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    Tiny Two and more

    Duiker and Steenbok from 2017 trip Bushbuck and Black Wildebeest from 2017 trip and the Blue Wildebeest is from 2013
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    Springbok mounts and Nyala

    Springbok mounts --White, Common, Black and a Euro Common one. Nyala mount
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    Mr. Baboon home

    Here is my Baboon I had mounted from my 2017 hunt. I shot 13 and brought home 5 skulls
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    Market for Range pick up 223/5.56 & 38sp

    Is there a market for 223/5.56 range pick up mixed headstamp brass? I have several gallon sized baggies full that I do not need. If there is a market what is the going rate for it unprocessed? I also have some 38sp brass--once fired
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    Data for 6.5X300W anyone???

    Looking for load dat for my new 6.5X300W. Bullets plan to use/try Barnes 100gr and 120TTSX and some 127LRX IF I can find the 127gr ones as nobody has them in stock. Swift 130gr Sirocco and 140gr A-frames. Maybe 120gr A-Frames???? Nosler 140gr PAR and maybe 130gr AB I have new brass, Fed...
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    Yellow Mongoose is home

    I picked up my Yellow Mongoose today. I wanted something a bit different that not everyone would have and shot this with a 22RF on my 2017 trip. I really like how it turned out and think I did get an uncommon trophy. I really like it. :) Looks like I may be able to pick up my Zebra rug this...
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    Want to hunt these

    I want to go and hunt one of these for my wall
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    Almost Springbok slam

    Well I almost did a Springbok slam but did not finish it. Two reasons---First the copper is too much money and Two it looks too much like a Common Springbok to me to pay the amount wanted for it. I do not NEED a slam anyway. I got the Common, Black and White which are the ones I like anyway.
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    SA animals finally cleared inspections.

    Hunted SA in May 2017 and my crate of animals has finally arrived and cleared inspections. I was beginning to think they would never get here and then the stupid libtard democraps would shut down the gov again. That happened in 2013 and I had to pay for 4 extra days of storage. But they will be...
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    Finally Animals ready to Ship

    Hunted May 2017 and have been waiting on permits for months. Just got an email that everything is ready to ship. Monday I will go to the bank to wire money to the shipper so maybe I can get them before X-mas. Finally able to start looking ahead for my mounts to get started. I am a happy camper...
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    New Leupold

    I have mounted 100's of scopes for myself and others over the years. I mounted a new VX2 Leupold 3X9X40 on my Tikka T-3 Lite in 6.5X55 with Tikka rings the other day. This is replacing an old Varri-X II 3X9X40 Leupold. I went to the range to zero it in and be the RSO for the day. Thought I would...
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    Comparing the 26Nosler to 264win mag and 6.5X300

    I handload all my hunting rounds. I do not load match bullets or ammo. I am a hunting and usually get very, very small groups with my hunting bullets at max loads. Max loads allows for less mental mathematics when hunting. I have a 6.5X55 and a 264win mag and like both. I like the 6.5 (and...
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    Returned for 2nd trip

    I just returned from spending about a month in South Africa. Shot a complete spiral slam. Got some other excellent animals. Used a 338Win mag with 225gr Swift A-Frames again and a 257Weatherby with 100gr TTSX and 120gr A-Frames shooting to almost the same spot. The monkeys, one bird and yellow...
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    Anyone need Fed 215 primers?

    Anyone need Fed 215 primers? I just got 4-10,000. Been waiting more than a year. To top it off it was at a fair price. If you need some PM me.
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    Nosler brass questions

    I have the "fully prepped" Nosler brass in several cartridges. My questions are: A) It says nothing about the primer pockets. Have they been uniformed or not? B) It also says nothing about being trimmed to same length. Have they been trimmed before they were chamfered? I ask because I am headed...
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    Kudu Mount Home

    Finally got my Kudu mount home from my 2013 trip to South Africa with Iliwa Safaris. The stuff has been here in the states for a long time but the mount just got finished up. My Gemsbuck is next to get home. I saw him starting on it this week. Shot with a Ruger M77 in 338Win mag using 225gr...
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    308 125gr Accubonds ??

    Is Nosler even making these 125gr 308cal Accubonds? I have not found any. Maybe I do not know where to look. Nothing local, none at local Bass Pro, cabelas are not listed/backordered, Graf is out. Any ideas. I have a 16" Encore pistol I think they would be good it. I am hoping they are better...
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    Waterbuck mount

    I got my Waterbuck from SA mount home. It is big. It is 5' and I have 8' ceilings. It was a SCI Siler #89 and measured 76.75". I like how it looks on my wall.
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    Browning Hi-Power rifle stock

    I just picked up a older Browning Hi-Power model 264Win mag bolt action rifle made in Belgium. It has the mil 98 looking action. I would like to put a B&C stock on it. I am not sure which will fit. Has anyone ever replaced the stock on one of these? If so what model stock did you use? On a side...
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    See Right Scope??

    I just picked up an older Browning Hi-Power Model Belgium made bolt action rifle in 264Win mag with Buehler bases/rings and a scope I have never heard of. It is a 3X9X33 See Right brand(?) as I can find no other brand markings on it. Has anyone ever heard of a See Right brand scope?? The rifle...