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    Tikka T3x Laminate Stainless 260 Rem

    F/S or Trade a like new no longer chambered Tikka t3x laminate stainless 260 rem. Less than 10 rounds down the barrel only to get a quick sight in. It's a typical tikka, accurate. It's sat in the safe for 3 years. Never hunted only mounted the scope and shot those few rounds. Looking for $1100...
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    For Sale SOLD…Kimber 8400 classic 325 WSM

    For sale a like new Kimber classic 325 WSM. It’s in great condition, a few safe marks, blueing near perfect, beautiful piece of wood. Shoots MOA or better. It comes with Burris mounts and rings, Great trigger. Hardly seen the field. Less than 75 rounds down the pipe. $1275 shipped to your FFL...
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    Looking for a 260 Remington

    looking to get a 14 year daughter a 260 Remington. Let me know. Thanks
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    280 Ackley Improved

    Hey all I just finished up a build in a 280 Ackley Improved. I have 12 ackley brass and 40 280 remington I will fire form to ackley. Does anyone have a lead on some 280 AI brass? thanks randy
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    Quickload request please..Dr Mike or anyone willing to help

    Here’s the specs. 280 AI, 24” barrel. Have powders on hand R17,R19,R23,R26. Bullets on the bench, 140 BT,140 Partition, 154 Interbond, 160 accubond. If someone could point me in the right direction I would much appreciate it.
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    280 Ackley Quickload request...for a my first ever build....

    Hey all it seems I'm always asking for help here, I very much appreciate it. I have found some amazing loads from yawl's help. I'm pretty excited about this adventure, I'm gathering stuff for building a 280 AI, I don't want to long a barrel but not too short either. I'm either going with a 24...
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    280 Rem or 280 Ackley?

    OK all, I know these are very close in all applications, especially if they both have 24" and with magic powders like R26. I am looking for a possible build. I currently have a 280 rem and its a take driver, but I'm looking for a lighter rifle and a little more barrel. I could fireform all my...
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    Quickload request please!!

    Ruger Hawkeye 280 rem 140 partition 150 accubond/BT 154 Interbond 160 accubond Winchester brass If you could run it at higher pressures, closer to 270 win tang that would be awesome. Powder Reloder 23 Thanks a bunch
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    R22 or R23 in the 280 Remington?

    Which powder and why? I have 140 partitions, 154 Interbonds and 160 accubond. Thanks
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    260 Rem Quickload Request please!!

    I hear amazing results with Big Game powder and the 7-08, how would it do with the 260 Rem and the 120 BT, 125 PT, 130 Accubond and the 140 BT? thanks in advance.
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    7mm 162 ELDM?

    Would you shoot this bullet at elk? I know a lot of folks have used these types of bullets for hunting. It would be fired from a 280 rem. Tried the 162 ELDX and wasn't impressed. thanks
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    Reloading advice or firsthand experience please.

    I'm looking for a new powder or backup powders for the following calibers.. 260 Rem 270 Win 7mm-08 280 Rem I currently use R17 in the 260 and 7mm-08, R19 and R26 in the 270 and 280. Locally I can get Big Game, R16, StaBall 6.5, R22 and R23. I know R22 is a great powder in the 270 and 280, and...
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    280 remington QL request please!

    would someone be kind enough to run a QL for a 280 rem ruger hawkeyre 22" barrel? If possible run it at or near the 270 win pressures. Bullets I currently have are 140 partition, 140 BT and 160 Accubonds. Powders will be R26, Magpro, or R19, maybe R22. thanks in advance. Randy
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    Ruger Hawkeye 280 remington??

    Does anyone have any experience with this caliber in this particular rifle? I had a 260 that was a real good shooter, but I let my brother take it from my hands. This caliber just keeps me intrigued, I'd love a 280 AI but I can't afford a custom and the others our there haven't gotten me to...
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    Newer Portugal made Winchester Model 70-Stock torque?

    All you Model 70 experts, I need your advice, What is the proper stock/action screw torque? It's a featherweight, wood stock with factory bedding. Thanks
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    Looking for 280 remington brass, new or once fired.

    currently have Remington and Hornady, I can get Winchester but not sure I want Nickel. I know there are other options, gosh some of it's pricey. What do you all shoot brass wise? thanks
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    Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16x42????

    How are these scopes? I don't think they make this particular model any more but I have found one for a pretty good deal i would think, $120 bucks. It is in next to new condition. What do you think?
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    What bullet for the 280 rem.. Anyone used a 154 SST?

    I'm thinking I want to try a little heavier bullet than I currently shoot in my 270 win, the 270 is a tack driver and freezer filler with the 140 AB. I'm leaning toward the 150's or maybe even bigger. A good all round bullet for deer and elk. Looking at the 150 ELD-X, the 150 ABLR, 150 AB...
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    Model 70 Featherweight 280 Loads? Quickload data please

    This will be my first 280 rem, I have 260 rem, 270 win, 7-08's. Bullets and powders on hand are R-26 R-19 R-17 MagPro Hunter 4831 SC 139 SST 139 Hornady Interlock BTSP 140 PT 120 BT Speer 130 BTSP and the previous owner said he was shooting Hornady 154s. The 154 interbond and new 150 AB will...
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    Update! Model 70 Featherweight 280 rem.. I bought it!!

    Would I be short changed with only a 22" barrel? I'm in the process of buying one. What kind of velocities should I get with 140-150 weights? I know accuracy is the utmost but a little speed in doing so would be great as well. thanks