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    What to do with a Remington 742?

    Grandpa passed last week. I'll spare the details. But the point is that even though I would have probably never purchased a rifle like this myself, I'm now in possession of one and it has quite a bit of sentimental value to me. First of all, this rifle is the 22" version and chambered in 30-06...
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    70 VLD and 69 TMK

    I shot one of each of these into jugs the other day. MV on the VLD should have been just over 3,000 fps, and the 69 should have been closer to 3,050. Rifle is a Howa Mini with 1:9" twist barrel. Jugs were setup at 20 paces. Both bullets ended up in the third jug. Recovered bullets consisted of a...
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    QL Request for a friend

    My buddy in CO is thinking of trying the 265 ABLR or 210 Swift Scirocco in his .340 Weatherby. He's got RL26, along with several other powders, and wondering what his top-end might be with those bullets. Anybody care to see what Quickload thinks?
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    Best use of a Rem700 SA?

    I always thought a 7-08 on a Remington 700 short action in a light stock would be about the ultimate general purpose(and affordable) hunting rifle. 120-160 grain bullets for anything from coyotes to elk. But will all the rage around the 6.5's these days, and especially the Creedmoor, I'm...
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    30-06, 200AB, 180PT, 130TTSX, and 19 jugs

    We took the baby back to my parents' to visit family this weekend, so I shot some jugs for the first time in too long. Before we left, I just loaded up 1 each of the three title bullets and a load that I knew would be safe but near-ish max. I threw 20 empty jugs I had been saving and my...
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    30-06: Case Capacity Comparison

    All the 30-06 interest of late had me wondering, so I measured the case capacity on some of my brass. All of these have been fired in my rifle, a 2008 Win70 Featherweight. They will have higher capacity than unfired brass and not necessarily the same capacity as brass fired in a different...
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    6.5 Grendel in a bolt action

    I bought a Howa Mini in 6.5 Grendel back at the end of 2016. It's the 20" heavy-barreled model. It's a handy little rifle that tips the scales at barely over 6 lbs before scope, after a couple hours with an orbital sander to slim and lighten the stock. I haven't gotten out shooting nearly as...
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    Looking for input on 30-06 loads

    My m70 featherweight hasn't ever been a great-shooting rifle. It doesn't much care for 180's. It doesn't shoot different weight bullets anywhere near the same location. The barrel heats up quickly and it doesn't group with a hot barrel. Load development has always been a struggle. Up until...
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    6.5 Grendel 123 a-max

    I caught a couple bullets today. First was a handload that clocked 2614 fps on its way to the jugs at 25 paces. It made a tiny dent in the back of the 3rd, but the jacket and core were laying in the bottom of that jug. Combined weight for the two pieces is 68.2 grains. It looks just like I had...
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    30-06 vs others??

    The thread on 30-06 vs 7mm RM got me thinking... A .338 WM is basically a big 30-06. It will push a 250 grain bullet to about 2750. Or at least that's as fast as I can get mine to push a 250. 200's don't quite get 3K in my rifle. And 185 ttsx's, for whatever reason, don't really go much faster...
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    My last QL request. Ever.

    I know you guys probably get sick of all the QL requests and I feel bad asking. I want to buy the program. But all of my extra money always seems to go towards other stuff. And my old laptop would need to be replaced in addition to the cost of the program... Feel free to shoot me down, but if...
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    A strange quickload request

    A friend of mine asked me if I had any load data for a 220 swift with a 77 grain Sierra. Of course, none of my manuals have data for this combo of anything even close to it, and a Google search doesn't come up with any results. There aren't even a lot of results for a 22-250ai with that bullet...
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    140 npt, 7mm-08

    I tried twice to catch one of these, but was unsuccessful. Regardless, I figured I'd report on their performance. First, I lined up seven jugs to be safe. At 25 yards and with a muzzle velocity of approximately 2850 fps, the first 140 partition blasted through 5 jugs, squirted out the back...
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    162 a-max, 7mm-08

    Fired into milk jugs from 25 yards, muzzle velocity approx 2700 fps, found in bottom of third jug with no mark on the back of the jug, recovered jacket/core weigh 62.8 grains. There were some small fragments laying around, but I didn't bother picking them up.
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    120 nbt, 7mm-08

    Fired into milk jugs at 25 yards, muzzle velocity approx 3020, found in the bottom of the third jug, remaining jacket/core weighs 64.4 grains.
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    87 hornady hpbt, 243 win

    I shot one of these into milk jugs yesterday. It was found in the bottom of the third jug, with no mark on the back of the jug. The remaining jacket still had some lead in it, which fell out of the jacket when I picked it up. The remaining jacket/core weigh 31.9 grains. Range was 25 yards...
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    QL Request?

    I know you guys must get sick of running these for people, and I need to buy the program myself(along with a new laptop that actually works), but would anyone mind running a 108 and/or 123 lapua scenar in a 6.5x55 at 62k psi? I'm curious how the old warhorse will do at modern pressures and with...
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    Any requests for milk jug testing?

    It's going to be awhile before I can get enough milk jugs to go another round, but I'm already starting to think about which bullets to try next. This stuff is fun! I have on hand: .243 87 Hornady hpbt, 90 AB, 100 grain Hornady btsp, and 105 a-max 6.5x55 142 SMK and 140 CC 7mm-08 or 7mm RM 120...
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    200 NBT, 338WM

    This bullet performed about like I expected. Retained weight after being shot into milk jugs at 20 yards is 130.6 grains. Expansion is wide and deep, with a good bit of the lead core still attached to the remaining shank/base. The bullet's muzzle velocity should have been right around 3000...
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    180 NBT, 30-06

    Being one of the ballistic tips rumored to have tougher construction, I had high hopes for this bullet. It didn't disappoint. It was found in the bottom of its 6th milk jug. There was a dent/small cut in the back of that 6th jug. Muzzle velocity should have been a shade over 2700 fps...