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    I have a jug of IMR4831 I had bought last year, thinking to use it for the 7mm and 300 Win Mag once I run out of RL22, I have about a pound left. Wondering if you folks had good experiences with IMR4831 in the 7mm / 30 magnum cartridges.
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    6.5 Creed and 120 Nosler BT

    After vigorous scrubbing and brushing to remove the carbon rings out of the 3 rifles, I was only able to remove more than half of the black streaks between the lands, only black streaks shows in the first 30% of the barrel, the rest are clean and no more carbon rings either. I was curious on how...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    What are your best carbon remover for tough baked carbon in your rifle bores?
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    Borescoping 7mm Magnum

    I ran the Teslong through the 7mm Mag barrel after cleaning with Bore Tech Eliminator, started at the chamber end, first picture shows the top of the neck area in the chamber, it looks like a carbon ring, not sure, 2nd picture is a little ahead of the start of the lands, 3rd picture is a tad...
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    Which borescope

    I'm looking to purchase a bore scope, I'm curious what I may see in my barrels. I see there are different Teslong models from 20 cal and up. Which models are you guys using that works for you? Any reviews or recommendations on different brands are welcome.
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    Yay, I won the debate

    I have been reloading in the garage and its so hot in there. I had weighed my powders in my office in the past and go to my garage to use my presses, and my wife complained about me weighing powders in the house. Ever since I respected her wishes and weighed my powders in the garage, and...
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    BR-2 primers on Natchez
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    Good day of fishing

    Got my boat out of the shop after some maintenance performed to it, headed out to the bay and it was nice and cool. Throwing artificials did not land any keepers, but some dinks and several skipjacks. Went to plan B, drove up to a shoreline where I see some jumping bait along the banks in 1 to 3...
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    Testing 6.5 Creed / 147's

    I have no need to test bullets since my rifle loves the Ballistic Tips and ELD-X, but I'm bored and wanted to try the 147's in the 6.5 Creed. :LOL: New Nosler brass, full sized bushing, .263 mandrel run through the necks, CCI 200 primer, H4350 and 147 ELD-M. Bullet kissing the lands is 2.937"...
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    List of bullets for sale

    Not sure how to insert the WTS icon. I'm more into hunting bullets nowadays, clearing my shelves. Need all these gone. I feel silly selling target bullets on a hunting forum. :LOL: There may be a few target shooters lurking in the shadows. Bullet list for sale: 6.5mm Sierra 142 grain Matchking...
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    Eliminating dust issues in tumblers using walnut

    I have used the Midway walnut / corn cob tumbler for 20 plus years, but not as often as I like to for one reason,,,,dust. I don't like seeing dust inside my tumbled cases and the need to wipe down the cases after each tumbling and its a pain in the butt cleaning my necks of dust. I dusted off...
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    Nice morning at the range

    Re-tested the 6.5 Creed again using the Hot Cors in .005" increments out to .030" using the virgin Lapua brass and I gave up on those bullets, strange thing is the 40.5 load had opened up like those previous awful groups, seating depths has not helped. So for this reason I'm out, not doing...
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    6.5 Creed and 140 Hot Cors

    The 140 Hot Cors did not work well for the 6.5 x 284 last month, gave up on it for the ELD-147's, but decided to try the Hot Cors in the 6.5 Creed for fun. I am not expecting one hole groups with this bullet. I had a half pound of Hybrid100V sitting there for years, decided to waste it for this...
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    Quickload February 2022 Update

    I have the Quickload version V3.9 and they released a new update. Just ordered the disc for the latest release for $15.95
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    Testing the 6BR / 95 SMK

    Been using the 107 SMK and Varget in the 6BR recently, had a hard time to get one hole groups and it did .25 MOA at its best, and I switched to the 95 grain SMK to find max pressure / velocity, wind conditions 15 mph with some gusts 6BR, BR-4 primer, Varget, full sized bushing, .242" mandrel...
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    Testing the 147's in 6.5 x 284 ( Continued )

    Continued fireforming Lapua brass, worked up charges in .4 increments to find max pressure / velocity. Recent highest work up was at 50.5 grains at 2717 fps average in recent post. H4831SC, virgin Lapua brass, full sized bushing, .263" mandrel, BR2 primer, 147 ELD-M 50.6 grains - 2735, 2733...
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    1 million bullets to Ukraine US sending bullets to Ukraine. Where are our Nosler Ballistic Tips and Accubonds? It's been almost 2 years for those 6.5's. Those bullets are dearly missed.
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    Testing the 147's in 6.5 x 284

    Left for the range with a large Yeti of coffee, tried the Hot Cors for the 3rd time in the 6.5 x 284 and this time with IMR 4831 and again it was shooting not the way I want, so I'm giving up on this Hot Cor 140 bullet and might give it a try in the 6.5 Creedmoor or sell it, lol. Still got a...
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    6.5 x 284

    A month ago, I had tried a few 3 round groups ( H4831SC ) with the Hot Cors 140's in Lapua brass in the new GAP 6.5 x 284, and it did not shoot well and was all over the map ( 1.5 inches at the most ) instead of being consistent. I noticed a little hesitant feeling on the start of the seating...
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    Heads up, BR 2 primers at Brownells

    Just grabbed a brick there.