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    M48 in 280AI

    Have long admired Nosler rifles. Recently pick up a couple. I didn't realize that the M48 in 280AI came in both magnum and sporter barrels. I had only seen magnum. Was surprised today coming across one in sporter contour. About 1/2 lb lighter.
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    Quick reload request - 338-06 AI

    Can someone get me in the ball park for 200 gr E-tips in a 338-06 AI I have a couple hundred to play with. Thanks
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    280 AI brass

    Switched 280 AI rifles and mistakenly gave all my 280 AI brass with the rifle I sold. Seems Nosler 280AI brass is hit or miss in quality. Seems other brands are hard to find. I am going to fire form some R-P brass to get started. Wondering about getting some Lapua brass and forming 280AI...
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    For Trade - 6.5-284 Nosler Brass for 280AI

    I have 90 plus unfired Nosler 6.5-284 Norma brass that I would trade for 50 plus unfired Nosler 280AI brass PM me
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    SOLD- Your African Rifle

    Pulling this out of the back of the safe. Had plans for an African trip, but never came together. Set up the rifle, fired a few rounds. Still have a full box of ammo left over Winchester M70 African in 375 H&H There African models are controlled feeding Spotless condition Round count - you...
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    338-08 or light loads in 338WM?

    I have a hunger for a Sako Mannlicher in a larger bore. Handled one a few years ago in 338 WM and is was a sweat little package. Spent too much time thinking it over and when I came back the next week, it was gone. Causally shopping for one. I would image the recoil of full load 33WM with a...
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    New to me - 338-06 AI

    Worked into a deal and ended up with a Thompson Encore barrel in 338-06 AI. Came with fire formed brass and dies and a few hand loads. Looked around here and found load data. Just finished making some 210 PT with RL-15. Will have to wait until next weekend for range time, but the 338-06AI...
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    What to do with a Tikka 695 in 280 Rem?

    Pulled out of the back of a safe, a Tikka 695 in 280 Rem. Has been there for a while, when I purchased it, it certainly looked new and I have not fired it. Trying to think, if there is something to make? Already have 338Fed, 338 WM and 35 Whelen covered. Either leave as a 280 (already have...
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    New to me - 1983 Rem 700 Mountain in 280 Rem

    Found this in a Hole in the Wall gun shop. Belonged to a buddy of the owner who passed away. Remington 700 BDL Mountain in 280 Rem. The Mountain has the slimmer stock and barrel. Produced in 1982 Clean rifle, good deal and happy new owner. Put a Leupold 2.5-8 on top. Sigh in some 150 gr...
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    Winchester 100

    As much as I think the Win 100 or Rem 7400 rifles are a good idea, I just am too much a bolt action person. Found a really nice Win 100 in the holly grail 284 caliber. Super clean rifle, put some rounds through it and it shot well, but..... Will ponder keeping over the winter, but not sure it...
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    Sako L61R in 7mm Mag

    Local Cabela's has a Sako L61R in 7 Mag. Nice rifle, has a textured synthetic stock with a Monte Carlo check rest and a Pachmyer recoil pad. Cabela's guys tried to say it was factory. Need no comments about the experts at Gun stores. It also looks to be coated with a matte black Cerakote...
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    Rifle weight vs pack weight.....where is it important?

    Seems as I read through various pasting while physically distancing myself, people talk about wanting "lightweight" rifles. As someone that hunts some very open country and hikes way more miles and hills than I sometimes want, I don't always worry about carrying the lightest rifle verses a...
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    6.5-284 Norma with 140 PT and Retumbo?

    Anyone shooting Retumbo in their 6.5-284? I see people posting on sites about it, but never found a listed powder range. I have been using RL-19 per the Nosler data with good results, but never hurts to play around. Thanks
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    Guide gun plan

    Had a Marlin 45-70 guide gun for years. Was a nice rifle, but it but was never quite right. Tried 2.5 X scout scope, tried 2-7 rifle scope, already had XS sights, but never was all I wanted it to be . Found a local deal on another guide gun and bought it. Used this rifle as a base and...
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    45-70 cast bullets

    Loading some 45-70 with Oregon Trail 350 & 405 cast bullets Been using RL-7 (Guy's load of 40 gr and some hotter). Lots of people reference using 25-26 gr of 2400. But I can't find published min and max powder charges for this powder. Anyone have a reference?
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    Rem 700 ejector issue

    I bought a used Rem 700 SPS. Rifle was originally a 223 but had a Shilen barrel placed in 6mm. Shoots great but.....brass extracts but does not eject. Extractor leaves brass inside the mag well (bdl) Are the Ben great ejectors that are meant to do this or is the a ejector problem?
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    New Winchester in the house.

    Never really been a Winchester person. Had a couple, sold them, but just picked up a M70 Featherweight in 7mm-08. Nice rifle with a 2 piece bottom and controlled feed. Came with Way too big a scope, removed that and installed a Leupold 2.5-8. Feels MUCH better. Took the stock off for...
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    6.5 Swede loads - Nosler data

    Anyone know what pressure the Nosler 6.5 Swede data is loaded to? Thanks
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    Bullet puller

    What do people use? Collet puller or the RCBS hammer? My RCBS hammer broke, so figuring what to buy. Seems the RCBS deforms the tips.
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    Glock minus connectors

    Anyone have access to factory Glock minus connectors? The "Glock " shops charge a fortune for them. The reduced the trigger pull by a noticeable pound. Thanks