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    RIP Jerry Fisher

    Well guys, I returned to Germany after a couple of weeks INCONUS and am unsuccessfully attempting to shift gears back to Stuttgart time at 0100 with the assistance of some Ambien and a little concoction that my friends in the Alps affectionately refer to as "jagertee." I and was perusing the...
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    Boar and Roe Buck with the 6.5x68

    Gents, Got lucky and connected with a boar and a roe buck the other day and thought I might post’em up. I hit the boar broadside through the lungs and despite spewing pink froth everywhere, he made it about 50 yards into the thickest briar patch he could find on the mountainside. The buck was...
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    .270 Accubond 150 Grain

    Scratching my head a bit on this one. First off, I'm really excited about the new 150 grain Accubond for .270 aficionados. They've been displayed on the Nosler website for quite some time now. I've also been watching intently for Nosler to finally drop the BC for them. After what seemed like...
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    Difficulties with Nosler Forum in Europe

    Dear Team Nosler, I've recently began experiencing trouble getting onto the Forum from my I-phone here in Europe, Stuttgart specifically. When I click on the site, I get: Error 1020 Access denied This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Performance &...
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    6.5x68 Quickload Request w/125 Partitions

    Hi Guys! Any chance I can get an assist for a list of powders at 64K psi for my 6.5x68 with a 26” barrel and 125 grain Nosler Partitions? Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and thank you in advance! V/R, Joe
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    Heym-Ruger No. 1 in 6.5x68

    With all the Ruger #1 posts going up, I thought I’d join in with my latest report. It’s no secret that I love mountain hunting. I’ve done my best to continue to do so here in Europe and that means hunting gams, aka chamois! Having used a friend’s 25-06 last year on them, I was excited to bring...
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    Red Deer and Barnes 180 TSX from 300 WBY

    So lucked into a Red Deer today using a friend’s, apparently very lucky, Sauer M80 rifle. Was shooting Barnes 180 TSX on top of a 300 WBY, wearing a can. It’s nice and quiet with very little recoil, everything a 300 WBY shouldn’t be. Managed to put one behind the shoulder at a bit under 50...
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    Bavarian Red Deer

    Howdy Guys! Had an opportunity to hunt at one of the military training areas in Bavaria last weekend and was able to harvest a mature buck and a calf for meat. We lucked out and it was the first hunt of the year and the peak of their rut so they were very active and vocal! It’s really neat to...
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    Gamsbock in the Slovenian Alps

    Well friends, we managed to make it happen this weekend above tree line in a snowstorm at a little over 250 yards. It was a steep uphill shot with my friend’s 25-05 with a 1.5x5 scope and those gamsbock are not the largest animals on the planet. The sound of that 117 grain Sierra Game King...
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    Help with an old rifle please!

    Howdy Guys, Life’s been busy and we’ve managed to find our way back to Germany for a second tour. I was fortunate enough to complete the German hunting course and obtain my Jagschein. I purchased a Mannlicher-Schönauer GK in 7x57 and finally had the opportunity to shoot it. To my surprise and...
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    Redding Customer Service

    So I was working on a load for my 300 H&H using Redding dies and realized that I was unable to jam the bullet deep enough to get my desired bullet jump of 0.100”. After speaking with the good folks at Redding, they quickly sent me a new seating plug free of charge that should get me where I...
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    270 Win, 140 AB & RL26 Load Tweak Help

    Howdy Fellas, Just made it back from the range after shooting my 270win. I saw where someone did a QL projection for the 140AB and it showed 62 grains of RL26 as the max load with a pressure of 64K. It was supposed to be good for about 3120 FPS out of a 22” pipe. Today at the range, my ladder...
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    Reduced Recoil 243 Win Loads

    Well friends, I’m happy to say that our OPTEMPO has slowed a bit and the wife and kids are away in NM allowing me an opportunity to get back on the reloading bench. I managed to find some H4895 and am using Hodgdon’s 60% rule to make up some light recoil loads for the kids’ 243 Win. It’s kind...
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    257 Roberts QL Request

    So just completed our application to NMDGF for the upcoming season and am ecstatic to say that my 8 year old daughter wants to hunt for herself this year! This is what I’ve been waiting for all of my life! I’ve been doing some thinking on what rifle to outfit her with and keep coming back to her...
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    338 225gr E-Tip Anyone?

    So I just saw a great multi-year post over in the hunting section regarding the 338 Win Mag. It had a lot of great stuff in it from early 2013 from some of the usual suspects here on the forum as they tweaked their loads and tried or recommended different combinations that had worked well in the...
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    Quality Time

    Just finished loading up some rounds with my daughter for the first time! We talked through the whole process first, then I demonstrated, and the next thing you know, she’s doing it on her own! She’s 8 right now and really enjoyed our hunt this last fall. She’s excited to take hunter’s safety...
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    QL for 243 Win

    Howdy Guys, Hope all is well in your neck of the woods this Christmas season! I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with a QL projection for the following: 243 Win (Nosler cases) 22” barrel length 90 grain Accubond bullets RL 26 powder running up to 64K for a max I know RL 26 will...
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    NM Elk Hunt

    Florida to Fort Worth today! That was a haul for the kiddos and I. Should make it home tomorrow and begin preps for our family elk hunt. Everyone is very excited about the hunt, seeing family, and returning to some cooler weather. More to follow... V/R, Joe
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    Back in Business!

    After a three year hiatus, I'm happy to say that I'm getting back in the game! V/R, Joe
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    Kimber 84L stockwork

    Been a little while since I've posted anything I'm afraid, but Irma gave me a little time to knockout a few more E7 evals and tinker with a rifle I've been wanting to fix for awhile. As some of you know, Kimber used a slave stock to bed their rifles and the results were less than great, with the...