 powder is listed ?
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    Wyoming 90/10

    I see both sides to this . I'm glad I don't have a bunch of points .
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    forming a false shoulder

    all this false shoulder talk got my interest up , I had to do it . I wasn't sure if it would be worth the effort . I found there is nothing to this .if you have the means do it , it can only help case life . I doubt I have I have 15 minutes in getting things measured , until I had 5 pieces...
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    ice cleats

    what are you guys using for ice cleats on your boots ? the winters are giving a lot of rain and freeze in my area . I like to get out and walk , but at times it's tough . I googled it , and there are more choices of these than I imagined . any suggestions ?
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    what's the rules is it a keeper ?

    I've only went fishing one time in many years . I just read an article that has me interested in fishing again . do you need a special stamp for this species , and is this of legal size to keep ...
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    expansion ammo

    a new ammo plant opening in Texas . I read another article that stated ,they would also be making primers .
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    powder factory explodes ... ory-blast/
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    I'm doing it

    I've decided to close my garage , and retire . I've been kicking this around for a couple years , but when it got close to the line I drew , I'd talk myself out of it . this time , I couldn't talk myself out of it . it's a bitter sweet thing , I think hurray I'm retiring , then I think...
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    what do you think ?

    what's your opinion on this brass ? should I use it , or scrap it ? is it discolored from their manufacturing process ? I don't like the looks of some of it . I bought it new , it's right out of the bag . if I remember right it cost roughly $3.00 per piece . anyone else have brass...
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    setting up your scope

    how do you set up your scope ? for scopes that I dial elevation ; I've been doing the tall target ever since I learned about it . it seems to me to be the most perfect way of being sure the scope is aligned to the rifle bore . all I do is get my 100 yard zero on a target . then at...
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    Grandson's first range trip

    yesterday I took Carter to the range with his 260 . this was his first trip to the range , also his first time shooting a centerfire rifle . we've shot his 22 in my field using a bog pod , death grip tripod . I took the bog pod for him to shoot off of . I started him off at 50 yards , this...