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  1. 1100 Remington Man

    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Headed out to Idaho next week Bear hunting with Guide. We are going to do hunting over Bait, Spot and Stalk and Dogs and I have two tags in different zones. I’ll let you guys decide what to take. Rifles # 1 6mm Rem with 100gr Hornady BTSP scope 2.5x8 36mm # 2 .264 Win Mag with 130gr...
  2. 1100 Remington Man

    Idaho Black Bear

    Did not draw a Elk license. Changing plans looking to Idaho for a Guided Black Bear hunt because of 2 bear limit any sugestions ? Thanks. Open to other ideas for a fall hunt, for 2 hunters.
  3. 1100 Remington Man

    Ring Torque?

    Mounted a Scope today. Rock River with Leupold mount & Vortex 1-6 24mm Razer E Vortex says not to torque rings more than 18 inch lb and the Leupold Mount says 28 inch lb. I just went with 18 inch lb per Vortex. This should do correct ?
  4. 1100 Remington Man

    What to Do Savage 99 ?

    Well what to do sell it, keep it, shoot it ? I won this rifle over 35 years ago in a Bar pool on a $ 3.00 ticket. Gave it to my Brother and now I have it back. Never Fired .308 Win Savage 99, I will say it has nice lines to it for a 120 year old design.
  5. 1100 Remington Man

    Will I get it ?

    Well after many many years being on the fence about a AR15 and with my Brother telling Me I should have one. A couple weeks ago I went to the local gun store and ordered a Rockriver A4 .223 Rem 5.56 Wylde chamber with a stainless barrel 20 inch 1-8 twist and chrome Varmint trigger 3.5lb Now...
  6. 1100 Remington Man

    Remington 700 Scope Change

    I have had this rifle since the mid 1970’s Remington 700 BDL 6mm Rem. I originally had a Weaver fixed four power scope on it for a few years then I thought I needed more power in a scope. Then it had a Weaver 3x9 40mm micro track for close to 40 years with Weaver rings & Bases and was extremely...
  7. 1100 Remington Man

    What's New Nosler

    I'm kind of surprised we have not heard anything from Nosler of New products for 2021. I know all Manfactures of ammunition products are busy but usually that does not stop development of new products. Just curious.
  8. 1100 Remington Man

    Where's the Hunting Ammo & Primers Glad I have Primers to load for my Rifles for a few years for hunting.
  9. 1100 Remington Man

    Well how many rounds do you shoot ?

    I have not shot my 300 H&H Mag for a couple years and plan on taking it Elk hunting. I fired a total of three rounds to check zero. It is sighted dead on at 300 yards last time I shot it. I fired three shots at 100 yards and I called the first shot slightly left on the first shot. I would of...
  10. 1100 Remington Man

    Peep Sights coming the end !!!

    Went to the range today to try several different brands of .22LR in my Marlin 39A with Williams Peep sight. What I learned My vision is getting where I could not shoot a very small groups the best was around 1.5 inch and worst 4 inch pattern. It depended what the target looked like also. My...
  11. 1100 Remington Man

    Remington 11-87 Durability

    The 11-87 in the bottom of the Photo I have is over 30 years old and has in excess of 50,000 rounds and could be as high as 75,000 rounds. With it I have shot my best league score of 248x250 and the gun did not cause me to miss the two. How many Parts have broken 30 plus years Zero yes. I...
  12. 1100 Remington Man

    How good Does a Japanese Rifle Shoot ?

    I was out to my Friend Rifle Range the other day shooting my .223 Rem and He wanted me to shoot one of His Rifles a WWII Japanese action a Herter’s Stock a Barrel he installed in .243 Win. and Timmy Trigger. A Beautiful Rifle but two quirks it’s Safety which I liked and it cocks the action on...
  13. 1100 Remington Man

    Lake City Brass or the Coffee ?

    Loaded up some Lake City Brass for my .223 Rem Load as follow with a flyer, I did not sort it buy date or weight just bought it ready to load and this the results. .223 Rem Lake City Brass 50gr Sierra Blitz King Primer WSR V-133 25.4gr COAL 2.26 Average FPS 3518.8 ES 26 This is close...
  14. 1100 Remington Man

    What is everyone using in there Brass Polisher ?

    The reason I ask is I just polished a few hundred.223 Rem cases looked great when I took them out of vibrater, but I wiped them all off then was sizing them and putting them in a gallon bucket when I noticed green flakes all over on my sized cases. Went from clean to greasy with green...
  15. 1100 Remington Man

    .223 Rem & Nosler 40gr BT

    Today’s weather 55F wind 10-20mph. .223 Rem Brass Lake City Powder H335 Primer WSR COAL 2.2 Had a few problems with mag-speed my fault Just a 20 round group looking for pressure signs and did not see any in my Rifle M700 26 inch barrel. Sierra list H335 29.1 max with there 40gr...
  16. 1100 Remington Man

    Weatherby Rifles Quality ?

    Just curious if the Rifles coming out of Wyoming are as good as build Quality as before the move. I know training employees takes time. What have you been seeing or hearing ? I know my Brothers Vanguard and Mark 5 are very nice rifles but those are the only ones I have seen in the field.
  17. 1100 Remington Man

    Remington Magazine Box

    Quick question guys. Does anyone know the magazine box length on Remington 700 6mm Rem short action box length ? Also Remington 700 .223 Rem short action box length. What length is Max length can you reload to still get correct functioning as I don't want single shot in my hunting Rifles...
  18. 1100 Remington Man

    .223 Rem QL Request

    I want to try a new powder in my Rem. 700 VSII Barrel 26 inch .223 Rem with Hornady's. 53gr V-Max and Nosler 55gr BT and Benchmark Powder Thanks .223 Rem Case Brass, Lake City Primer CCI 450 Bullet Hornady 53gr V-Max Powder Benchmark COAL 2.330 .223 Rem. Case Brass. Lake...
  19. 1100 Remington Man

    Predators It's not just Wyoming. IMHO. He is a Coyote Hunter Les Johnson and is a excellent shot
  20. 1100 Remington Man

    Colorado 2020 with 10 points

    If you had 10 points where would you go and any Outfitter ? Or would you make it a DIY hunt ? I’m still in good enough shape for another back pack hunt in me but I would pay a packer to get it back to the road on horses. Any and all ideas welcomed, I would like to use these points.