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    QL Request

    So, I told a buddy that I would help him load his new 22 Creedmoor build. Come to find out he put a 10 twist barrel on it and wants to shoot 55 grain bullets (not what I'd do). Can someone run a QL for that combination (where it lists a variety of powders that would work) so I know what I may...
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    QL Request

    Powder situation being the way it is, I am having to make do. I want to see if the following combination will work or not: 6.5 PRC 24" barrel Berger 156 grain EOL 2.955" OAL H4831 I think that is all that I have that could work at the moment. Thank you,
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    Nosler 142 ABLR

    69 count, in factory box 200 count, in sealed bags (factory seconds) $150 shipped. PayPal F&F OBO
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    6mm 103 ELD-X for trade!

    80 left in the box. Looking for 6mm 95 grain Berger Classic Hunter or 6mm 90 grain ELD-X.
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    Zeiss Conquest V4

    This is in excellent condition. Was mounted in Warne rings and shows very little to no marks. I was the original owner and was purchased new. I don't have the original box or tool to loosen the set screw and reset the turrets. Butler Creek flip caps included. 4-16x44 30mm Z-plex reticle...
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    Sold Sold

    Includes: Hornady seating die, with original seating stem. Hornady 6.5 neck sizer Redding FL sizing die (brand new, just took out of factory box and placed with the set, just received today but decided to sell the gun) Hornady modified case $90 shipped OBO, PayPal F&F preferred.
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    RCBS 502 and powder trickler

    I have been using an RCBS Chargemaster for a while and no longer use these. Both are in great shape, but I can't remember the mfg of the trickler. It is height adjustable. $50 shipped OBO for both. PayPal F&F preferred.
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    Weatherby Vanguard 6.5 Creedmoor Meateater Edition - SOLD

    This gun is in excellent condition and shoots well but I need the money to fund other projects. I have shot this rifle 30 times, plus maybe 10-15 more with Starline brass. It comes with 70 pieces of virgin Alpha Munitions brass (srp, std flashhole) and 30 1x fired (also Alpha Muntiions) with...
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    KRG Bravo Chassis (Howa 1500 SA FDE) Like New! SOLD

    Like new. Comes with a minimalist spigot and Weibad cheekpad. Comes in the original box with all hardware. 2 LOP spacers installed, one in bag. QD cup installed, can be installed on the other side if desired. It was purchased not even a month ago (used off PredatorMasters) and is in...
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    QL Request

    6.5 Creedmoor 22" barrel RL16 2.815" COAL Berger 135 grain Classic Hunter Thank you
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    QL Request

    6mm Creedmoor Hornady brass 210M 24" barrel 115 grain DTAC rebated BT HBN coated OAL- 2.830" RL 16 Not sure if this bullet is available or not. Thank you,
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    QL Request

    300 WSM 190 ABLR 2.860” COAL RL16 23” barrel Thank you
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    QL Request

    6.5 Creedmoor Starline Brass CCI 200 22" barrel 8 twist 129 grain ABLR RL17 2.825" COAL Thank you, Erik
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    QL Request

    224 Valkyrie 7 twist 18” barrel Federal case CCI450 Not sure on COAL. I would say 2.180” 53 grain varmageddon if available or a 55 grain tipped varmint bullet. CFE223 Thanks
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    QL Request

    6.5 Creedmoor 8 twist 22 inch barrel Starline (LR) brass 210M primer RL26 powder Bullets to test, 142 ABLR and 129 ABLR, loading both to 2.830" COAL. Thanks
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    90 grain Accubond

    Took a pronghorn antelope at 323 yards back in October with this bullet fired out of a 240 Weatherby. The bullet went through the front left shoulder and lodged in the front right (breaking it). It retained almost 80% of its original weight. Then I really asked a lot from this bullet when I...
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    70 Grain RDF Testing

    18" 8 twist Bear Creek Arsenal (Mid length gas) 223 Wylde Winchester 223 brass (new) CCI 450 70 Grain RDF There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there, so here is what I have done so far with my own load development . All loads are CBTO 1.795" (or about 2.248" OAL), which is .010" off the...