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  1. 7mmstw

    Cast Performance 260gr WFNGC for the .44

    Coyote but they get shot with whatever I have I test all handgun loads & bullets on green fresh cut Douglas fir rounds…I shoot into the end then split logs to measure the penetration it’s how I ended up loading Hornady XTP on damn near every caliber I shoot but expansions is the key to XTP...
  2. 7mmstw

    Cast Performance 260gr WFNGC for the .44

    I believe the 255 kieth with a gas check is same or similar at 260 grains in weight blue dot is spectacular but only close to max loads it not one to perform well at starting loads . Vehit n110 is very accurate with less blast than 296 or h110 but the Hodgdon powders are faster velocity by a...
  3. 7mmstw


    Where are you located I’m your buyer paypal?
  4. 7mmstw

    QL Request 260 Rem

    RE,19 & RE,17 are both spectacular in my mountain rifle 260 rem With both 130 accubond & 125 partition if you can find some
  5. 7mmstw

    Wanted: Nosler 190 ABLR 308"

    I have 2 boxes of 190 lrab 2nds call or text 503 260 7202 RT.
  6. 7mmstw

    Stuck on the 25's.

    I know the pain…and joy from 257 group 1st gun 25-35 savage 1899 & still have it also own 250 sav 99… 257 Roberts mauser 98 x2 25-06 rem 700 & m98 I built myself 257 wby rem 700 Cdl. X 2 why vanguard & 1 m98 Roy wby clone in 257 wby. love the 257 crowd
  7. 7mmstw

    Savage 99 Project

    Yes he said it likes 85 grain ballistic tips as he introduced them to several coyotes
  8. 7mmstw

    Savage 99 Project

    Lol…he cares enough to help me out for sure….lol seems like the 85 ballistic tip like the coyotes he introduced them too
  9. 7mmstw

    Savage 99 Project

    Love every aspect of this! I had a shot out 300 sav. had a DOUGLAS bechrest contour 1 in 10 .257 barrel that didn’t get used for it’s original intention so I took them both to the smith had him fit it snugly & cut it down to 22 “ & about #4 mid weight chamber it in 250 savage I bought a...
  10. 7mmstw

    Bullet Wish List for 2022

    125 grain .257 LRAB OR 120 LRAB IN 257
  11. 7mmstw

    257 ABLR ? 120-125?

    120 long range been 6 yrs Still not out yet? Still holding my breath…lol
  12. 7mmstw

    Flaig's Rifles

    I found one by complete accedent. ..bought a 7x57 for donner action Found how how great the lil bugger shot. ..wonderd why& pulled the stock... Only to find all the flaig ace markings. ..ended up building a lightweight gun for my Middle daughter ..fits her great ..low recoil absolutely loves...
  13. 7mmstw

    300 blk 150 grain data?

    Thank you for posting the extra data....but I was wondering WHY.? NOSLER 8.... Didn't have a 150 grain data... Or why nosler inc. Chose not to load it..? I loaded some up...I will post some results after I get a range day soon. Maybe it's not a big deal in the real world ? Just seemed odd to me...
  14. 7mmstw

    300 blk 150 grain data?

    Anyone work with 150 balistic tips?
  15. 7mmstw

    H335 for 7MM-08

    Hogdon shows data for 7-08 & h335 from 100 gain all the way up to 162 grain bulles.. I used imr4350 & RE.17 in mine...4350 & 140 accubonds gave severel odd shaped clover leaf groups In my opinion if I worked on it I think I could get the re17 to similar groups..
  16. 7mmstw

    300 blk 150 grain data?

    I just put together a 300 blk upper Shocked to see nosler # 8 only shows data up to 140 grain?? Why I am wondering? Seems to be very little difference in velocity between 125 gn vs 150 gn balistics tips Everthing else bieng equal the 150 should work better on pigs or blacktail? Am I missing...
  17. 7mmstw

    25-06 90 grain sierra blitzking powder choice?

    I use reloder 19 with an 85 balistic tip fast & super accurate on yotes
  18. 7mmstw

    Nosler ABLR

    Any news of a 257 LRAB? I VOTE for 125 gn Over .550 bc?
  19. 7mmstw

    257 Weatherby.

    The 100 grain in 257 is a hunting bullet I believe. ..the 85 gr is a varmint bullet...I have driven the 85s up to 3600 fps in 25-06...don't think you will have an issue
  20. 7mmstw

    257 ABLR ? 120-125?

    Anyone heard if nosler is working on introduction of now LRAB this winter? Let's keep pushing for 125 in 257....even 120 would work....550 +bc