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    WTB: .277, 130gr Accubonds

    If anyone has any to spare 1st’s or 2nd’s, I’d like to buy a box or two of .277, 130gr Accubonds. I’ve been checking all the usual online stores for the past year and haven’t seen any at all. Thanks
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    WTB: Vintage Nosler bullets for collection

    Long shot I know but I’d like to get a box of the old partitions for my collection. Looking for the original red/white box. Any caliber/weight. Thanks.
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    .451 260gr Handgun Partitions

    Would like to get a box of these to try in my muzzle loader. Anyone have any they can sell? Thanks.
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    Nosler Custom Handloaded 270 ammo

    By chance does anyone have any idea when the handloaded 270 w/130gr Accubond will be available? Thanks.