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    Handloading Supply

    Is/Has anyone used this supplier?
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    Stripped Screw Head

    I have a 6-48 screw with a torx head that has a stripped head. It was the last screw to be removed from a set of scope rings so that I could change the scope. Any Ideas on how to remove it.
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    WTB _ Magazine Conversion for Model 81 Remington

    I'm looking for a Krieger Detachable Magazine conversion with one or two magazines for a Remington Model 81 in 300 Savage.
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    Anyone Forming 225 Winchester Brass

    The supplies of used 225 Winchester brass have dried up. Winchester has made special runs of it on occasion but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen soon. There are some custom companies offering it new but at $5+ per case, which is just too expensive! Does anyone have any experience in...
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    BLC-(2), Who uses it?

    With the powder shortages these days I find myself with 3#s of BLC-(2) on the shelf. I know that it can be a versatile meat and potatoes kind of powder but is there any cartridge and load where it really shines?
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    The One You Didn't Buy

    I think we've all seen a rifle on a shelf and kick ourselves for not pulling the trigger and buying it. Mine was an early Ruger 77 in 6.5X55 (excellent condition, tang safety, red butt pad). Since that day I've been to many gun shows and in hundreds of gun shops and have not run across another...
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    Opinion on Nickeled Brass

    I personally don't like working with nickeled rifle brass as I find neck tension to be on the extreme side. Normally I end up inside neck turning or use an expansion die with a turning mandrel to get the tension that I want. But even then my loads never seen to shoot as well as with plain brass...
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    .17 Caliber 30 Grain bullets

    I'm currently shooting Chan Nagel's NT000 30 grain bullets in my .17 Remington for Coyotes. Chan is ceasing to make bullets for the time being and I am starting to run low. I want to stick with 30 grainers as they produce clean kills out to 350 yards and are very fur-friendly. I used 30 grain...
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    How did you get started reloading?

    I was a junior member of a rifle and pistol club that was affiliated with the Department of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM). Through the DCM we would get surplus military and .22 Rimfire ammunition. We would take military ammunition and pull the bullets, neck size, and seat soft point bullets of the...
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    Need solid base ballistic coefficient

    Does anyone have an older Nosler reloading manual that would list the ballistic coefficient of the .284/7mm 140 grain solid base bullets?
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    Looking for Sauer replacement bolt Knob

    I thinking about purchasing a Sauer 100 XT in 6.5x55 but the bolt knob is absolutely ugly! Has anyone replaced one yet? If so, was it custom or were you able to source it from someplace?
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    What has happened to Speer?

    I'm seeing some product coming out of the other bullet manufactures but almost nothing from Speer. What has happened to them? I emailed their sales and they don't reply and suppliers will not take backorders. I've used their 120 grain SBT in my 257 Ackley Improved but have run out and am going...
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    Another Whelen Project

    I picked up a Ruger 1AB 30/06 that is new in the box from a friend. My plan is to ship it to JES and have it rebored to 35 Whelen or 35 Whelen Ack Imp. Does anyone know if JES does a 35 Whelen Ack Imp chambering when he rebores? Please give me your thoughts on going 35 Whelen or 35 Whelen Ack...
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    Quality Basic Brass - 338-06 AI

    I was given a bag of Quality Basic brass that is head stamped 338-06 Ack Imp. I've never formed anything from "basic" brass, so would like to get some ideas of the steps needed to form this to 338-06 Ackley Improved. Please share your thoughts.
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    .257 120 grain Grand Slam Discontinued?

    I received an email from Midway saying that the Speer .257 120gr Grand Slam was discontinued. This is kind of disappointing as I just worked up loads in my .257 Roberts Ackley Improved using it last fall. I hoping it just means that Midway is just not going to stock them. I emailed Speer but...
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    Extending the throat in a 338-06AI

    I had LRI install an M16 extractor with dual ejectors in the bolt of my 700 Remington 338-06AI. The work that they did to the bolt face has changed my seating depth. My 210 gr NPTs are now pushing into the rifling. I can either seat them deeper or extend the throat/free bore. Since the rifle...
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    Wisconsin 2020 Gun Deer Season

    This is the first deer that I've taken with my .257 Ackley. A rechambered Remington 722 that was in .257 Roberts. It was a one-shot kill at 164 yards with 120 grain Speer Grand Slam. He only went about 35 yards after the hit and the 120 provided a good blood trail with an entrance and exit. I'm...
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    Browning X-Bolt loads not coming together

    I working on developing a 300 Win Mag 180 grain AB load for a Browning X-Bolt, with factory synthetic stock and factory light contour fluted barrel. I've exhausted attempts with RL-22 (best was 1.5" @ 100 yds), IMR-7828SSC and am working with IMR-4350 now. It has not showing a lot promise yet...
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    Model 70 Safety Problem

    The problem......Post 64 Model 70 (Push Feed). I cock the bolt. I move the lever to safe. I pull the trigger. Gun does not fire but I hear a light 'click'. I move the lever off safe and the gun immediately fires without me pulling the trigger. If I take the bolt out of my model 670 Winchester...
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    .358 Win Users

    I'm planning to hunt Wisconsin white tail this fall with a .358 Win Savage 99C that I acquired. It shoots group sizes about 1"-1.50" at 100 yds. with 200 gr Hornady Interlock PSP, 49.5 gr of TAC, WLRM primers and Starline brass. I had no experience with this cartridge prior to acquiring the...