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    Out With The Old And In With The New Looks like Sig has won the Next Generation Squad Weapon contract for the U.S. Army. They are planning to replace all the AR-15 rifles and FN SAWs slowly over the next so many years. Very interesting and...
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    Need A Good Belt

    I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good belt? I don't know if you would call it a duty belt or a gun belt or whatever, but I need something new that is stiff enough for the knives I always carry around. I'm not looking for anything fancy, so it doesn't need to be leather, I...
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    Moving To Arkansas

    Well it looks like I'm moving to south Arkansas within the week! Happened fast but I think I'm happy about the move. I never thought I would want to leave Texas, the culture out here has definitely rubbed off on me even if the accent has not. I was born in California and never lost the habit of...
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    .350 Legend Experience

    I was just reading ShadeTree's topic, "On game performance" and hearing all the .35 love had me wondering what anyone's experience with the .350 Legend is. It is a newer cartridge so I was always a little skeptical it was mostly marketing, and it was designed to work in an AR platform which made...
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    American Gunsmithing Institute

    Well, being a gunsmithing student, I couldn't just leave the gunsmithing topic empty. For anyone here who may be interested in gunsmithing for personal projects or as a profession but don't know how to learn without having to go to a college, which is sub-par most of the time with few exceptions...
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    Old Article On Canadian Snipers

    I found this an interesting read, both concerning hypocritical Canadian political leaders, and some really top notch shooting by Canadian snipers.
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    Modern ML Suggestions

    I'm thinking of maybe getting a modern muzzle loader and looking for some suggestions. If possible, I would like something made in the U.S., but I'm also looking for something affordable, not sure if those things go hand in hand. In the end i would probably go for something cheap and made...
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    Shotgun Advantages

    Hey folks, I had a simple question about different types of shotguns and why you would want to own each type. Between pump action, over under, and side by side shotguns, what would you say is the distinct performance differences that would motivate buying one over each of the the others?
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    Twist Rates and Bullets?

    Hey there, I'm curious if anyone has advice on twist rates for traditional muzzle loaders. I know that patched round balls and minie bullets tend to like different twists more, but is there a twist that works well for both? Essentially if I could chose to shoot one better, it would be minie...
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    Learning Rescources

    Hey everyone. I have never reloaded before and don't expect to be able to buy the equipment to do so any time soon, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to learn more on how to do it. I came across Nosler's reloading guide on their website and started wondering if there might be any good...
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    Scout Scope Options?

    My dad is looking for a good high eye relief scope to mount on his Savage Scout rifle. I am not super familiar with scout scopes so I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions. I wouldn't want to suggest anything junky to him (something that will break), but he is on a budget so it...
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    The Need For Iron Sights

    I'm not sure if this will seem like a strange question, but I have never been afraid to show ignorance or ask strange questions. I have kind of military/law enforcement view of reliability when it comes to guns. I understand that a plinker or your fun gun doesn't need to work flawlessly, but I...
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    6mm ARC by Hornady

    This looks kind of interesting, the 6mm ARC by Hornady!/. It is designed to fit in an AR-15 platform while providing performance that could allow it to be a contender for bolt actions as well. It essentially seems to be a 6mm Creedmoor in a shorter cartridge. In...
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    My Current Dilemma

    So here's the deal, with American government being as it is, and all the totally crazy stuff that could happen at any moment, needless to say I want to invest in more firearms. However, I am very short on budget so I have to choose my gear wisely. I currently only own a Mossberg 590 to my own...
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    Remington Bankrupt!?!

    I am kind of in shock, but it looks like Remington went bankrupt! I read that Ruger had acquired Marlin here, then I saw the notice on Ruger's website, but I didn't realize it was because Remington went out of business. Remington has made some of the most significant American designed firearms...
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    Lever Action Calibers

    Hey everyone. So I've got to looking at lever actions. I feel like they could be something good for a light weight truck gun type thing. So far Henry looks like the best lever gun manufacturer, but i know very little about how lever action calibers perform. Henry has options for .357 mag, .44...
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    Air Guns Anyone?

    First off, who here likes air guns? I love them! They are what really got me interested in guns and I really enjoy the fact that they are mechanically powered and therefor super cheap to shoot. They are great for practice, taking care of small pests, and just fun. There are two air guns I...
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    Full Tang Hunting/Camping Knives

    There are lots of knives out there and I'm a bit unknowledgable. I'm wanting to get a Hunting/Camp knife that is full tang with a blade around "6.75. Any good options that you would suggest? Favorites that you own? A suggestion for what to sharpen it with would also be good.
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    Failures To Extract... Advice?

    Hey folks. I happened to be running some snap caps through my dad's Savage 110 Scout today for some dry fire drills, but a couple of the cartridges failed to extract. Anyone know what the most common causes of this might be? Could it be the snap caps maybe (they are pretty much brand new...
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    The Ultimate Survival Rifle Build

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so I wanted to give myself a quick intro. I am a young adult gun enthusiast who plans on training to be a certified gunsmith so I can make working on guns my full time job! I've actually browsed around here quite a bit and have found you folks to be a...