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    West Virginia Firearms Season - 3 Weeks in the Woods

    I hunt WV a great deal. Spot on account of hunting conditions there. Love that you also never miss the opportunity to take a predator...good job!
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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    Practice from field positions at the distances you mentioned with the .340 and 250 AB. Experience shooting off a bi-pod , pack, etc will instill much confidence when on the hunt !
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    I took my first elk with the .270 and the 150 Barnes original. Worked just fine. What you have to consider is distance , angle of the shot, and other factors. Bullet placement is of course key. I love the .270win. All my subsequent elk have been taken with my .338 WM and a 225 partition.
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    .458 Diameter 300 grain Bonded bullet search...

    My Savage ML2 shoots .458 bullets in the harvester black sabot at 1" Velocity is 2,100 FPS. So what bonded 300 grainers/.458 Diam. are out there that will expand at impact velocities under 2,00 FPS?
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    Sight upgrade help.

    I'm trying to find it in stock. If anyone see's that available please let me know. Thanks!
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    Did the third pillar and glass bedding improve accuracy? Did you have a bolt stop screw...

    Did the third pillar and glass bedding improve accuracy? Did you have a bolt stop screw installed or are you happy with the arrowhead 3/8 plug since its easier to remove?
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    Modern ML Suggestions

    Are you wanting smokeless or black powder? .50 or .45?
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    Sight upgrade help.

    Called Lyman. They believe it would fit.
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    Sight upgrade help. Is this the sight you are referring to?
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    Heading To Southeast Ohio With My Boomer

    Nice rifle !!! Good luck
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    Electronic Powder Measure

    I have not had any problems with florescent light Dan.
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    Happy Birthday, DrMike

    Happy birthday Buddy!!!! Thanks for all your hard work here. I sense many more trips around the sun ........
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    Sight upgrade help.

    The factory sight is orange Dan. I'd like to get a firesight type rear sight.
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    2021 Hunting Pictures

    I agree Mike. I have been very fortunate to have hunted a great deal in North America and taken many species. Here locally I can hunt every day of the season. Recently just knowing you have achieved your goal of the perfect harvest situation, not squeezing the trigger can be very satisfying. l...
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    Read this before you donate !!!!!!

    Yeah, The Wayner is a real problem.....
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    2021 Hunting Pictures

    Thanks Mike, I saw him first on these trail cam pics here on my property. I hunt other areas as well trying to determine where the nicer bucks are and then concentrate on those spots in season. This guy popped up several more times in season BUT always moving through thick brush in hot pursuit...
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    Sight upgrade help.

    I have a Lyman Deerstalker flintlock. As per state Regs, must have metallic sights. I like the williams fire sights but they dont make any for this rifle. Any suggestions?
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    2021 Hunting Pictures

    2021 Pa Buck I harvested.
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    Electronic Powder Measure

    Chargemaster 1500. I have had excellent results. I had an older RCBS model for many years. Stayed with that brand.
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    One Bullet One Load

    Nice! I like the rail system for mounting the scope.