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  1. nhenry

    McMillan stock

    I have no need for it, but one of y’all might. Starting price is $200 McMillan BDL lefty stock inletted for a Remington 700LH long action that I practiced a sponge paintjob on. I hogged out the barrel channel to fit a Proof Sendero Light before I got a stock that was built for it. LOP is 13 1/2”
  2. nhenry

    280 AI to 280 Remington

    You've all heard of fireforming 280 Remington brass to make 280AI brass, but can you FL size it back down to 280 Rem brass? Just something I'm curious about.
  3. nhenry

    QL Request 25-06 edition

    Can one of you kind gents run a couple loads for me? 25-06, 24" 1:7.5 tw barrel 1) 115gr Ballistic Tips, H4831, Hornady brass, CCI 200 2) 121gr Hammer Hunters, H4831, Hornady brass, CCI 200 The first one I think will be a ballistic duplicate of a 280 Ackley load I'm developing, but Nosler...
  4. nhenry

    257 cal bullet FS

    For all you quarter bore fans: I’m getting rid of extra bullets I have that I’ll never use. 100gr Speer BTSP - Qty. 108 117gr Hornady InterLock BTSP - Qty. 169 sold Shoot me an offer if interested.
  5. nhenry

    QL Request for 280 AI

    I have a QuickLOAD request if possible. 280 Ackley with 169 Hammer Hunters and H4350 and H4831 using a 24" 1:8 tw barrel. I read that Hammers were in an update, if not that's alright.
  6. nhenry

    Thinking up a wildcat

    Hello all, I was told a while back on another forum that the 280AI was pretty limited on the Tikka platform because of the magazine length. So that got the cogs turning. This wildcat is based loosely on the principles of the 6.5 Creedmoor, but I'll explain. The creed was designed for long...
  7. nhenry

    Been working on a rifle build

    I've been building a custom Rem 700 for a few months now and the stock finally came in. It's not complete yet, but here are the current and future specs: Trued Rem 700LH receiver Proof Sendero Light 24", 1:8 twist 7mm barrel chambered in 280 Ackley Improved Muzzle threaded 5/8x24 for muzzle...