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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    I know we have a good collection of excellent hunters and shooters here, so I want to throw out a completely subjective question for discussion. I'm curious to see what everyone has to say. In your mind, and with your shooting skills, what qualifies as an "accurate rifle" vs. an "average rifle"...
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    Finding the sweet spot

    Here's a good example of the benefits of reloading, and how quickly the group can tighten up when you find the sweet spot that your rifle likes. In this case, a Browning X-Bolt Medallion in 6.5CM. These 3 groups were part of a load development ladder that I shot yesterday. Bullet is 140gr...
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    7-08, Win 760 question

    Anyone here loading 7mm-08 with Win 760 and 139/140gr bullets? I'm looking to load the 139gr Hornady SST's, and the load data is quite different between Hodgdon and Hornady. Hodgdon lists a range of 45.5-47.0gr with the 139gr Hornady bullet, and Hornady lists 40.1-48.9gr. They both seem to...
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    Got it done today

    Didn't see anything of interest over the weekend, just some does and little bucks. Decided to go on doe patrol today, so I took the .243. Late morning, I had a couple does come running thru the woods behind me, but no chance for a shot. Then about 20 seconds later, this ol' boy came along hot on...
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    Differences in CBTO length

    Hello, all. I have a question for you guys. Background: I have 2 different 7-08 rifles. One is a Marlin XS7 that I bought used earlier this year. The other is a brand-new Ruger American. I just started measuring CBTO earlier this year (instead of COAL), and trying to find an optimum seating...
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    Axil Ghost Stryke ear pro?

    Anybody using these? Pros/cons/comments? How good is the sound suppression/noise cancellation? Thanks, Brian
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    Quickload request 7-08

    Dr. Mike, if I may trouble you, sir... 7mm-08 Winchester case 140gr Prvi Partizan BTSP IMR 4166 CCI 200 and WLR primers (I want to compare numbers between these 2) Since these bullets aren't real common in the usual published load data, I have been extrapolating data from Hodgdon data for...
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    Nosler 300gr .458 Partition load data

    I have in my possession what may be the last unused box of .458 300gr Nosler Partitions left on Earth. In saving them for a special occasion, something requiring more penetration than your average whitetail. Anyway, I took a look at the load data included in the box. Nosler says this is for...
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    Frankford Arsenal universal micrometer seating die

    I bought one of these last year, and have been working with it lately. I really like how easy it is to set up, and it seems to give very accurate and repeatable results. I don't have a way to check runout, so I can only assume that it's at least as good as any other non-competition seater. For...
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    Hey, mods

    I think we may have a scammer in our midst. Please PM me for details. Thx, Brian
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    Old primers

    I bought these way back in the early 90's IIRC, from the estate sale of an old guy who lived near my grandparents. Even then, they were obviously far from being new. I've used some of them over the years, but mostly just kept them as my backup stash. Currently, there are a little less than 600...
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    Flat base vs. boat tail bullets

    Interesting article. ... les/375628
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    Ramshot Big Game?

    Anyone here have much experience with this powder? I have been intrigued by the load data I've seen for it, especially in 30-06. I've tried to find it locally for a year or so, but no one seemed to carry it. About a week ago, Powder Valley got some various powders in stock, and I was able to...
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    A personal tragedy

    Friends, I'm not one to share my personal business too much in a forum like this, but this time I will make an exception. On Friday morning, November 27, 2020 we lost our 23-year-old son, Cary, to suicide. Cary was an exceptional young man: valedictorian of his HS class, a 4.0 honors...
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    Browning X-Bolt Medallion

    Now that I'm reaching my mid-50's, the kids are mostly grown up, and I have a little more disposable income. So, what better to do with it than buy more guns, of course? I've long put functionality ahead of aesthetics, but I'm learning to appreciate some of the finer things these days. In that...
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    Henry Big Boy 45 Colt ready for deer season

    Final preseason check yesterday. I think she's ready to go. 240gr Hornady XTP Mag over a warm load of Accurate #9. Giving me 1700-1750fps. Should do the job on Bambi. This will be my primary weapon for modern firearm season this fall. I'm zeroed at 75 yards, but this is a 100-yard group.
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    Remington tanking

    Nothing against the Navajo, but I sure wouldn't be looking to buy a Remington (or Marlin, Bushmaster, etc.) anytime soon. ... r-BB160Dmj
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    240gr XTP Mag bullets in .45 Colt and others

    After using the 250gr XTP last fall for deer hunting, I bought a box of the 240gr XTP Mag bullets to try. They are made tougher, to be driven at higher speeds than the regular XTP. Typically used for .454 Casull, .460 Ruger, etc. Early tests in my Henry .45 Colt are promising, about 1.5"...
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    Calibrating powder dispensers

    Here's a question for all you smart guys and experienced reloaders: I have an RCBS Chargemaster. According to the instructions, you're supposed to calibrate it each time before use. But if the scale accurately registers the correct values for the known check weights, what is the point of...
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    RNFP vs SWC

    For those who reload for large pistol calibers (44/45), what are your experiences with RNFP bullets vs. SWC Keith-style bullets? Does one tend to be more accurate than the other? What are the pros and cons? Thanks, Brian