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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.

    Nice! It's almost too nice to take on a hunt and worry about scratching it.
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    Handloading Supply

    Is/Has anyone used this supplier?
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    speer bullets

    Speer .257 and .284 SPBT are just as hard to find in the U.S.. It isn't just a Canadian thing.
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    Now for Marlin Maniacs!

    My Marlin collection consists of a model 25 (.22LR), a model 29 (.22LR), a model 336RC (30/30) and a model 1895 (45/70). I enjoy shooting them all from time to time. Note that I only shoot standard velocity .22 ammunition in the model 29.
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    components coming back

    We are seeing some product dribbling out but at triple the price. I saw CCI SR BR primers at Scheels for $129/1K and Cheddit shotshell primers at $59/1K.
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    Weaver "Sharp shooter" any body have any details. EDIT: Weaver Marksman

    That is a series/model that I don't remember. What power is it? May want to contact Weaver to see if you can get some information.
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    Experiences with 8MM's

    The 8mm is one caliber that I've not owned but can't see why it is wouldn't be fine for hunting almost anything. Looking there is a much bigger selection of bullets (if you can find them) than I thought there would be. I've read that large numbers of surplus 98 Mausers were rechambered to 8mm-06...
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    Savage 99 Project

    My Savage 99CL .308 became a .358 Win thanks to JES. My youngest son harvested his first deer with it when it was still a .308. I'm sorry to say that it doesn't get used much anymore but it is still a joy to shoot.
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    Not Bad.

    So many that I've looked at have multiple holes in the receivers for scope mounts or receiver sights, stocks cutoff or recoil pads added. Those kinds of modifications don't impact their usability but really hurts the collection value.
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    Not Bad.

    It is getting harder and harder to find a good model 71 that is still all original. I have a love for the 71 and the model 64.
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    Good Day Gone Bad

    Sorry that you had a bad day at the range. The next best thing to shooting a rifle is to tinker with one. I hope you find your parts readily available.
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    Getting hard to hide.

    I think we could find hundreds of pros and cons on both sides. My wife and I chose to get vaccinated and are not regretting it. Many of our neighbors have had COVID and none died. One developed pneumonia with it and has been two months trying to recover. He is having a lot of problems trying to...
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    What to choose....

    You have an excellent list of alternative to use. As far as your 30-06 goes, have you considered having it re-bored to 336-06 or 35 Whelen?
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    Who here has competed with firearms?

    Rifle - Was a member of a jr rifle club while in high school and we would compete in NRA postal matches. Our rifles were Springfield 1922 that came through the Department of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) Pistol - Was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard pistol team during the time that I...
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    I agree, that the one I'm shooting at the time is my fun gun. If I have to choose one it would be my old Browning Nomad .22LR.
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    .338 Bullets Jacket Thickness Comparison

    I had read an article someplace that the 215 gr SGK had too thick a jacket to perform well in a 338-06. Looking at these cross-sections that doesn't seem to be the case. When components get more readily available I may have to test all of these in my 338-06 Ackley. What do the manufacturers...
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    Stripped Screw Head

    I have a 6-48 screw with a torx head that has a stripped head. It was the last screw to be removed from a set of scope rings so that I could change the scope. Any Ideas on how to remove it.
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    WTB _ Magazine Conversion for Model 81 Remington

    I'm looking for a Krieger Detachable Magazine conversion with one or two magazines for a Remington Model 81 in 300 Savage.
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    Powder Prices.

    Still watching for Varget, Reloader-22 and Reloader-19
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    Anyone Forming 225 Winchester Brass

    The supplies of used 225 Winchester brass have dried up. Winchester has made special runs of it on occasion but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen soon. There are some custom companies offering it new but at $5+ per case, which is just too expensive! Does anyone have any experience in...