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    I think it's the scope

    Hard to beat the reliability of the older VX-III's!
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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    For me, 1 MOA is acceptable accuracy in my bolt rifles, and .5 MOA or better is "accurate". And like Cloverleaf, I have to be doing my part to produce those groups, and there are days when I can consistently, but have the odd day where I cannot, even though most are more accurate than that...
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    Caution in bear country

    The ol' if I can't see you, you can't see me routine! LOL
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    25 Creedmoor

    Thanks Guy!
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    25 Creedmoor

    Thanks! IMR or H 4350?
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    25 Creedmoor

    Nice shooting! So the 25 Creedmoor is supposed to be virtually identical to the 250AI... The load that I am hoping to develop for my 250AI is with the 110 gr AB. Going to try Re-26 and IMR 4451. Hoping to get 3100-3200 fps. I would be interested in learning what your load is, and what you are...
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    300 wsm

    Get the 180 gr AB ammo and get a new turret for that load...just my great on all game I have taken with this in my 300WSM
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    Another 338

    Have had a chance to sight it in. Shoots nice, although the trigger is pretty heavy (approx. 8 lbs pull), it breaks clean and crisp. The Hdy 200 gr FTX load is producing 2" groups, and the Remington 250 gr Corlokt is just slightly tighter. Definitely not my most accurate Marlin, but still minute...
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    If you had picked .264 as an option, I would recommend 6.5 PRC or 6.5x284. And with the rifle being sub-6#, I would recommend 7mm-08. (I know some Mtn hunters prefer the AI version) If you had said sub-7#, I would have also recommended 7 WSM/SAUM to give the extra in handling recoil for longer...
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    Thinking up a wildcat

    Back when Jamison first came out with his first self-named wildcat, a friend and I thought that the case would make a great short action 375 cartridge. we played with case drawings and dimensions, and even came up with a potential name for it...375 Tuchodi (named after a river in northern BC...
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    .375 Ruger Compared to .375 H&H Mag

    I have shot both the 375 H&H and 375 H&H Improved over the years (friends' rifles, both in Ruger No.1's) and liked both. Since the Improved version is very similar to the 375 Wby, I had thought about going that route to have something a little different. When they announced the 376 Steyr and I...
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    Need for Speed? Let's look at the 204 Ruger... :)

    I had a Remington 700 stainless synthetic rifle chambered in the 204 Ruger for a bit. It was a very accurate rifle and was fun to shoot. Love the fact that you can watch the bullet holes appear in paper when shooting from the bench. A great rifle for working on your flinch! (Should one be so...
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    Stuck on the 25's.

    I know I enjoy carrying my BLR when out hunting, just as I do my Marlins and Winchester's. Haven't yet had the pleasure of packing 99, can't provide a first hand comparison. I keep looking at them, just haven't found the one that had to come home with me yet, incl/ two at a Gunshow today.
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    Been working on a rifle build

    Always good to see another shooter in their "right mind"! Nice project...hope it performs to your expectations.
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    Stuck on the 25's.

    Shadetree, Never heard whether you prefer carrying that 99 instead of the BLR... You know there is welcoming home here in the north for that BLR if that proves to be true! ;)
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    30-30 for hounds and baiting. Light, quick handling and plenty of power for short range shots, even on larger bears. As recommended above, use the 170 gr ammo. Don't under estimate the 30-30 for out to 150-200 yards - still plenty of punch for a bear. Here is where a scope might make it easier...
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    Now for Marlin Maniacs!

    My Marlin 338MX arrived today! In very nice shape, with a little figure in the wood. Mounted a Leupold VX-R 2-7x33 Firedot scope in Leupold rings on a one piece base. Now to wait for some good weather to get out, sight it in and go bear hunting with the wife!
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    Bear Rug

    Very nice! Would look great up on the wall! (And won't get damaged by foot traffic as it would if on the floor)
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    33 Winchester: Powders and bullets with brass

    Since it has been quite awhile since they made bullets for the 33 Winchester (and the 33 OKH wildcat that predated the 338-06), the tag could have been right!
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    Now for Marlin Maniacs!

    I guess I just do not understand the fad of wanting to hang a can on the end of a lever action rifle... It's going to take away from the rifle's natural tendency to be light, easy to carry, mount and shoot, especially in those tight brushy areas where most of these rifles are typically carried...