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    Best twist rate for a 308

    My son is bound a determined to have a 308 as his own rifle. I have all of the equipment neccesary to reload for 308 and even owned a 308 a while back. However, I sold it to make room in the safe for my sons 243 that he got as his first rifle. That being said I do not have a lot of experience...
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    243 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip w/ cannelure

    So I ordered two packs of 95 gr nosler ballistic tips in 243 from shooters pro shop for my son's rifle. Have been dying to try them out. When I opened the box I was surprised to find that one bag was the regular ballistic tips and the other bag had ballistic tips with the cannelure. At first I...
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    quick load request for 270 please

    I hate to ask but my curiosity is forcing me to experiment. Can I please get a quick load work up for 270 in a Remington Model 700 22 inch barrel Powder IMR 4451 Bullet 130 gr Barnes TTSX
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    Received a box of 270 Barnes TTSX 130 gr bullets. I decided to use a tried and trued powder charge of IMR 4451 that has shot really well with multiple 130 bullets out of the 270. My 4 shot group is .510 inches. My velocity is right at 3000 fps at the muzzle. First attempt with this bullet and...
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    IMR 4064 in 270 Win??

    Has anyone tried this combo? I had never considered pairing the two together but I was doing some reading and looking online and it struck me that I have a full pound of it and I have never tried the two together. I have found some data but I wanted to ask for some real world experience from the...
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    85 gr Barnes TSX for .243

    I have bought some 85 gr Barnes TSX to try in my son's 243. My thoughts are that the 85 gr TSX will perform as well as a 95 gr factory (lead cup and core load) and they were currently available. Any experience by anyone loading or hunting whitetail with these bullets? I would appreciate any help.
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    Good deer morning on the knob.

    Went out for the first time all season by myself this morning. I was covered up in deer all morning. Ended up seeing 9 does and one little buck. Was luck enough to drop 2 does. First doe came over the knob at 7:45 and walked directly to my stand. She stood still at 30 yards with her head up and...
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    Another recovered 95gr Deer Season XP

    Recovered this bullet from my son's buck. Shot was 90 yards and the bullet hit back. Took out liver and was recovered in front of back ham. Bullet was a 95 gr Winchester Deer Season XP shot out of a Remington Compact 243. Recovered weight was 56.9 gr for 59.8% weight retention. Internal damage...
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    My son got his biggest buck yet

    My son was able to bring down this old 8 pt this past weekend with his 243. He was one happy boy and I of course am one proud Dad.
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    95 gr winchester deer season xp recovered from doe

    Shot was about 50 yards. Entrance in the heart and recovered in right on the inside of the hide on opposite shoulder. Deer ran approximately 50-60 yards. Recovered bullet weight was 44 gr.
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    Best 243 bullet for deer?

    Would like to get some input on the question above. I have recently seen several deer shot with a 243 rifle. 9 deer to be exact over the last 3 seasons. Bullets used have been 100 gr Nosler partition, 100 gr sierra game king,95 gr Hornady SST and 95 gr Winchester deer season XP factory ammo. The...
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    muzzle brakes and recoil reduction question

    How much does a muzzle brake actually reduce recoil? I have done some research on this and some say 20% etc. I would like to know a practical answer if possible. For example, putting a muzzle brake on a 7mm rem mag will make recoil feel like a 270 with a 130 gr bullet. I have never shot a rifle...
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    Range day success!!

    Went out to test out some loads this week. Several of you commented on my previous post about trying staball 6.5 in the 243 for my son's compact rifle. That was a terrible start for me so to try and save components I decided to give H100V a try. BOOM!! Shot 4 rounds. After the fouler I got a...
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    Has anybody tried Staball 6.5 in 243?

    I am trying out staball 6.5 in my sons 243 with a 100 gr Partition to try and find a speedier load for upcoming deer season. Anyone else tried this powder out in 243? I had 3 powders in mind to try; IMR 4451, Staball and Hybrid 100V (I have plenty of all 3). The reason I want to get a little...
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    Scored some primers; anyone know how old they are?

    I was with my family at the in-laws yesterday and my father in law was going through some ammo boxes looking for some 20 ga trap loads to give to my son. He found a half full (in these times the box HAS to be half full) of CCI 250 large rifle magnum primers. Anyone have a guess as to how old...
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    First turkey this morning!

    My son was able to connect on a jake this morning. We hunted yesterday from 6am to 2:30 and my son did an awesome job of sitting in the blind. We had birds on the field all day long. So we decided to move the blind about 150 yards. That put us in the chips for this morning. Great morning that we...
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    160 gr Speer BTSP / 140 gr TTSX milk just test

    Tried a couple of different loads on the milk jugs this week. Was able to catch both bullets. First try with a Barnes TTSX. Weight retention and penetration was as advertised.
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    best place / location for reloading bench - room

    Looking for some advice folks.. My wife and I are in the position to be able to build our forever home on a piece of land that we own. She has been gracious enough to think of me through this process and has inquired as to where my "reloading room" should be. So what say ye??? Should I just...
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    Neck sized vs. full length size brass accuracy decrease??

    I have a Remington 30-06 that has always shot pretty well. a lot of sub moa groups and a lot of low ES. Most of my past and best experience has been with Hornady brass that has been fire formed and neck sized. I have started to use some virgin Nosler brass that I did run through a full length...
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    Enough for elk?

    I have been working on trying to develop a possible 7-08 elk load. I used a 140 gr Accubond and Staball 6.5, got a 4 shot average of 2890 fps. My group size wasn't exactly what I wanted but I feel like I can fix that. If taken on an elk hunt shot would be 300 and in. Would this be enough? I have...